1x07 Physical [!MC!]


Dus, ik had dit idee en dacht laat ik het uitwerken. Have fun feasting because I know you're all hormonal teenagers inside:PWell there still might be some mistakes in there, but I just wanted to release it before proofreading it XD
It's inspired by Dua Lipa's 'Physical'.
BTW: Dit is gewoon een One Shot die niets met andere storylines te maken heeft. Alleen vond de pairing gewoon zo leuk om over te schrijven.


Max had been away from home for three weeks now, leaving behind his boyfriend in Monaco because due to the current situation with Covid-19 pandemic in the world he wasn’t allowed to bring anyone else to a Grand Prix weekend but his manager. They both decided it was the best this way, making sure they all could do their job.

So Jax stayed home, video calling Max whenever he had time for it besides all the training sessions and duties for the team. The lad sighing when he realized it was going to be another week without his Dutchie before he could finally feel the others strong and firms arms around him and how that well build chest bounced against his cheek because the effect he was having on the driver’s heart.

“So how was your day, baby.” Jax could see that smug grin on Max his face whenever he teased him with ‘baby’. “Lonely, but do able. Miss you a lot, but yeah. I can wait for another week because I have to and I know you’ll be home for at least one week maybe one and a half after next weekend.” Jax bit his lips, looking down at his left hand on his lap while he was holding his iPhone in his other hand. “Oh baby, poor you.” The only thing the blonde boy could hear was that teasing and sarcastic tone in Red Bull drivers voice.

“Well, if you keep teasing me, I’ll stop being your baby and become a bad boy. Oh heck, I’ll ruin your sim pc because I know exactly my way around with pc’s and software.” This time Jax was smirking his ass off while the grin on the Dutchie his face disappeared. “No. Don’t. That’d be my 6th pc or whatever if you break it. I mean, everyone in team Redline would be laughing their asses off if I tell them I broke my pc AGAIN.” The young American could spot a pout and some puppy eyes on the other.

It was silent for a few minutes until Max decided to ask him another question. “Have you thought about it already? I know you spoke to Victoria about it. She has no secrets for me.” Jax should’ve known. Before his boyfriend left for Silverstone they spend their time really well, talking about some important decisions that had to be made for their future. “I’m just concerned about you and what it’ll do to you and your career.” “I don’t care anymore Jax. I’ve made mine and you know that.” He kept silent, wishing the other one really was at home right now.

“That dude from Sky, don’t know his name because I’m always around you and I don’t listen to it because you tell me whatever I want to know, he said he doubts if you can keep up with the Mercedes this weekend but your tires could be the key because it’s going to be very hot this weekend. Is it really that bad, the tire wear?” A small smile decorated the other’s face. “Yes he’s right. We’re not sure yet though! We have to see tomorrow.”

At that exact moment Brad entered his drivers room, which Jax didn’t know. “Alright. Don’t need to ask you what you’re going to do tonight and tomorrow because that’s obviously and once again tonight sending me these message about how sexy I am and how I find out you’re jerking yourself off again before sleeping leaving me hanging here back in your apartment in Monaco.” “I’ll make sure he’s tired enough tonight he won’t bother you with it.” The youngest of them all stared at his small iPhone screen like a caught deer with doe eyes and a very shocked expression.

It was deadly silent for a few seconds before Jax regained himself. “Evening to you too mr. I am spying on my driver’s video call physio.” All he could hear was an erupting laugh on the other’s end. “Alright, you got me there. But if you don’t mind, I’m going to steal your lover because he needs to get back at Christian’s place since that’s in the Red Bull bubble.” Spotting a new pout on Max his face Jax smirked. “Oi, papa Christian babysitting my little bull?” “Oh, for fucks sake. Stop calling me little bull… I’ll let you know who’s the bigger one when I’m back home again.”

“Time to leave, Max!” He could hear Brad laughing once again before running out of Max’s drivers room. “Love you Maxi, my little bull.” “Fuck you Jax, but yeah love you too. Will text you later on.” With a air blowing kiss to his screen, Jax pushed the red button ending the call but not before he saw Max doing the same to him.

