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I'm reluctant to play truth or dare, like Kenna is so adamant to do. It's with good reason I feel that way, since it quickly turns out that Emma and I are picked far more often than any of the others. The questions and dares start innocently enough, with Matthew cleverly getting Eschieve to get drinks for everybody, but it's not long until the rowdy side of the party is awakened.
It's Brie's turn; he's sprawled out on the couch, head propped up against the arm in a way that must make his vertebrae cry and his legs slung over mine, trapping me in my spot. I'm not surprised, nor am I bothered, because we used to sit like this all the time before either of us were dating. It wasn't for nothing that there were constant rumours that we were dating each other.
He's picked me, and I picked truth, not wanting to get up. It takes him a couple of seconds, but then he looks awfully triumphant. "Tell us your most embarrassing vomit story."
I feel my cheeks flush, though it seems to go unnoticed since the rest of the people are moaning or grunting their disgust.
"Oh, Brie, come on!" Eschieve complains. "Why?!"
"Because it's a great one." Brie replies with a smirk. "Go ahead, Luce."
I glower at him, but relent. I tell them the story of a date many years ago, where a girl took me to the club and attempted to get me drunk so I'd sleep with her. I was a lightweight then, and that particular night I drank a lot of different things over the span of a few short hours. Still refusing to make a move on her, she dragged me outside in the hopes that maybe the privacy would entice me. Instead, however, we ran into a group that was gleefully passing a blunt around. Already a smell I didn't like, it hit me so hard in my drunk state that my body immediately wanted to purge everything it possibly could.
"It's just a shame that my target of choice happened to be the same place her feet were." I say meekly. "She was wearing sandals."
Again there's groan and moans of misery and disgust; Eschieve looks somewhat pale around the nose, and Tom lets out a heavy shudder. "Moving on!" I announce, not wanting to dwell on it. "Kenna!"
Kenna gives Beth a lovely serenade of 'Pokerface', followed by Emma rating everyone's but from worst to best and causing an absolute riot when she places Beth last because she feels weird judging her sister, and then places me below Gabriel. There's a ten minute discussing if her rating holds any truths, of which the end conclusion is mostly that everyone has a good ass for different reasons and that Eschieve and Beth are disqualified because they're babies and that Matthew has the nicest butt overall if we take body proportions into account. Emma makes Tom tell the weirdest place he's ever been naked, which is apparently a church and considering Kenna's bright red cheeks, she was involved somehow in that, too. Tom makes Kenna do four cartwheels, which we cut off at three when she nearly knocks over Beth bringing in new drinks for everybody. Kenna then has Eschieve depict an otter through interpretive dance, which gets filmed from five different angles - much to my delight. Still catching her breath, she picks Matthew.
"Mmmmmmdare." Matthew says after a moment of consideration.
"I want to do a double dare." Eschieve declares. There's a sparkle in her eyes that I don't like at all. With the way this game has been played, chances are high that this double dare involves me and Emma in some kind of way. But my brain is already meddled enough with alcohol to put up no real fight; the idea is enthusiastically welcomed by the rest of us, which causes the sparkle to intensify.
"Okay: Matthew, you give Lucien a hickey. Emma, you give one to Gabriel. Swapping partners, as it were!"
The room erupts in mild chaos, mostly provided by Beth's squealing. I realise that she has yet to bear witness of how far friends are willing to go in this group, and then wonder if she's heard the story of me and Gabriel pretending to be a couple at Kenna's wedding - and how convincing we were. Matthew looks at me, searching for consent, which is given in the form of a beckoning hand. He jumps up from his armchair just as I shove Brie's legs off of mine, opening my lap for him.
"Wait!" Kenna shrieks. Matthew, who has straddled me with his hands heavily pressing into the back of the couch on either sides of my head, looks mildly annoyed. "One at a time!"
Next to us, Emma is now sitting sideways on Gabriel's lap with her hands tangled in his hair; his are clasped around her waist and her calf, tight in anticipation, where mine are gripping Matthew's thigh. The whole scenario could come straight out of an x-rated movie. There's a tenseness to Brie's jaw that I can't quite explain, though I suppose it might be a little weird to have a woman on your lap after being with a man for a year and half. Both him and Emma gesture for me and Matthew to go first. My Welsh best friend doesn't need to be told twice, burying his face in my neck and planting his lips on a spot that's usually reserved just for Emma. By chance, or maybe by skill, he finds the exact spot that makes my entire body tingle. Almost in a reflex, I let my head fall back against the cushioned backside of the couch. A moan is fighting its way out of my throat, though I manage to wrestle it back just in time.
"Alright, alright, that's quite enough!" Emma howls; my eyes are closed, but I feel how Matthew's body shifts and how the air is knocked out of him a little when she presumably kicks him in the side. "He's still my boyfriend!"
Matthew finally pulls away with a wide grin on his features. I touch the warm spot on my neck, only then realising how high up it is. My glowering is just answered with a bounce of his eyebrows. "Didn't want it to go by unnoticed." Taking my face in his hands he presses a brief kiss to my lips before shifting so that he's sitting on the couch-arm, gesturing towards the two sitting next to us.
"The stage is yours."

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