Just two days after telling Matthew, I get a change to tell my sister. I thought I'd have to wait until I went back to France, but she surprises me by suddenly appearing on our doorstep.
"I'm here for springbreak." She says cheerfully. By now she no longer waits for an invite in; she simply barges past me and lifts Frank, who came to check out the company, up in her arms. "Is Emma home?"
"Work." I reply, closing the door behind her. "Springbreak with Beth?"
"Yeah, but she got held up at school so I have some time to kill." She tosses a struggling Frank back to the floor, then frowns. "That makes it sound like I didn't want to come over. I wanted to. Just got to do it earlier than expected. Beth said I could go to her house, but sitting at home with Nancy and no one else is kind of... awkward." I follow her into the kitchen. She's truly treating the apartment like her second home. "Does that make me mean?"
"It makes you sound like you've got some family and-slash-or mother issues that you have to work through."
"Har-har." She rolls her eyes at me. The click of the button on the kettle echoes through the kitchen. As she reaches into the cupboard for two mugs, I see the primrose dangle on her wrist. "I'm serious. I don't want to offend her."
"I'm sure you didn't." I assure her. "Is that why you're so restless?" The moment I say the words, I see her shoulders slump.
"That obvious?"
"I'm just going to assume you're not hyped up on drugs, so yes. Come on," I take the mugs from her hands. "I'll finish tea. You sit down."
A couple of minutes later I join her in the living room, along with two steaming cups of tea. "Thanks." She mutters. She's curled up on the corner piece of the couch, a pillow clutched to herself. "I felt so bad when I told Beth no. I don't want her or Nancy to feel like I'm ungrateful."
"I'm certain they don't feel that way, Es." I assure her. "You're a human. You're allowed to say no."
"I know, I know. It's all just new to me. But you know exactly what I'm talking about." She chuckles to herself, then waves her own words away. "Anyway! What's up with you? How was living LA for six months? Any hot gossip I should know about?"
I consider not telling her yet. To find a cute way of doing it, like Kenna and Emma keep doing to each other. But if she were to find out that I'd spoken to her without telling her, she would have my head. "I actually do have some gossip, but I didn't pick it up in LA."
"Oh! Do tell!" She grins. "Which of your famous friends is it about?"
"That depends - is Emma technically my famous friend?"
"You do realise that at this point, anything bad you say about Emma goes straight back to her?" Her eyes narrow at me. "You might be my brother, she's my girl friend and I will tell her all if she needs to know."
"I'm quite certain Emma knows about this. She made sure about five times, actually." I smile, welcoming Frank onto my lap. We've noticed that in the past week he's taken a special liking to Emma, especially when she's laying in a way that allows him to curl up on her stomach. We're not sure if he hears the heartbeat, but one way or another - he knows. Now that Emma is gone, he finds his love with me.
"I hate it when you talk in riddles." Eschieve accuses me.
"Why don't you try to solve it then? I can assure you the subject has been brought up a lot in the last couple of months. I'm sure you can figure it out."
"This better be some juicy piece of gossip, Luce." She sips her tea loudly, a single brow raised at me. "If you're making me work for it."
"Oh, I'm pretty sure it'll be the juiciest gossip you'll hear for at least..." I do some quick maths in my head. "...six and a half months?"
"Six and a half... That's so oddly specific. What are you getting at?"
I raise my brows at her, waiting for her to catch on just like I did with Matthew.
"No." She suddenly gasps.
"Don't give me none of that!" She's shrieks. "Lucien Remí Alastair Thélio du Castellon, did you knock up your girlfriend?!"
"The five tests and the doctor sure seem to think s- oomph!" My sister has, quite literally, thrown herself around my neck; Frank wails loudly, narrowly escaping, and I tumble backwards with her landing on top of me.
"Oh mon dieu, oh mon dieu, oh mon dieu! Ceci est incroyable!! Tu vas être papa! Tu es enceinte! Comment? Quand? Quand avez-vous découvert?! Quand sera-ce là?! Allez-vous lui donner mon nom?" She rambles, so quickly I can barely make out the words. "Comment m'as-tu laissé rester ici pendant vingt minutes avant de me le dire?!"
I have trouble catching my breath as laugh at her outrageous response, especially with her on top of me. "Je vous ai dit le moment où j'ai eu la chance!"
"That's not how this works! You should've told me the second I walked through that door! My God, Lucien, I can't believe this! So all that talk about not wanting babies yet was bullshit?"
"Certainly not." I push her off me so I can breathe again. "It was a complete accident. Emma theorises that she had some kind of food poisoning around the time I got home in December and because she kept puking up her birth control, it failed. We just assumed that the bug was lingering around, until I came home to a thoroughly freaked out Emma." The day is such a blur to me. Half of it I don't even remember from how sleep deprived I was. The other half might not have happened how my brain processed it. "But now she's pregnant, and I'm going to be a father." Even saying it out loud feels unreal. The meaning of the world hasn't quite landed yet, but when I say it, Eschieve’s fave turns soft. She takes both my hands in hers, tears glittering in her eyes. And what she says hits home more than anything else that's been said to me since we found out.
"This child is going to grow up so lucky and so loved, Lucien. You're going to be an amazing father."

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