All of this is wildly over the top, though I must admit I don't hate it as much as I initially thought I would. The music is loud, the people are extravagant, and everything fits the theme perfectly.
Time goes by without us realising how long it has been, and in the mean time a beautiful woman dressed as Carrie has offered me some blood - fake, she added quickly - because to her taste, I did not quite look scary enough. Only after she showed me the bottle I accepted, and she ever so carefully spritzed blood over me under Lucien's watchful eye.
Even moreso than at Lucien's parties, sexual tension is everywhere. Sweaty bodies grind against each other on the designated dancefloors, and wherever you go, people lock eyes with you. I'm holding back on the drinks, preferring not to be off my face drunk in a place like this one.
People all around seem to recognise Lucien, which was a given, and there isn't really a moment where we aren't involved in some kind of conversation.
Most of the time, after a few minutes, the person we're talking to will ask Lucien to introduce us, and pretty much every time, we get an excited reaction when Lucien tells them I am the Emma.
I've stopped counting how many new people I've met when a vaguely familiar face I can't place pops up. "Lucien?"
Her skin is dark, her hair slicked back, and I recognise her costume as that of Black Swan, with matching make-up. She looks gorgeous, and there's a sparkle in her eye as Lucien turns around to face her.
There's some kind of awkward air around all of a sudden, and if only I could figure out why, maybe it could be cleared.
Lucien seems to snap out of his tense state, and puts on a smile. "Mara! Hi."
"Man, you look good!" she smiles, then her eyes meet mine. She reaches her hand out, completely disregarding Lucien, who still hasn't said a word. "Hi, I'm Emerald, but people usually call me Em."
Ah. That's what I recognise her from. The photos that surfaced just after our break-up, Lucien with this beautiful woman on her lap.
I try not to show that I feel threatened by this woman, or that she's just burnt my self-confidence down simply by being here, and shake her hand. "I'm Emma."
The corners of her mouth rise up into a smile. "You're Emma! Of course you are! It's so nice to meet you! In that case, call me Mara. Lucien used to, too."
I wish I could say the same, and maybe I could, if it weren't for Lucien's tight grip on my waist.
"How've you been?" she asks Lucien, taking a sip from the drink in her hand that smells strongly of pumpkin spice.
"Good, good," he smiles, the fingers that are on my waist relaxing then tensing up again. "Travelling a lot, doing some projects. How about you? I saw you did this collab with Fenty, that's awesome."
"Same old, same old," she grins, shaking her head. "I didn't mean 'how have you been' work-wise, but of course that's what conversation gets to, even at parties like these. I must say," she tilts her head and looks at me. "I was so happy when I saw you two back together again. You're really made for one another."
I feel a blush creeping onto my face. Part of me wants to crack a joke, tell her that's not what it looked like when pictures surfaced of her pretty much sucking the soul out of Lucien like a dementor, but I hold back.
"I'm aware this must be a little awkward for you," I can't help but nod at her statement, taken aback by this whole situation. "Because I know you must... well, have seen things. But believe me when I say I have zero bad intentions. We're merely friends, aren't we, Lucien?"
I believe her, because I know there's nothing going on between them, but it still feels... strange.
Lucien chuckles, nodding. It's almost as if he's holding back, not speaking something he should be saying out loud. "Just friends."
"If it makes you feel any better," Emerald grins, "even when we were... hooking up, to say it nicely, Lucien thought of you. Didn't you, Lucy-boy?"
If it weren't for the hood, I'm sure I'd see Lucien blushing now.
"You two enjoy the party, I'm sure you'll love it, Emma."
After she's left, no longer visible in the massive group of people after even a few seconds, Lucien lets out a deep sigh, as if he's been holding his breath all this time. "God, I'm sorry. That was... awkward."
I chuckle, softly jamming my closed fist against his shoulder. "She was lovely. I understand why you liked her."
"Let's just... not do that again, shall we?" he laughs, kissing my temple. The wig is starting to get severely uncomfortable, and with a simple tug, I've removed it from my head.
"Well, considering you've slept with pretty much everyone with a pulse," now it's his time to softly punch me, shaking his head. "I'm not sure if you can keep that promise."
I undo the braids on my head, leaving my hair slightly curly, just like in the movie. Luckily, my outfit came with Vivian's iconic bag, which is where I place all of the accessories I no longer feel comfortable wearing.
"Let's go get a drink," he moves his hand through my hair, kissing the top of my head. "No matter how much I like your rendition of Vivian, I like you better with your own hair like this."
"Keep up your comments," I warn him, poking his cheek with my pointer finger. "And I'll make sure to charge you for," the good thing about this cape is that it covers the side of his body, which means no one can tell when I let my hand slide down for just a second, sliding over his crotch with a smile on my face, "every. Single. Thing. I do to you tonight. And believe me, a girl like me isn't cheap."

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