Sighing, throwing his phone further away on the huge sofa in their living room Jax sprawled out on it facing the ceiling. This was going to be another long week without him. Without the withy, funny and sexual jokes. But it is at it is and the older one couldn’t change a bit. He had a job and he wasn’t finished with it for tonight. Sitting back up, trying to regain the strength and will power to get back to where he had left. Solving cases hadn’t been easier without distraction, good distraction obviously, but it was true.

Turning on Spotify on the huge television hanging on the wall he could see how Max was on the app as well, seeing how he was playing some Dua Lipa once again. Jax didn’t pay much attention to it, but listened along to Dutchman’s choice of music. Picking up his files and a can of Red Bull which they had plenty of in the refrigerator, he went to take a seat on the lounge set out there on the balcony viewing the sunset by the sea.

Reading through the thick file of some kind of murder nearby the American got lost what songs got played. The words of the file not making any sense in his mind, so he needed to be fully concentrated and trying to pin point all the events out inside his head until something else caught his attention. “All night I’ll riot with you. I know you got my back and you know I got you, so come one, come on, come on, let’s get physical. Lights out, follow the noise, Baby, keep on dancing like you ain’t got a choice. So come on, come on, come on. Let’s get physical.” Jax knew exactly what was going on. Max enjoyed this song – a lot, sometimes singing along with it to annoy the hell out of him before he would creep up on him. Kissing him all over his face and then on his lips, his hands all over his body before Jax abandoned his stuff and giving in. “For fucks sake, Verstappen.” Jax breathed through gritted teeth, taking a deep breath before talking a huge gulp of his Red Bull and ignoring the music choice by now.

Saturday passed without much shocking things except the tire choice for qualifying. Jax had asked Max why he had to take such a risk, but the Dutchman reassured him it would help him during the race since the compound was last week’s medium tire. The American didn’t want to know what the strategy for tomorrow would be because he liked to be surprised and figure out a strategy on his own. So Jax asked him something else. “If you win tomorrow, I won’t be able to celebrate it with you because you’ll be staying as long as possible in the UK before heading to Spain because of that bubble.”

“If I win the Grand Prix tomorrow, I’ll come home right after the race so we can celebrate my first victory of the season together. Promise?” A cute smile formed the Duchies’ lips raising his pinky because it’s Max and he likes to annoy the shit out of Jax at some points. “Pinky promise?” The lad nodded making Jax to raise his pinky finger as well. “I expect you home tomorrow at midnight then, little bull!” With that Jax ended the videocall knowing Max would be protesting against his nickname once again.

The American sat in front of his tv, biting his fingers nails while his heartbeat rapidly banged in his chest afraid something would happen to his boyfriend during the start. The lights started to glow right after each other, the tension building up when it took some time to go out. Jax cheered when he saw how Max had a phenomenal great start on the hard compound. “Hell yeah! Good job Maxi!” Mumbling this more to himself because no one was around, jumping up from the sofa.

Having his MacBook right next to him so he could hear the board radio from his boyfriend, he could hear how the cocky and sarcastic side had taken over when he was told to back a little off to manage the tires even more. “Mate, this is the only chance of being close to the Mercedes. I’m not just sitting behind like a grandma.” To be honest, Max had taken him to The Netherlands around Christmas to spend it with family and he had met his grandmother who wanted to drive them around for a tour. People should know that even his grandmother was really fast in a road car, Jax wasn’t lying. But he preferred the ride by Max’s mom in the end without having a racing heart in his throat.

The gap Max had put between himself and the Mercedes drivers was incredible by now. Almost ending in front of Bottas when the Red Bull pitstop didn’t go as planned. “Come on little bull! You can do it! Bottas is easy peasy meat.” Back to the corner of the sofa, clenching his fists while cheering for the number 33 with the medium tire. Within a few corners was back in front of the Fin.

