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"Beth," I shoot a glance in my sister's direction, whose eyebrows immediately raise. "I'm going to need you to look away for this one."
She grins, shaking her head. "Why?"
"Because," I state, giving her a stern look. "You're my baby sister and I refuse to have this image printed somewhere in your brain."
"I've seen you do worse," she chuckles, smiling at Matthew as he fills her glass back up. We're all in varying states of intoxicated, Tom being the most sober one as he has taken up the parental role tonight.
Kenna is about to ask a question, but I stick my hand nearly in her face. "Save it for a next question of truth or dare, now's not the time."
I'm sat on Brie's lap, which is out of the ordinary for us. We're close, yes, but there's always been a friendly distance between us. Now, I can smell his perfume and feel his heartbeat, and it's a strange feeling.
"Are you ready?" I ask him as I watch his chest rise up and down slowly, and he nods.
Still a little reluctant but too tipsy to really feel awkward, I plant my lips in his neck. I'm hardly ever the one to leave hickeys, it's usually Lucien who makes it a sport to end the night with my neck covered in love bites, but I can't say I'm unexperienced.
Brie's breathing hitches as I work my magic on the exposed piece of skin. Said magic must be doing things I truly didn't expect to happen, because not only is his breathing reacting to my lips, so is something else. At first I'm not sure if I'm feeling it right, maybe jumping into conclusions, but the longer I sit, the more I realise whatever is poking me isn't his belt or his phone.
Trying my very best not to make this weird, I pull away slowly, still sat on his lap. When our eyes meet, I'm not sure if he's aware of the entire situation, though I assume he is. I spare the both of us the awkwardness of exposing all of this, and simply smile. "Guess we've unlocked another level to our friendship, now haven't we?"
      Kenna has told us all about her first time having sex with Tom, and to my total dismay I've heard Eschieve tell us about the first time she gave a blowjob. I've tried scrubbing the story from my brain, though it's hard to do in my drunken state, so I hope I will have forgotten all about it when the morning comes. I've crawled off of Brie's lap, and am now sitting next to him, his little... problem all gone.
"So Beth," Kenna asks, wiggling her eyebrows. "I'm just assuming you'll take a truth, because I just want to ask this question."
My sister nods. "I think I know where this is going, so go ahead."
"You've said you have seen Emma do worse things than give her boyfriend's best friend a hickey... Can you name at least one example, preferably more?"
I shoot my best friend a destroying glance, but she just shrugs and mouths 'you love me'.
"Oh, I love this question already. Where to start, where to start...," she looks at me with a sparkle in her eyes that can't be any good for me. "Honestly, our relationship only really developed over the past few years, because there's a seven year age difference between us - almost eight, so for most of my younger years Emma just saw me as her annoying little sister. I remember vividly, though, asking my mother if grown boys also drank breast milk, and that I thought only mothers could have breast milk. Mum was super confused, and she asked me what made me come up with that question - I was eight or nine. When I told her that I had walked in on Emma with our French exchange student's mouth attached to her nipple, she totally freaked out - it took me years and years to realise why."
I can feel my cheeks turn red, remembering that moment all too well. "She grounded me for two weeks and I wasn't allowed anyone in my room without leaving the door wide open."
Everyone around the room is laughing, which causes Beth to grow more confident in her story telling. She then tells them the story most people already know - how I broke said French exchange student's penis, or more how he broke it from slamming into me, and how I had to tell my mother about it, resulting in even more rules and caused me to be grounded for two months, just in time to watch him fly back to France, never to be heard from again.
Then, she looks at Lucien. "But what I remember most vividly is a more recent story, also involving a French man, though this one I like a little more than the exhange student. See, my sister was madly in love with this man, even when they broke up, though she refused to admit it. Then, she went out for drinks with said man, denying she had any feelings for him, and even invited him to sleep over - on the couch, but still. I'm in her bed at the time, because I was staying with her, and after she crawls into bed, the fun starts. Emma talks in her sleep, not all the time, but she definitely does, to deal with whatever happened that day. And this night...," she chuckles as she dodges a pillow I chuck in her direction. "I will never be able to forget. It's pitch black in the room, Emma is turned away from me, and suddenly, she starts... moaning. Not super loudly, but still. At first I thought she was having a bad dream, but then she started saying one name, over and over."
She glances at me, though I can hardly see it because I'm covering my face with a pillow. Then, she turns to Lucien, smiling. "So now I'm expecting either one of you to pay for therapy, because I'm never going to get over how my sister was having a wet dream about you whilst I laid next to her."

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