'Relax, I'm sure this is the right way to go' Rachel said, with an annoyed tone in her voice, while she stroke the wrinkles out of the old-fashioned map. 'You know, if you hadn't forgotten to take the GPS-system with you then we wouldn't be into this mess right now'. I grabbed the steering wheel tighter, 'Rach.....' I sighed. 'People forget things. The roads are straight here and go a long way, we have time to figure out where to go'.

'You do remember that this country is big, we can drive for hours and see nobody', she commented, so I rolled my eyes, 'So? We have snacks, we can go for a while.... Enjoy the view please. It's beautiful. Look' I pointed out front. 'There, a placename' I sighed, 'we'll be able to read it in a second, now how about, you look at the map, and we'll see where we are'. I said as I leaned back even more, one hand resting on my leg. 'I told you we'd be fine, why do you have so little faith in me'.

Rachel leaned forward on the dashboard, squinting her eyes and pushing her brown fringe aside to see the sign. 'Jo-tun-hei-men' she spelled out. 'The hell is that?' she laughed. 'Why are all these names eighter complicated, long or have a weird letter in it'.

'Stop complaining' I sighed deep, rubbing my head because of her constant yapping. I don't mind her talking, it's not like she has a voice as nasal like Fran Dresher or something.... But she's been talking and talking for hours now, complaining that we were lost. 'At least we now know where we are. So look at the map. We have some gas left to go on for a while but it's getting darker and darker.... And with the mountains here, they block the sun too. So it'll be sundown even quicker'.

'Yeah, so you mean: we get to enjoy the beautiful Norwegian sundown, while we are stranded in the middle of nowhere', she exclaimed annoyed, underlining it by giving a big ass sigh.

'You could also enjoy the scenery and let me worry about where we'll go. Worst case scenario we'll get to have some fun sleeping in the car in the woods. We have all our stuff in the back, couple bottles of water and snacks. It's not a roast dinner but it'll hold us over, but we could also drive trough the night, options galore'.

Rachel rolled her eyes. 'Rafael.....' she whispered annoyed, after which she was silent for a couple minutes and plucked a travel guide out of the side of the door. 'At least let me look up what this place is'.

'Well?' I asked, as I stopped for a needless intersection with a needless stopsign, and needlessly looked around, because I had to, and was bored out of my mind because of the long roads. I figured it was autopilot doing that to me, snapped out of it and sped away.

'Jotunheimen has a couple of the biggest mountains in Norway, apparently'. She sighed, reading quickly through the book. 'Jotunheimen is also a place in norse mythology, a world like earth, but for gigants'.


'That's what it says: Gigants. Frost Gigants, the Jotun'.

I shrugged my shoulders. 'everybody has their own thing. They have gigants, Hindu's have a monkey for a god, somewhere around is a big weird elephant as a god....'. I laughed as she slammed her arm into my chest, 'stop that!' she laughed, 'that's not nice'.

'Nobody's around!' I laughed in return, 'It's not like I'm yelling out blasphemy or something'.

'Comes close.....'

After a bit of laughing it was quiet, while we listened to the voices on the radio in the Scandinavic language. Every now and then there was a word we understood so as a game we called out those words, counting who remembered the most words out of the norse dictionary we breezed trough on the plane.

'It's 12 at night...' Rachel said, yawning a bit, gnawing on a mueslibar. 'Just give up... if we don't see a house or a village or something in an hour I say we just stop, go sleep in the car and try again tomorrow.

'Fine, fine' I sighed. 'I'm getting tired too'. I gave in to what she said and kept driving.

'THERE!' She yelled after about 30 minutes, she made me swing over the road, startled like she just impersonated a jack-in-the-box. 'RACH!' I yelled back as I gained control of the wheel and pushed down on the breaks. 'Don't scare the guy that's driving the car! Bad luck!'

'Yeah yeah' she said, waving her hand at me, dismissively. 'Look! A house!'

'What? Where?'

'Just back up like 50 meters, she waved again. 'Come on, I'm tired, I want to sleep in a house! We can at least ask if they'll let us. So far all the people here have been able to speak English...'.

I backed the car up and stopped for a gravel driveway with a run-down mailbox next to it.

'No names? The thing is covered in cobwebs'. I said, not as sure anymore. 'Not to be a buzzkill but I don't want to step into in real life ''Texas Chainsaw massacre'' you know'.

'Stop it' Rachel stopped me, 'Just drive down, you know that's not real. And if you don't even try to get us a roof over our head for the night I'm going to be mad as hell at you'. I switched the big headlights off and slowly drove down the paveway. 'They'll probably be asleep' I warned her. 'They won't be happy that we wake them up'. Rachel, again dismissing me, just said that if we explained it we'd be fine, which I agreed with, I guess.

I parked the car next to the house, and saw the lights switch on upstairs, in the stone-built and worn down house. It seemed to be livable, but there was nothing exceptional other than that. A small stone house with some cobwebs on the windows, and an unkept gardenpatch. 'Let's just hope they won't mind us waking them up... those footsteps don't seem so relaxed to me', I whispered to Rachel. The lights downstairs also came up, the door opened before I could even knock on the door.

A man opened the door, looking like he had just come out of the shower, holding a bathrobe closed around his waist, and breathing heavily.

'What?' the man asked annoyed, then I noticed that it wasn't a shower that was the cause of the glimmer on his head. 'Are we interrupting?' Rachel asked quietly, a bit more shy then she was when she yelled out in the car and scared me shitless.

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