The Red Bull driver dominated the race easily without having tire issues at all compared to both Mercedes drivers. He even told GP to hydrate himself and even sanitize his hands assuming they had sweaty hands with his driving. “Are you for real now Verstappen?” Jax commented when he first heard it through his MacBook speakers, shaking his head chuckling.

On the inside Jax almost died from the nervous feeling. Nothing had to go wrong now. Max was driving himself straight to the victory. “Come on Maxi!” As far as he could see his tires were perfectly fine, but without data to take a peek at in the garage he didn’t have the information to calm him a little down. He just wanted for Max to win this, badly if you couldn’t tell it already. And he wanted him home tonight, snuggling up in his arms.

Once the number 33 car crossed the finish line Jax cheered, jumping up from the sofa right into the living room, fights high up in the air. The Dutchie deserved it with the superb race he just drove. The minute he calmed down a bit, he sat down, eyes still on the television to see his boyfriend climbing out of his RB16, petting it like a little dog who just brought back his stick before letting the world know how happy he was with his victory. It was the close up of his face when the American could spot the little lip bite knowing the Dutchman had realized something important.

Before the podium ceremony could start his phone rang. “Incoming videocall: Brad” the screen said. Picking it up quickly, knowing what the trainer tried to achieve with it, he could see more than just on their television. Where Sky ended the broadcast, Jax could see how Max came back to Brad who handed him the phone quickly. “A few seconds, before anyone notices.” Was the only warning he got. “Get home as quick as possible, we’ve got something to celebrate my sweet little bull.” A dark gaze in his eyes signaled the Dutchman his American boyfriend hadn’t forgotten about their deal, imagining in his own mind what the homecoming party would be like. “Can’t wait, baby.”

With that the youngest started to count down the hours, cleaning up what he had used and dimming the lights a bit. Putting the cushions on the sofa back where they’d belong, straightening the fur pads they had so they could lean against something soft when sitting on the piece of furniture. Jax had lit up some candles, creating a little bit of a romantic atmosphere. Checking his watch for the umpteenth time he decided to kill some time with the song he had stuck in his head for some time now. Opening the Spotify app on the television, he noticed how Max wasn’t using it. A small lip bite smirk could be seen on the blonde’s face.

Checking his watch again, it was officially: Max was late, extremely late considering he should have been back home one hour ago. A deep sigh, a yawn and heavy eyes. Jax was getting tired since it was already close to 1AM. His eyes started to drop, his mind snoozing him off from the world. Before he knew it, he had left to dreamland.

Max had been impatient during his flight from the closest airport to Nice. He liked parties with his team, but that meant he wouldn’t get home earlier and he had promised someone he’d be there before midnight. As soon as possible Brad offered him a ride, but the Dutchman hoped the private jet company agreed to his request. Before he and his trainer parted ways, he got stopped. “Has he answered your question already?” All Max could do was shake his head, averting his eyes to his trophy. “Just don’t push it. Let him get used to it as well. It sounded like he didn’t expect it in the first place.” Eventually, it was his own fault. “I shouldn’t have asked it when I was about to leave the next day.” “Just go home and celebrate it well! See you in Spain next week little bull.” The nickname came with a firm wink and laugh. “Oh, come on mate. Don’t use it against me!”

Even though he had a private jet, he still had to go through customs and they were checking the trophy for a second time now. Why was luck never on his side, especially when he desperately wanted to be somewhere. “You’re good to go, sir. Have a nice evening and a safe flight.”, grabbing his belongings he rushed to the meet up before walking down the path towards the jet. It would still take 2 hours to fly home.

Once he was finally able to get his car out of the parking, it was another 35 minutes before he’d be home. Checking the time it was already 1AM. “Shit. Damn time difference.” The Red Bull driver cursed. Jax would probably be sleeping in their bed already. Parking his car in the garage, he rushed to the elevators with his hands full of bags barely able to push a button but he still managed it nevertheless. At this point he thought it was all going to slow until the little sound indicated he’d be on his floor. Putting all the bags down in front of his door, rattling his keys impatiently against each other before sticking it into the lock and turning it, he could hear the end of ‘Physical’ coming from the living room. So Jax was awake then. His head snapped back up when the first few notes of the exact same song started to play again.

