After the deaths of Lester Hammond and Luis Fischer, Mr. Popple is desperate to finding new, loyal colleagues. The only two people he can count on are Dr. Abraham Richard and Dr. Leo Richard. But are they really people he can count on? That’s what Mr. Popple is thinking off. Are the Richard’s trustable?

While Mr. Popple is thinking about that, Dr. Abraham and Dr. Leo are working in the lab.

‘Can you give me Jerome’s blood? I’m gonna store it at my home in case Mr. Popple finds it.’ Says Dr. Abraham.

Dr. Leo walks over to cupboard and opens it, he pushes other bottles aside to look for the bottle with Jerome’s blood in it.

‘I can’t find it.’

Dr. Abraham walks with a worried face to the cupboard, he pushes Leo aside, crouches and shuffles with his hands through the bottles.

‘I’m pretty sure I put the bottle in here.’ Says Abraham.

‘Do you think Mr. Popple already found it?’

‘No, I don’t think that. Don’t worry Leo.’

Dr. Abraham opens another cupboard and a black jacket falls out the cupboard, right on Dr. Abraham’s face.

‘You really need to throw this away man.’ Says Dr. Abraham while throwing the jacket onto his brother Dr. Leo.

Dr. Abraham looks frustrated. ‘It’s gone…’ He says.

‘What’s gone?’ Says someone.

Dr. Abraham and Dr. Leo are startled because of the voice. It’s the voice of Mr. Popple, he entered the lab.

‘My new ideas.’ Says Dr. Abraham.

‘Leo, can I speak with you for a moment?’

‘Yes Mr. Popple.’ Says Dr. Leo while walking to Mr. Popple.

Mr. Popple and Dr. Leo are standing closely by each other.

‘Do you really want me to get this? I can go to jail if they capture me.’

‘Then I will get you back out of jail Leo. Bring the Arc Battery to me.’

Mr. Popple walks back out of the lab and Dr. Leo immediately looks worried to Dr. Abraham.

‘Does he still want you to get that battery?’

‘I need to Abe.’

Meanwhile, Jerome Wilson is visiting his mother’s grave at Green Wood Cemetery. He sits in front of the gravestone. It’s a tiny grey gravestone with flowers carved in it. There are multiple flowers around the grave too.

‘Mom, I saved an old lady. Not one, I recently saved several old ladies. They were being bullied by thief’s. I miss you mom.’

Jerome Wilson stands back up, he still looks to the grave of his mother.
‘I will find the one who did this. I promise you that.’

Jerome walks away from his mother’s grave with tears rolling down his cheeks.

That evening, Mr. Popple is still working at his office together with his assistant Elsa Farris.

‘Do you wanna watch the news?’ Asks Elsa.

‘Yes darling.’

Elsa grabs the television remote and pushes the on button. The CNN (Cable News Network) is on television.

On the television is a news reporter, a man. ‘Good evening everyone, my name Joe Pacqui and we’re back outside here because something happened to a lovely woman.’ Says Joe Pacqui to all his watchers.

The old lady that Jerome Wilson saved earlier is on television.

‘And this young man saved me from this thief. He called himself The Black Ranger.’

Mr. Popple looks attentively to the television.

‘The Black Ranger? What a joke.’ Says Mr. Popple.

The next morning, Dr. Leo stands in his jacket in front of The Global Imports Battery Company. The only place in The United States that has The Arc Battery.

‘I really need another job.’ Says Dr. Leo while looking worried to the building.

Dr. Leo walks toward the building and eventually enters it. He walks straight to the receptionist.

‘Good morning, I’m here to solicitate for a new job, can I go quickly to the toilets.’

‘They’re the first door behind the corner on the left.’ Says the receptionist.

‘Thank you.’

Dr. Leo walks around the corner and goes into the toilets. He sees that one door of the toilet room is locked, so he stands in front of the sink, looking stressed.

The locked door goes open and a man walks toward the sink, washing his hands and he goes out of the room.

Dr. Leo looks in the corner of the room and sees a ventilation shaft right above the last toilet. He opens the toilet door and goes in. He locks it.

Dr. Leo puts his hand in his pocket and takes out a miniature funny looking thing. He pushes on it and the funny looking thing gets ten times bigger. It’s a small robot. On the back of the robot is the name; Richard.

Dr. Leo stands on the toilet seat and opens the ventilation shaft door. He puts the robot Richard in it. Richard grabs a remote control from his other pocket with a tiny screen on it.

Dr. Leo uses the remote control to steer Richard. Richard is now riding through the ventilation shaft, going straight ahead, then left, then right and then he falls down.

Dr. Leo looks worried. ‘No, no, no!’

Dr. Leo looks closely to the tiny screen of the remote control. ‘Wait a second.’ He says.

The robot Richard is looking through a ventilation shaft exit that leads into a room with a big battery the size of a human head in the middle of the room.

Two big claws comes out of Richard, the claws open the ventilation shaft gate. The gate falls on the ground and Richard rides out the shaft and looks directly to The Arc Battery.

Richard drives further, on to the stand where The Arc Battery is placed. The big claws of Richard are grabbing The Arc Batter but then, an alarm goes off.

Dr. Leo looks worried. ‘Shit!’

Richard rides back into the ventilation shaft with The Arc Battery in its claws.

After half an hour Richard end up at the toilets. Dr. Leo stands on the toilet seat and grabs Richard from the ventilation shaft, opens the door, walks out of the toilets and passes the receptionist.

‘Excuse mister, I called my boss and there wasn’t any solicitation today.’ Says the receptionist while the alarm is going off.

‘Yeah, I forget, it was tomorrow.’ Says Dr. Leo while going outside quickly.

While he goes outside, the police is already driving through the street. Dr. Leo steps in his car and drives off.

In the car, he reaches into his pocket and takes the tiny robot Richard out with a tiny battery on it’s back. Dr. Leo pushes a button and Richard grows on the passenger seat, The Arc Battery sits on top of Richard’s back.

An hour later in Popple Company Corporations, Dr. Leo hands over The Arc Battery to Mr. Popple.

‘Here you go sir, I finally tested Richard out and it worked perfectly and...’

Mr. Popple interrupts Dr. Leo abruptly. ‘Quiet.’

‘You’re fired Dr. Richard, and take your brother with you.’

‘What? Why?’ Asks Dr. Leo confused.

‘It just seems that I can’t trust you and your brother too.’

Dr. Leo walks away, looking outrageous and sad at the same time. He walks past Elsa Farris. Elsa walks into Mr. Popple’s office and asks ‘What did you do?’

‘I fired the Richard brother darling, I can’t trust him.’

Elsa walks toward Mr. Popple while saying ‘Then you need new lab workers.’

Elsa gives Mr. Popple a kiss on his mouth.

In the lab, Dr. Leo is packing in his stuff while Dr. Abraham walks in. ‘What are you doing Leo?’

‘I’m fired, and so are you, he doesn’t trust us.’

‘What’s that for nonsense?’

‘I don’t know Abe, I stole that stupid battery for him and…

Dr. Abraham interrupts him too, ‘You stole the Arc Battey?

‘And he probably has Jerome’s blood too’ Says Leo while walking to Abraham.

‘We’ll better be going then.’ Says Abraham, looking disappointed.

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