1x08 Angry Lion Unleashed [!MC!]


Tsja, het is niet zo lang, maar some angry man inspired me.


Max was furious. “Fucking fuck engine.” He cursed, storming into his side of the garage while still having his helmet on after retiring the car. Some of his mechanics walked out of his way, not even daring to interfere with the Dutchman when he was that mad. “Godverdomme.” This time he went on in Dutch. “Klotezooi.”

With he steam still coming from his ears, he ignored everyone even Brad who was quietly walking behind him with some of his bottles, caps and other things his driver needed most of the time. Only did Max stomp into the motorhome, throwing the door into its lock in front of the Brit’s face. Looking awkwardly at the door, Brad knew better, taking a seat in the main hall, waiting for the driver to cool down. It was just that moment he remembered who was actually in that drivers room knowing it would be a while before Max would be back outside.

Jax was just sitting there on the very small sofa Red Bull had in drivers room in this testing facility of a motorhome. He’d just finished his file, closing a very important case which couldn’t wait until the next morning when he knew what was coming. “Fucking kut motor ook altijd.” Jax kept quiet, kind of getting what the Dutchman was saying even if he didn’t speak a word Dutch. The American stared at his boyfriend, intensely.

“Kutzooi.” “What is a kootzo?” Jax blinked, trying to break through the mood. And it kind of worked, for a few seconds, taking the other by surprise. Max growled, throwing his gloves on the sofa next to Jax. But the younger one wasn’t surprised by it, or even thrilled. He just raised one of his eyebrows. “Just shut up.” “Never, babe. I get you’re upset with the engine. So what? Next time you’ll be up in the top again.”

Instead of easing the other into a way better mood, it only made him feel angrier than before. “You don’t get!” “Then explain so I do.” Max took a deep sigh. Was his boyfriend for real now? Closing his eyes, trying everything to not lose his temper because the younger lad didn’t deserve it after all. Also, they didn’t even know what particular part of the engine caused his issue so whatever it is could’ve happened any race. “I’m still mad.” He warned, pointing his finger at the younger one who was still sitting on the sofa.

“I see.” The American stood up, walking over to his boyfriend until he felt that finger pressing firm against his chest. He carefully took that finger between is own thumb and index finger, guiding it towards his lips. “But you know, I kind of like it when you’re mad, that spices things up you see.” With a smug grin Jax engulfed almost the whole finger into his mouth, pressing his tongue against it before moving his head a few times while staring into the blue-greyish eyes of the Dutchman.

“What the fuck Jax!? I didn’t even sanitize my hands!” The finger slipped out his mouth. “Do you want to poison me or make me drunk with all the alcohol and whatever is in there? O my god, you’re so unbelievable, little bull.” It was quiet. Max just blinked his eyes when he pushed his American against the wall. “What did you call me?” “Little Bull.” Jax shrugged his shoulders.

By now he should’ve known telling his boyfriend something like this when being angered by anything meant punishment. Jax couldn’t help but smirk, pulling the fireproof top underneath the racing suit a little up so the Dutch abs were on display. Licking his lips, the American went down kissing them at first. Pressing butterfly like kisses turned into his tongue slowly licking up its way from the waistline up to the highest block of is sixpack. “Fuck.” Was all he heard coming out of the Dutchie.

The suit was already loosely hanging around his waist, so Jax pulled at the sleeves. Now his boyfriend was left in his fireproof pants and his boxer shorts. Palming him through the two pieces of fabric, Max tried to find support placing one hand against the wall, the other on the back of his boyfriend’s head. Hooking his fingers behind it, Jax pulled it all the way to his knees in one go revealing how the Dutchman was already semi-hard by now. He wrapped his fingers around the shaft, moving his hand slowly up and down but not giving the other what he knew were the spots to really please him.

And when Max is mad he didn’t have any patience. Jax was pulled back on his feet, but guided to the nearby table when his Dutchman pushed him face down onto the table. His hands were holding each side of the surface, knowing what was about to come. Those wet lips trailed down his neck and his earlobe, grunting and swearing in whatever language turning the American on. “You like that huh!” The voice was hoarse and rough.

Before he knew Max had pulled his own jeans and boxer briefs down to his ankles, smirking by seeing what position his boyfriend was in. Without thinking about it, Jax felt the firm hand slap against one of his ass cheeks, making him hiss. “What the…”, and there was another one. “Stay where you are baby.” The American didn’t want to move a muscle until he knew what the other was up to. A familiar noise filled his eardrums. Max ripped the packaging of a condom, but he never heard the sound of an opening cap.

Feeling how his Red Bull driver moved his hips against him, sliding his hard on over his ass until he decided it was time. Jax bit his lip hard, the rough handling of Max still making him feel like he was never going to get used to it. He got a few seconds to adjust to its size, feeling how the lion behind him got unleashed. Both firm hands on his hips keeping the younger one in place. Jax could only moan his name.

Max was thrusting at an insane speed, the anger still inside of him. Jax’s moans turned into whimpers, especially when Max brushed against his sweet spot, making his boyfriend feel like jelly. “There!” It was the only word the younger one could think of saying, feeling how the older one dove onto his neck, sucking the skin which would definitely leave a firm hickey in the upcoming hours. “So who are you calling little bull again?”

“Y-you.” Jax wasn’t sure how long he would keep up with this pace set by Max. Gripping the ends of the table even tighter, his eyes squeezed shut and his own cock dripping of leaking pre-cum already. The Dutchman grunted, moving one of his hands until he could tighten the hold on Jax’s shaft. Jax moaned loud, especially when his driver started to pick up the pace of his hand, pumping him into oblivion.

The Dutchman thrusted deep, brushing the younger’s sweet spot. Without a warning Jax released the cum on the hand, clenching on Max. “Shit.” It send him over the edge as well, pulling out after rocking out both their orgasms. Without a hesitation, he took the American in his arms, kissing his lips with love.

Brad was looking on his phone when he heard the door open, taking a peek in the direction he would spot his driver in a few seconds. They were holding hands, seeing Max smile again. “So, I see you have cooled down.” The Dutchie just shrug his shoulders while smirking. “Oh I just let the little bull inside him loose, so the bigger bull in him can take over.” Blinking a few times, they looked at the youngest in the area. “What did you give him?” With the biggest grin Jax could muster, he just winked earning a little slap on his ass cheek by Max.

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  • VampireMouse

    Omg... ik vind dit zo leuk om te lezen... echt... ik hoef geen promofilms joh.. geen we maar mc verhalen wahahahahahha

    1 jaar geleden
    • Winterdawn

      Hahahaha Ik wil niet weten wat jij in je vrije tijd doet tho!

      1 jaar geleden
  • Alloveryou

    Niceee! Haha Little Bull, moet ik onthouden!!!

    1 jaar geleden
    • Winterdawn

      Hihihi. Ik vond 't wel een leuke bijnaam voor 'mxD

      1 jaar geleden
    • Alloveryou

      Haha is het ook!

      1 jaar geleden

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