Rushing towards the living room, he saw a little bit of fluffy hair poking over the railing. Taking a peek he was greeted with a sounding asleep, but very cute Jax on the sofa. A small smile decorated his face, feeling happy with the lover of his life. “Hold on just a little tighter, come on, hold on, tell me if you’re ready, come on. Baby, keep on dancing. Let’s get physical.” Walking around the sofa, Max hovered over Jax, one hand supporting himself against the back and pressing his lips shortly against the other’s hoping he would wake up. The American just moved a bit, groaning slightly but kept sleeping.

The driver sealed their lips again, pushing a little more against it while kissing his boyfriend awake by now. Jax slowly came to realization who was finally home, waking up pretty quickly. “You made it.” He smiled, taking the older one tight in his arms. “Of course. I had a promise to keep.” Jax decided to kiss the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix winner again but shortly, pulling him on his lap even though he himself lay on his back. The younger one took the elder’s hands in his, letting him support on it before pulling him down to seal their lips together once more.

In the back they could hear Dua Lipa still singing her ‘Physical’ song. Poor girl must be tired by now. Max had just other plans in mind, pushing his intertwined hands with Jax above his head, deepening their kiss while pressing himself a little bit closer in ways his boyfriend would easily loose his mind. He could hear a suppressed moan. Working the younger one up, while kissing him on his jawline to his neck where the Dutchman tried to pick the best spot to take its skin between his teeth. “Damnit Max.” Was all that could be heard, inviting the elder to suck that piece of skin, leaving an obvious mark in the morning.

One of his hands moved underneath the American’s shirt, touching him on places he never thought someone else could make him feel that good. Tracing the six pack at first, but pulling his shirt up to reveal them making the driver lick his lips. “I want it off.” He commanded, taking the piece of fabric inside his hands, quickly pulling it over the other’s head while discarding it somewhere inside the living room. He could feel the already formed bulge of Jax through their jeans, making him smirk with a dark look inside his eyes. “Someone’s happy I’m home already.” “Shut up, just continue already.” Clicking his tongue, Max shook his head. “Nah, I like speed, but this is something I’d rather do slowly.”

Fingers fidgeting to open up the belt, why did they have to make this piece of clothing this difficult to open? But he managed it, only to struggle with opening up the jeans as well. Using a bit more force the following time, Jax could feel the pressure become less when his boyfriend pushed the fabric a little bit out of the way, the bulge now more clearly visible. Licking his lips, Max lay his hand on top of it, palming him through his boxer briefs. The only thing Jax could do was trying to get more friction out of it, breathing heavy.

A sign for the Dutchman to continue, halting the other to stop rocking his hips against his hand. Moving his fingers from his bulge over the boxer and playing with the elastic band, his hand slipped inside, his fingers wrapping themselves around the younger’s cock, slowly moving it a few times before pulling it out of the boxer to free it from the tight space. His hands moved up its speed, making a moaning mess of the American already. “F-fuck, don’t stop.” It was pleasing his ego a lot hearing how the other couldn’t get enough of him.

Feeling the firm hand of the Dutchman around his dick, which he hadn’t felt in weeks made him feel so good already, moaning the name softly when he let his thumb run over the top with a little bit of pressure to tease him even more. Jax moved his hands to grab the surface of the sofa underneath him, not knowing if he could last this long if Max kept on going like that. The smug grin he could spot on his boyfriend, signaled him something was about to happen and he wasn’t wrong when he felt the hand around his cock disappear just to take a firm grip on his hips. “All night, I’ll riot with you. I know you got my back and you know I got you. So come on, come on, come on, Let’s get physical.”

