‘Okay, so if there’s anything you want to tell me, just text me. Or call me, but I might be in a conversation then.’
Miles rolled his eyes at his sister’s comment and he sighed. ‘I know it, Nova. I’m not a little kid anymore.’ After the death of his mother, Miles and Nova had to live with a foster family. They were incredibly lucky about the fact that there lived one in the same town, not far from their older house, that already welcomed them. Nova moved out when she was eighteen already and went living in her old house once again because the old residents were claiming about ghosts.
Miles did, of course, miss her when she didn’t visit in a long time, but it wasn’t like he needed her. He was already fourteen years, not ten! Though, he was still glad she was concerned about him. After all, since the death of her mother she had been more distant and colder. She acted stranger and more anxious and he had even caught her once in the bathroom, talking to herself in the mirror. Maybe this wasn’t weird, but still. Just like him, she was suffering from the trauma of the terrible death. The only difference was that he was moving on slowly and she seemed to be stuck. Whether it was in the past or in some little world he didn’t know about: he was worried.
‘I know you don’t.’ she sighed. ‘But that doesn’t mean you can’t trust me. That doesn’t mean I won’t listen to you. You may grow older every day, you may get taller than I when you’re an adult, but you will always stay my little brother. Even when you’re dead.’ Miles had always wondered why she said that last part. He understood the rest of the sentence, but why “Even when you’re dead”? That’s just, unsettling. Creepy. Is she that scared to lose him? She has Gwen, right? And Duncan and all her other friends! And Nathan, of course. Aren’t those two in a relationship already? Probably not, since Nova was truly isolating herself, no matter how hard Nate tried to reach out for her. Those two were brave enough to enter a bunker with a serial killer, but they aren’t brave enough to admit their feelings for each other. He didn’t know where exactly Nate and Dunc were, but he believed they still lived in town, but they went to a university in a city not far away. And now Nova was leaving, to go to Scotland with Gwen.
‘Don’t worry about him, Nova. He’s here with us.’ Miles turned around to see his foster sister walk in. Charlotte was one of his best friends from the Grahams. Her mother had dumped her when she was only a baby, not being able to look after her, but now she was the confident sister he could train with. She had taught him how to defence himself, so that was very handy. Charlotte had a Turkish appearance and long, curly, black hair she always kept in a bun. Her black eyes watched through everyone’s souls and she was a little muscular.
‘I know, Charlie. I know. But still.’ Nova had always felt uncomfortable with the thought of someone replacing her family, no matter how nice and caring they were. Miles still felt guilty of the argument they once had had when he visited her house.
‘I know I’ve said this many times before, but does it really feel comfortable to live here after everything?’
‘Why shouldn’t it? There are so many memories here that I want to relive.’
‘Doesn’t that make you feel, oh I don’t know, guilty?’
‘Why should I? About what?’
‘About what happened, Nova. We have a new family now. And I know you don’t like the fact that they’re not your real family, but they’re kind and really love us! Why don’t you just let go of the past and live in the present!?’
‘Because without the past I would have never been who I am now.’
‘That doesn’t mean you have to live in it!’
‘Miles. I know the Grahams are amazing people and they’re really trying to do what they can and I’ve thanked them already, but they’re not my family. They’re more friends that looked after me when I needed them. But they’re not my family. Mom is. You are.’
‘And dad is too, huh? Just let it go! Of course, I am your family! But that doesn’t mean there are other people you can love like you loved mom!’
‘It does. Nothing can replace mom.’
‘Mom is dead, Nova. And dad is a murderer. Do you really want that!?’
Miles just lost control back then and he had never forgiven himself for that. But he decided not to remind her of that. He just wanted her to have fun in the United Kingdom.
‘Just go, Nova. Have fun. I’m sure this vacation will do good. You really need to relax once in a while and since I haven’t seen you chill for a long time; I think this is the time to grab that chance. Don’t worry about me. Worry about yourself, this time.’
‘You like the word time, do you?’ Nova chuckled and he shrugged.
‘Have fun.’
‘I will.’ She stood up and waved goodbye at him, before leaving the room.

Nova was already walking towards Gwen’s house, knowing what was about to come. She knocked the door and Gwen was ready to go. ‘And? You’re looking forward to it?’
‘Yeh... But I don’t like the thought of flying.’
Gwen nodded and sighed. ‘Don’t worry. It’s all going to be alright. I know you don’t like planes, but it’s safe. Besides that, I’m sure Grandma will like you! And Grace probably too, but she likes everyone.’
Nova laughed a little and sighed too. ‘I hope I’ll make a good impression.’
Things have been fucking up lately. This better doesn’t.
‘I’m sure you will. Just remember: hakuna matata. Why do we worry at all?’
There were tons of reasons to worry, but Nova wasn’t planning of talking about that. She just needed to empty her head. To stop overthinking and getting concerned over anything. This was a little vacation, she should enjoy! Listen to Miles’ advice! But she knew her head would never be completely empty. The voice in her head would always remind her what could happen.
And what she could do.

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