The leaves were falling down the trees while Kelsey was walking towards his school with Cassidy. Cassidy and he had been friends for quite some time and their little group seemed like it had always been, even though it didn’t exist that long. Miles and Ari had welcomed them in their little treehouse and after that they had been the best friends.
Cassidy looked actually pretty cute. She had that babyface and that black hair she always wore in a long braid. Her emerald green eyes were hidden behind the glasses she had on, but even though she was adorable, she could be a bit creepy. Kelsey had never been called “cute” or “adorable”. He was more that kind of typical tough guy, although some said he had an “attractive aura”. His hair was straight and blond and his eyes were light blue. He didn’t have any glasses or anything and at school he was known as a boy you shouldn’t mess with, but the fact that he was more of a troublemaker and Cassidy looked like that kind of girl that would bake cookies for everybody, didn’t stop them from hanging out. After all, Kelsey had had a secret addiction for My Little Pony and Cassidy still couldn’t stop talking about creepypastas and Korean Urban Legends. It was actually pretty terrifying sometimes, but she wasn’t a psycho. She just looked differently at the world or something. Or she just enjoyed horror that’s possible too.
‘You know Kuchisake-Onna?’ Cassidy asked after she was done with her never ending story about the man of Taured. As a response, Kelsey chuckled.
‘Are you seriously still asking?’
Cassidy shrugged. ‘You can never be too sure, can you? But you know Jeff the Killer, right?’
‘Of course, I do. That motherfucker would be famous if he existed.’ Kelsey smirked. Jeffrey would have a lot of fangirls, probably. Cassidy rolled her eyes at his response; she didn’t use curse words as much as he did.
‘Cool, so Kuchisake-Onna, also known as the Slit-Mouthed Woman. Jeff, just like her, has a slit mouth. So, I’d think Jeff is kinda based on her. And if you ever encounter Kuchisake-Onna, you’d probably die or at least get hurt. Whatever your answer is on her question whether or not she’s pretty.’
‘What would you answer if you come across her?’
‘I’d say she’s average.’
‘And what would happen to you?’
‘No idea. Maybe I'll confuse her or make her overthink. That’d be awesome!’ For a moment they laughed and they continued their conversation before they arrived at school. At the front, they waited for Ari and Miles, who also arrived not long after. Miles hadn’t changed much in the least years besides puberty and so had Ari. Ari had curly, black hair that she mostly had in two braids and she had dark brown eyes and a dark skin. Just like when they met, she was a little wicked inside and she and Cassidy were the best friends. It wouldn’t surprise Kelsey if they both turned out to be sadistic.
‘Hey guys, how are you?’ Ari asked, tilting her head. ‘How was your little break?’
‘I had all the time I could wish for in those two weeks.’ Cassidy laughed. ‘I’m seriously glad we had our test week before the holidays.’
‘Yeh, me too.’ Kelsey nodded. ‘I’ve finished four of my books in those two weeks, so I don’t think it could be any better.’
‘That’s cool!’ Miles said, smiling. ‘I started digging deeper in witchcraft and science and actually anything I thought was interesting.’
‘Wait, you know things about witchcraft?’ Cassidy shouted, surprised.
Oh god, here we go again.
‘Witchcraft is so interesting! I like tarot cards and voodoo dolls.’
‘Calm down, Cass.’ Ari giggled. ‘How have you spent your time, by the way?’ Ari looked at Kelsey for a moment, knowing well he had to listen to her knowledge about horror shit.
‘Oh yes! I’ve found a lot of interesting stuff on the internet! Strange stuff that actually happened here! Both in this forest, but also after that.’
‘We all know what happened in the woods.’ Miles growled. ‘No need to repeat that.’
‘I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the crazy things that have been appearing out of nowhere! There are some people who claimed that they had found an old shed with unknown creatures. Others said they came across a random field in the middle of the forest, filled with skeletons and bones! There have even been some roads that didn’t exist before, leading to a lake that didn’t exist and when they revisit it, it all disappears! There even is an urban legend about an abandoned town behind the forest, what technically isn’t possible since the forest is on a cliff near the sea. People say that if you are lucky or if you do the things that you’re supposed to do, there won’t be a sea and a cliff, but a river and a small city with a lot of history.’

Gwen looked over at her friend for a moment, who was just looking down at her phone, texting with Nathan. Gwen didn’t know what was bothering Nova, besides the trauma, of course, but she had been avoiding mirrors lately. Perhaps she had a phobia? It wasn’t deadly, but Gwen didn’t really care. Her older sister, Grace, was driving them towards the little town where Grandma lived. What would Nova think of her? Would they get along? Probably, since Grandma was friends with almost everyone. Gwen looked over at her older sister for a moment and smiled at her. She had emerald green eyes and long, wavy hair with the black colour. She wore glasses and was lean and very agile.
Eventually she stopped the car in front of Grandma’s house. Gwen tapped Nova’s shoulder, who startled a little, now seeming to realize they were already at their destination. None of them said anything, but they did look at each other before leaving the car. There, on the porch, was Grandma. Grandma was small and had silver, curly hair. Her grey eyes looked right through their souls before smiling faintly.
‘Well hello, children. And welcome, Nova. It’s been a long time since our paths have crossed.’

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