Sorry dat ik al lang niet meer heb geschreven. Kon niet echt motivatie vindenxD. Maar, ik besloot toch maar iets te maken weer:).
Het vervolg is trouwens ook al geactiveerd. Immortal Blood: DragonHearted

A week had passed, one that was mostly filled with therapy sessions. After Nathan had witnessed the death of Nova’s mom and Nova herself just beat up the Killer Painter, he had checked his pulse before they left. He didn’t feel anything, but he must have been alive, since the police had said they had only found one body.
The police had brought them home and they had to talk to a therapist, but Nova refused to say anything. To talk to anyone. It concerned Nathan. Duncan seemed to handle it better than Nathan had expected though. Maybe he just sometimes randomly stopped time to think about it? Or perhaps because he didn’t see them die, but wouldn’t a corpse be traumatic too? Nathan had also talked with Miles and Ari once, when he came over to Duncan and Miles was chilling there as well. Ari didn’t have many problems, since Duncan had made sure Ari wouldn’t really see their dead bodies. Miles complained about frequent nightmares and flashbacks, which isn’t surprising, of course. He’s probably gonna end up with PTSD, though.
Nathan couldn’t stop thinking about where the Killer Painter had gone to. After all, he couldn’t return to his old base. The police would go there frequently, just to make sure he wouldn’t go back. People could walk through the woods now, so that wasn’t safe for him either. Well, not many people actually went to the forest, but the police, because they still feared it, but they started to feel less threatened there, now. The officers said it wasn’t a good idea, but nobody really listened to them anyways. If they wanted to go, they would.
‘Hey Nate! There you are!’ Nathan startled a little bit from Duncan’s voice when he suddenly stood in front of him. Today they didn’t have to go to school, so they decided to go to their treehouse.
‘Why do you always have to just appear before me?’ Nathan chuckled. ‘You know you can also just, y’know, shout at me without scaring me?’
He only laughed at that response and went up the ladder. Nathan followed his friend and saw Nova sitting there, just staring at the ground with her shining eyes.
‘Hey, Nova. You’re okay?’ Nova remained silent and only nodded, staring right at him. He looked at Duncan, worried as hell, but he just shrugged.
‘Just be glad she’s here.’ he said. ‘She’s just lost her mother. We shouldn’t force her to do anything, alright?’
But Nathan wanted her to talk to him. To talk with him about it. She was probably going with her brother to a foster family and he also wanted her to tell him when the time would be near. It probably wasn’t yet, but he just wanted to be sure she was alright.
‘I can hear you; you know?’ She said, quite annoyed.
‘Look! You talked!’ Duncan shouted, smiling and Nathan laughed a little. Nova smiled too, though this time she was avoiding their eyes.
‘I wish I could just, y’know, change the past.’ she mumbled.
‘I understand.’ Duncan answered. ‘But you can’t control the clock.’
‘Says the person who can stop time.’ Nathan reacted, chuckling a little. Nova giggled softly and Duncan grinned.
‘Of course. I have the opportunity to make cheesy jokes and puns about time, so why not do that?’ he reacted. They laughed for a moment and started talking about random stuff. Nova actually seemed to relax, even though she didn’t stop looking around frequently. Every time Nathan would ask her what’s wrong, she’d just say: ‘Paranoia.’

The Killer Painter. That was what they called the inhuman entity, right? The Killer Painter... The Killer Painter... Well, it sounded like a good villain name, even though his real identity was known now. His goal was probably to stay anonymous, just like the Zodiac Killer and Jack the Ripper. Unfortunately, he perhaps should have stopped earlier with his killing spree. Maybe he wouldn’t have been exposed then. He should have known when to stop. But he didn’t and now he can’t walk around like everyone else can.
It made her smile. She knew she won’t fail in her plan. And she didn’t need some cheesy villain name either. Because she wasn’t the villain. She was the good guy. She just wanted the best for this world! Of course, she did. Those inhuman creatures shouldn’t walk around this world like they’re just like everybody around them! The Killer Painter wasn’t the only one who wasn’t completely human. She had heard the stories before. Children who had supernatural powers. Teens who had the ability to kill others only by using their mind. Adults who brought others to life. But little did they know, that this didn’t make them any safer. It was time to give all that power to someone who would do good with it. Who would help people with it. Who would show everyone why they needed her. And she knew she was the perfect woman to do that all. The power was going to be hers.

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