With Eschieve in town, I know I can't wait much longer to tell my own sister. As soon as those two talk, our secret is out. Which is exactly why, as soon as Lucien tells me his sister is currently in our appartment, I invite Beth over for dinner. She tells me she has to ask mum, because she's counting on them for dinner, but mum plays along and Beth texts back only minutes later, letting me know she'll be over.
I've been able to hold back my nausea during my lectures, though I've visited the teachers restrooms more often than usual today in ways I haven't seen the toilets before. I can't wait for the first trimester to be over, because from what I've read, that's when the sickness will subside, or lessen.
Beth comes with the idea to order sushi, which I immediately shoot down, which should be the first sign for her to start wondering.
When I come home around six, I run into my sister at our front door. Good, because I don't know if Lucien can hold back Eschieve from spilling our secret on his own. "Well, speak of a coincidence," I smile, hugging my sister softly, afraid she'll feel my non-existent bump in our embrace.
I unlock the door, immediately hearing Frank meow his head off when he runs into the hallway.
Eschieve's eyes sparkle as I greet her, visibly holding back from whatever it is she wants to tell me. "Hey, Em," she smiles in stead. "How was work?"
"T was good," I smile back, kissing Lucien quickly before the girls can make puking noises. "Long. Already excited about my week off."
"Tired?" she chuckles, hinting to the information she's now gotten a hold of.
"Very much so," I nod, surpressing the wave of nausea that hit me when I hugged my sister, inhaling her sweet coconut-like perfume. "How about we see what's for dinner?"
"How about we sit down first," Lucien gestures to the couch. "You deserve to sit, it's been a long day."
"Yeah, Em, you've got to take care of yourself," Eschieve backs her brother up. "Take it easy."
"Oh, Beth, how was your day? It was great, thank you so much for asking! Yes, I would love something to drink and to sit down! So thoughtful of you," my sister chimes in, rolling her eyes.
"Sorry, Beth, I'm just getting the special treatment for now," I laugh, knowing full well I can't hide it from her much longer. "Please, sit down."
"I feel like I deserve the special treatment too," she sighs. "What made you deserve it? Just because you have a job?"
"Actually," I pat her back as she sits down next to me. My eyes meet Lucien's, and he smiles, just like Eschieve does. "It's because I'm pregnant."
"Good one," she rolls her eyes again. "I thought you hated us bringing that up."
"I used to when it was just speculation," I adjust her statement, "but I actually quite like the privilege that comes with being pregnant."
"You're fucking with me, aren't you?" her eyes narrow. "She's fucking with me, right?" Her eyes flicker from Eschieve to Lucien, back to Eschieve, then to me when neither of them seem to flinch. "Are you fucking pregnant?"
"You've really got to stop cursing that much when you're around a baby, even when it's not born yet," I chuckle, watching her eyes widen.
"Lucien, tell her to stop this," she looks at him sternly. "It's not funny."
"So you're not excited?" he laughs, folding his arms over one another. "Thought you'd be happier, seeing you're one of the people who keeps hinting to us having a baby. Now we've finally done it, and you're not happy?"
Beth glances at Eschieve, who just nods.
"Em, this is your last chance to tell me you're joking," she stares at me in disbelief. "Or I'm calling mum."
"Call her," I shrug. "She'll tell you exactly what I've already told you, which is that I'm pregnant." Halfway through the sentence, she's already lunged herself into my arms.
"I'm still not sure if you're fucking with me," she mumbles. "But if you aren't, I'm so happy for you."
"I'm really not messing with you," I smile, watching her stare at me like I've just told her I am actually an alien our parents adopted from Mars. "I've got five pregnancy tests and a drawer full of prenatal vitamins to prove it."
"My god," she still stares at me in disbelief. "You're fucking pregnant. How... wait, when?"
"Around New Years," she's calculating in her head, I can tell.
"That's... like two and a half months! Fucking hell, Em! How did mum react? Was she stoked?"
"Oh, so stoked," I laugh.
"My god, my first niece or nephew! Do you know? No, no, of course you don't, it's too early for that - right?" she continues her sentence when I nod. "Oh, I hope it's a boy. Or no, a girl. You know what, who cares, right?" She looks at Eschieve. "You knew?"
"Only just now," she smiles. "Sounds like all of our scheming and planning was good for something."
Lucien and I sigh at the same time. "This really had nothing to do with you guys."
"Oh, sure it did. We made you realise how badly you wanted a baby," Beth tells us, convinced of herself. "And then after Christmas, you got it on."
"Yeah, believe that if you want to," I chuckle. "If it's anyone's fault, it's mum's, because I'm pretty sure my stomach reacted badly to one of her dishes. Turns out puking your guts out for a while kind of compromises birth control."
"Hhhmm, yeah, I don't think so," Beth laughs. "It's definitely all thanks to us."

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