The last bit got whispered into his ears with that deep and hoarse voice, thick with the sexual tone he thought couldn’t get any better every time they had these intimate moments together. Pushing himself off the sofa, Max helped the other on his feet. Holding his hips in his hands, to pull him close to him just to steal a quick, sensual kiss. Guiding them both to their bedroom. Once they were inside, the Dutchman pushed him with a slightly but harsh push on the kind of king sized bed. “Getting impatient now, huh.” Jax grinned, seeing the older one biting his lip at the sight of him.

But he didn’t answer, just crawling on top of him to discarding his own shirt somewhere in the room before diving down onto his boyfriend, kissing him feverishly. Max moved his hips against Jax, working him up with the simple things. Moaning wantonly, the American could not keep his hands to one place on the Dutchman’s body, roaming around until he found what he was looking for. Being impatient as hell by now, he kind of aggressively opened up the belt and the jeans button, pulling it down but brushing his hands slightly over the bulge in Max his boxer shorts waiting for the Dutch driver to get rid of his own jeans.

The Red Bull driver took care of his boyfriend’s jeans and boxer briefs, throwing it behind him somewhere in their bedroom. With a grin on his face he admired the American, licking his lips before sealing their lips again. The Dutch hands were all over Jax his body, until Max stopped trying to look for confirmation in his eyes to continue. “I want it.” He answered, smiling – knowing what he wanted to know and in the meantime taking care of the Dutchman’s boxer briefs. Max tried to rummage through one of their night stands, taking out condoms and lube.

Jax tried to pick up the bottle consisting lube, but his boyfriend was too quick, smirking with a dark look on his face. “Nu-uh. Not today, baby.” The American could only bite his lip, hearing how his Dutchie popped the cap open, his eyes taking in the sight of the amount of lube applied on his fingers. “Just two?” He asked, but he shouldn’t have said that, making his boyfriend look at him with that look, that certain look like something evil inside him had been released. Jax blushed, staring him straight in his blue eyes until he could feel the wetness around those fingers press against his entrance. He bit his lip harder than he did before, trying to muffle his moan but he knew Max by know. “I want to hear you.” He growled lowly, pushing the first finger in making the American gasp for air because he somehow didn’t expect it.

“That’s more like it.” Max bend over him, kissing his neck and collarbone, nibbling the skin for a change. Jax’s hands could only grip the covers underneath him tightly, trying to press his hips up for more. And he got what he wanted, feeling how his boyfriend pushed the second digit in as well. “Maxii…”, his voice skipped a few tones. There was nothing better than the Dutchman’s fingers that could make him feel this good, not even his own. Being on cloud 9 by now he didn’t notice how Max pulled them out already.

Before he could reach out for the condom, Jax took the little packaging in his hands. “Let me do this.” The Red Bull driver let him. Ripping the seal open carefully, taking the rubber out but not before wrapping his free hand around his boyfriends cock. His hand was slowly moving, feeling it sometimes twitch inside it when he slid his thumb across the head, pressing it against the slit to tease him. No matter how strong the Dutchman was and how good he was in keeping himself under control, Jax could do things to make him break in certain ways. “Just go ahead already, I want you.”

The American smirked, tightening his hand around the shaft just underneath the top. “Impatient are we, little bull.” That was it. The glare he got, made him regret, maybe not even at all, his wording. Max took his hand in which he was holding the condom, implying to hurry the fuck up because he was hella needy. Jax quickly, but carefully put the rubber around his cock, pumping him a few times while applying the lube as well. It was the Dutchman who had enough of all the foreplay, pushing his boyfriend flat down against the mattress, supporting himself on hand while the other guided him to let him push through the tight ring of muscle.

Jax gasped, feeling how big the other actually was again, a whimper but a moan leaving his mouth at the same time. “Who called me little bull here, huh? Bet I can make you scream my name within minutes, because I’m the bigger bull here.” Growling with a deep voice made Jax even more rigged up. His hands found their way around the Dutchman’s neck, pulling him closer so he could kiss him feverishly. Max just let him adjust for a few seconds before moving his hips, thrusting at a moderate pace.

