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It takes every ounce of willpower and mental convincing I have in me to not drag Lucien into our bedroom and make a baby right now. It would be a dumb idea, but seeing him with Emilia awakened a deep-rooted motherly desire that I may or may not have been surpressing.
Just seeing how gentle he was with the small baby in his arms, caring for her selflessly, made me fall even more in love with him.
"What?" Lucien looks at me with a smile on his face, head slightly tilted to the side.
"Can't say this out loud," I shake my head, "walls have ears."
We're not in earshot of our friends, neither can they see us, which is why Lucien is daring enough to pull me into him, looking down at me as he chuckles. "Just a little glance into that brain of yours, Middleton?"
Biting my lip, I move as close to his ear as I can. "I was just trying to figure out a way to get all of our friends out of the appartment as quickly as we can, so I can drag you to bed."
I can almost hear him gulp, creating a slight distance between us for good reason, and as our eyes meet he grins. "I shouldn't have asked..."
Just as he leans in to kiss me, a groan interrupts our little moment. It's Eschieve, immediately turning on her heels and making her way back into the dining room. Faintly, we can hear her exclaim, "Second time! The money makes it slightly less horrible to keep on walking in on my brother eye-fucking his girlfriend, but geez..."
We both try our best to hide our laughter.

After dessert, Tom helps me pour everyone a drink in the kitchen. Lucien was mid-story when I decided to be a good host, and I didn't want to interrupt him, which is why Tom stepped up.
"I didn't know Lucien had fatherly instincts," he smiles, scooping a handful of icecubes into a glass. "It's not that I was sure he didn't have them, he just surprised me by volunteering to go check on a crying nine-month-old."
I wipe a few droplets of wine off of the counter. "Not you, too..."
He laughs, shaking his head. "I'm not in on the bets, Em, and I'm not going to drill you about whether or not you two decide to even have kids. I was just stating something."
"Why should I believe you?" I uncork a bottle of red wine, "maybe that's what you want me to think."
"I'll tell you about one of their bets if that's what it takes," he smiles, taking the bottle from me.
I raise an eyebrow, nodding. "Sure. Tell me."
"It's a long term one, because I'm not let in on all of their information," he chuckles, "I'm pretty sure they've got a group chat or something. But I know they've got a bet going on who's going to be the first one to hear when you actually are pregnant, besides Lucien of course."
I roll my eyes, immediately taking a sip out of the ice cold glass of wine I had poured for myself. "What have they got riding on that one?"
"Gabriel has put a few hundred pounds on himself, so has Kenna. Eschieve said Brie, Beth said Kenna, and Matt said Eschieve."
"So...," I tilt my head a little, taking the time to let this information sink in. "What happens if no one is right? If someone else is first?"
"That's what Matt asked, because no one voted for him. First, they said it'd just be order-wise, then, so who got to hear before the others. But they said that wouldn't be fair, so if that happens, they'd all lose the bet."
"In that case..." I smile, handing Tom his beer, "I've got a proposition for you. If you promise not to tell anyone that I know about this, I'll make sure you're the first one to hear if I ever do get pregnant. All you've got to do is insert yourself into the bet and put some money on it."
He shakes my hand immediately as I extend it, smiling. "Pleasure doing business with you, Emmeline Middleton."

Emilia is wide awake, taking in all of her surroundings. Her parents had planned to go home hours ago, but failed miserably, which means I get to spend some more time with my goddaughter.
She's on my lap as I gently bounce her up and down from time to time, resulting in happy giggles.
Kenna is complaining about how they didn't get to go on vacation this summer, her job being too busy and combined with a baby, there was simply no opportunity.
Matt and Brie went on a few outings, but hardly anything exciting, and Beth only worked. Only Lucien, Eschieve and I really got the most out of the past few weeks, though I feel like I'm already entirely ready to go back somewhere. Anywhere, really.
"I've got a plan," I interrupts Kenna's long, run-on sentence full of complaints. "Why don't we go on a trip together? A small one, in the fall. We could rent a big house somewhere on the countryside, just for a few nights. Unwind, spend some time together."
"I'd be down," Beth immediately chirps up, "I'd have to start saving up again, but I'd definitely be down."
"Oh, no, no," I smile, shaking my head. "No need to. It'd be on me. The money from the Callum case almost feels dirty, so I'd be more than happy to pay. No buts-," I stick my hand up in Kenna's direction, knowing she disagrees. "I want to do it. It doesn't even have to be expensive, depending on where we decide to go. I'd like to do this for us, all you guys have to do is say yes and let me know when you're free."

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