I opened the door as softly as I could. As soon as there was just a slight opening in the door I immediately noticed how surprisingly soundproofed the room must have been. A lot of noises came my way when I opened it. I tried to spy trough the door when the noises and the creaking of the bed suddenly stopped. 'Hello......? Sir?' I asked as polite as possible. Soft but annoyed whispering came from the bed, and strangely enough a bit of rattling.

Then a lot of whispering.

'What is she doing here?'


'Yes, she, don't you hear it?'

A couple of footsteps followed, then the nice man that let us stay here opened the door widely. 'Didn't I tell you not to come in here'. It was a statement, not a question.

'I, eh....'I stuttered, 'needed to find the bathroom!' pretty proud I found a quick response. I don't usually fare too well under stress. 'It's dark in here, I couldn't see where I was goi-.... Oh'. I stopped my sentence as soon as I looked around the big man, that just had a bathrobe tied around his waist now, and looked on the bed.

'Hello' sighed the man on the plaid blankets, with another grey-ish bedsheet that was so thin it did not leave much to my imagination. I blushed and looked down, then immediately looked up again as I was looking directly at the hard-on that was not really well hidden underneath the bathrobe. 'Oh! I'm sorry!' I said immediately, excusing myself.

'Oh just let her in!' The voice laughed from behind the blonde Scandinavian. 'If she wants too, though?' Halden stepped aside and let me look into the room. I looked very carefully, not wanting to offend anyone. I slowly pulled my hand away from my face and looked at the person who's voice came from the bed. 'Oh!' I said, pleasantly surprised. What I saw on the bed was a man, not much older than 25 or 28, so it seems, with a big dragontattoo on his chest. By the way his laboured breathing made his skin move it almost looked as if the tattoo was living, and looking at me.

The man was sweated as Halden had been a couple hours ago, with a couple drops still glistening on his forehead, athletic arms raised upwards with the muscles in it clenched as he held a tight grip on something. A bit intrigued because of the scene I walked forward, looking at the man, and found out he was actually chained to the wall, halfway sitting up, halfway laying down. His arms were strained with holding the thick leather straps around his wrists. You'd think he would be embarrassed, sitting tied up and naked on the bed, but he just seemed to be amused.

It was quiet in the room, so I jumped up when I heard a door close and turned around, Halden had his hand on the handle, which made me jump back into reality, and I saw I was standing at the end of the bed. I stammered some words, realizing I just jumped into a situation with two strange men in the middle of nowehere, in a country I have never been in, with a man that was chained to the wall. And not with those pink plush handcuffs, found at adult stores, but actual leather straps, and heavy-duty chains, attached to metal plates that were bolted to the wall.

I was grateful when the man on the bed cut trough the tension a bit and opened his mouth: 'I'm Deszdan' He said, 'But you can call me Des if you want' he said, forming his lips in a funny smirk. 'Creative parents....' He mumbled. 'I'd come up to greet you but...' He said, excusing himself as he rattled the chains against the wall a bit.

'I'm so sorry!' I called out, 'oh this is just embarrassing, I didn't mean to barge in like that, please don't be offended!' I said, walking around the bed to get Des to accept my apology, which eventually turned out to be a big mistake as I suddenly had all the view I wanted of him. They were both quiet as I couldn't help focusing my attention to the tattoo on his chest, I reached out, wanted to touch it.

'If you ask me you can touch it' His calm voice said, echoing to my head. I stammered a word that probably wasn't very coherent, but the tattoo actually seemed to keep looking at me, from whatever angle I was looking at it. Des looked at me with calm green eyes and nodded with that goddamn smirk again, so I touched it.

'You're a bit...hot' I said as I touched the skin. 'I-I mean, really hot, warm...'

'Exercise, sweat' Halden said before I could finish my incoherent thoughts. 'You'd be warm too if you had been doing things for hours' He said, sitting next to me, parallel to Des' hip.

He took the hand that was just touching his tattoo with my fingertips and moved it down more, moving my fingertips all the way down the tattoo, from the tip of it's nose to the very end of his tail, wrapped around his bellybutton.

I looked at all the details, the scales seemed to be lifelike, he still seemed to be breathing.... The man's breathing got more labored, and a soft, happy moan came out of his throat.

'He doesn't mind' Halden whispered, a few centimeters away from my ear. 'If you want to, you can. You just have to ask him what you want'.

I turned around a bit and looked at Halden. 'Are you sure?' I asked, a bit freaked out, but also really ready to grab any chance to use the situation. He nodded and moved my hand flat on his stomach, over the young guy's muscular abs.

'If you ask him' He whispered. 'Do you want to join me?' He whispered. 'He's not going anywhere. If he wants you to stop, he'll say so. He hasn't said no to me yet'


Halden laughed, 'Since I've known him'.

I turned around and looked at the man who was putting more and more strain on his body, depending on where my hand went. A bathrobe went down on the floor next to me, and Halden grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it away from my body. 'Yes' I nodded. 'Looks like a lot of fun' I said as I blushed, looking at the man.

'Go ahead' Des answered me.

I took a deep breath and pushed my shirt up over my head and my leggings down over my legs. I felt fingertips on my waist, which turned into fingers, which turned into hands. Halden behind me was figuring out if I minded. 'Have you ever played this role before?' He asked me.

'Which role?'

'The one that tells someone what to do', he explained.

I waited a couple seconds and then nodded. He placed me on top of Des' stomach and sat behind me, holding and supporting me as I figured out what he wanted. 'Just try' He whispered in my hand. I got an encouraging smile from the tied up man and reached my fingers out to his lips. I touched them silently, and suddenly felt something wet on the tips, I watched him kiss my fingertips, inviting me close to him. I scootched more on top of him and moved my fingers around his lips, and eventually over his tongue.

I giggled a bit and let him, I relaxed and moved over to kiss him. He kissed hungry, he wanted more. I wouldn't let him. I pulled back slowly until he hung in those chains as far as he could, and kept my lips just a little bit away, causing an annoyed moan to come from his lips. Instead he got my thumb over his lips, that pushed him back with his head against the wall. 'Back in position' I whispered. He obeyed with a grin, giving me the impression that I was doing well in this.

Halden behind me pressed a kiss in my neck, 'I bet this is what he's been wanting to do ever since you came in, wouldn't he?' he asked me whispering. He pulled me down more and more until I sat on top of his thighs, so he knew I could ride him anytime I wanted, but I wouldn't let him have all the fun. I moved my fingertips over his erection and grinned as I saw him gasp, close his eyes and cuss some blasphemous words under his breath. 'I think he does', I grinned back, looking at Halden as I turned to him and instead kissed him, making Des watch, and listening to his tortured cussing. I moved my hands again over the tattoo, I squinted my eyes a bit, maybe I was a bit hazy because of the confusing situation, but the tattoo seemed to have moved around. I shrugged it off for now, not where my attention needed to be.

I bit my lip a bit and grinned as I looked at him, 'you want something?' I asked playful, making him watch as Halden helped me pull my bra off. I leaned forward and pressed lips on Des' chest while Halden held my waist and stroke me, while we were both teasing Deszdan, holding everything júst out of his reach. I took a deep sigh, grinned and said: 'If you want something you'll have to be nice, and give me what I want first'.

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