It didn’t take long for the Dutchie to find the sweet spot, making them part their lips, hearing the beautiful voice of his boyfriend moan his name quite loud. Kissing his Adams apple by now, Max decided to pick up the pace and slide in a bit deeper than he did before. A shuddering scream like moan filled his eardrums. Jax moved one of his hands towards his own neglected cock, wrapping his hands around it because if Max kept brushing past his G-spot at that pace, he wasn’t going to last long.

The sound of skin slapping filled the room followed by both their moans, sometimes the high pitched moans of Jax overpowering everything. Max could feel how Jax tightened his muscles, signaling him he was close. Swatting his hand away, the Formula one driver took Jax’s cock in his free hand, pumping him at an insane speed because he wasn’t going to last long himself anymore as well at this point. His pace became unsteady, but fierce making Jax scream because he was hitting him against his sweet spot. Max tried to kiss Jax again, absorbing the moans inside his mouth.

It wasn’t until Jax broke apart. “I’m going to c-cum!”, gasping for air when his orgasm hit him, spilling all over Max’s hand and his own abdomen, screaming his name loud. It was intense, making him tighten his muscles that much sending the Dutchie over the edge as well, thrusting a last time deep inside of him, feeling how he released his cum as well. Both had their eyes closed, trying to catch their breath. Max could only press his forehead against his boyfriend’s, nuzzling nose to nose. The American moaned again, tired, but still being sensitive as hell once his boyfriend pulled out, kissing him shortly before leaving for the bathroom. Taking care of himself and cleaning up the mess on the abdomen of his spilled American.

Lying with his head on Max’s chest, one of their hands connected and one arm wrapped around his shoulder, having a moment of silence just to regain a little bit of energy. “I love you, a lot. I never want to lose you, ever again.” Jax said, looking up to stare into those beautiful blue eyes. “I love you too Jax. Come with me to Spain this week.” The American could only blink for a few times. “But your manager?” “I can take you both with me, he’ll stay in the hotel if needed. But I want you close to me instead of being that far away from you.”

And so they were, a few days later, in Spain. Jax was walking around the paddock with Brad, waiting for Max to join them because he was still doing his interview with he Dutch television. “Too much free time, this guy. That’s why he’s so tanned. He’s just on the beach all the time, hehe. He’s just chilling, not doing his job.” He could overhear Max saying this to one of the many female supporters. “Yeah, what can we do about it?”

“Hey Max, what are you doing with these women?” If the American was right it was Jack asking him. He knew his boyfriend, just joking around. Max threw his hands in the air. “Nothing. I’m on a safe distance here.” Jax just threw him a gaze. Something that said ‘wait until we’re alone’ and he could feel how Max had given him that look himself, the one Jax knew his eyes were sparkling right now. Biting his lip he tried to plot his revenge for it.

Once they were back in Max’s drivers room, Jax patted his boyfriend on his butt with a loud smack. “Flirting with the girls today eh.” “Oh someone’s jealous.” He had an assumption Brad was smirking by their banter, but they couldn’t see it since they were both facing him with their backs. Jax had his hand still on his boyfriends butt after the smack, almost unnoticeably groping it. “Nah, because I know what I need to do to get your full attention, little bull.” “Oh, you’re so dead tonight, baby.” “Oh please, spare me any details boys!”

The race in Spain was good, Max just had a second place. He got Bottas, splitting both the Mercedes cars in the beginning of the race. Jax was standing in between the engineers. Waiting for their driver to enter Parc fermé and get out of his racing car. Instead of jumping into the other man, he went straight for Jax, carefully wrapping his arms around him not wanting to hurt him with a headbutt while still wearing his helmet. They had talked about it, deciding they wanted to show the world they were together, taken and happy. Even if Max couldn’t feel the lips on his right now, Jax pressed his own against the helmet feeling proud of him no matter what.

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