We get pulled in every direction. Every time we think we've found a moment to breathe, we get targeted by another familiar face. Most of them from my world, some of them from Emma's. I notice that I started to keep an eye out for Emerald, which quickly becomes exhausting, but I can't quite seem to stop. Emma is not wrong that we run into a lot of people that I slept with, but none left quite the impression Emerald did. Worse yet, I barely remember most of them. In a cruel game with myself, I wonder if I should propose a bet to Emma about how many past partners of mine we'll run into tonight. I shake off the thought quickly, not wanting to dwell on it. What's done is done.
We find out that there's a bingo card going round with every drink served at the festival; once you've crossed them all, you can get a special drink nearby the main stage.
"Come on!" Emma giggles, trying to pull me away from the very intriguing mirror I encountered hanging at the side of one of the game stands. It has a green tint to it, I think. Or maybe it's my skin? "Lucien! I want another drink!"
I finally let her drag me along, laughing as the area spins around me. Jane has spared absolutely no expense, which is noticeable in the amount of alcohol in the drinks.
Getting the card full is a task to be reckoned with, because we keep getting distracted. First by a dance act by convincing looking vampires, then by a haunting rendition of an opera songs neither of recognises or understands, but it definitely gives me the creeps.
"Imagine hearing that in the middle of the night." I mutter when it's come to an end; Emma shudders. Another attempt to make it to the 'vampire repellant' stand, but this time Emma trips over her own feet and pulls me along with her. Overcome with laughter we lay there for a good two minutes before we're able to pull ourselves back to our feet.
"We shouldn't have gone by this order." Emma pants when we finally get to the stand. "We crossed the entire area, and I'm pretty sure we missed at least three others on our way here that we now have to find again."
As it turns out the 'vampire repellant' is very true to its name, reeking strongly of garlic. There's even steam coming off top, giving the glass a high level of 'do not drink'. We try anyway, then go to find the nearest waste bins to toss them.
"How does she even think of that?" I ask in horror, convinced that this taste will haunt me to my deathbed.
"There wasn't nearly enough vodka in that to cover up that horrendous taste." Emma agrees. We set off to the a popcorn stand nearby, but apparently this damn party has a savoury section: it's either mustard or chilli popcorn. The mere thought of it makes me want to haul up my stomach's contents.
"We'll pass, thank you." Emma mutters to the vendor, quickly following me out of the line. Eventually, between the brief conversations with vague familiars, we find a stand that gives a very welcome and refreshing cup of eyeballs - which turn out to be dyed melon balls.
While Emma may not quite be as drunk as I am, she is certainly past the point of tipsy. We laugh about everything, get spooked by the smallest things and the most awful costumes then laugh some more.
      "Luce? Luce, where are you?" She doesn't sound panicked, more so confused, while I can't catch my breath through my hopeless laughter. Shuffling along the wall of mirrors I try to find the next turn, but it seems to go on and on and on.
"Lucien!" Emma is now laughing too, and it sounds like she's right next to me. I don't see her, though. The only thing I see is countless reflections of myself, hidden in my hood as if that's going to make it better. I finally find a corner, and I carefully reach around to make sure it's an actual corner, opposed to just a figment of my imagination.
Emma's scream pierces my ears, sobering me up for a brief second, until I figure out she screamed because she had the same technique I had of shuffling along the wall and happened to cross the corner the same time I did: my hand brushed hers, scaring the living shit out of her. Having recovered from the fright she grabs my hand so tight it hurts my fingers, to make sure we don't lose each other again as we search for the exit of the mirror house. We find it eventually, with no clue if the eternity it felt like was just that, or maybe only five minutes twisted into something longer by our substance-altered brains.
"Okay, okay, okay." Emma hiccups, leaning heavy against me. "What stand's next? Where's the card?"
"Card?" I frown deeply. "I don't have it. I gave it to you. For safekeeping."
"I don't have it!"
I pat all the pockets present in my costume, which is a lot, but none of them hold the nearly-filled bingocard. Emma has tossed the contents of her bag upside down on the ground, but it's not in there either.
"We must have lost it." I whisper.
"Noooo, we worked so hard for it!" She pouts as she shoves everything back in the purse. Then, with a very determined look, she grabs my wrist and pulls me along. "Then I want a ride on the ferris wheel! You owe me that after losing it!"
"I didn't lose it!" I laugh, but I follow.
"Hold up!" I cry suddenly, and Emma stops so promptly I still manage to run into her despite me calling for the stop. I catch her, hiccuping again, my head against her shoulder. My brain is a mess, not a single coherent thought except the disgusting taste of that garlic cocktail. The whole situation reminds me of the first time Emma and I went out together, alongside my two best friends. The night we first kissed.
"I'm going to marry you." I say matter of factly, finally lifting my head from her shoulder. Suddenly that thought burns brightly in my head. "I want to marry you, Emma." My grin is sloppy, my balance terrible. "I want to so badly. In fact," I try grabbing her hand, and manage to do so on the fourth try. Then I lower to one knee, nearly falling over but catching myself before I tumble to the side. Emma stares at me with wide eyes and flushed cheeks.
"Will you marry me?"

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