It’s Thursday evening. Jerome Wilson hasn’t got any plans so what’s he up to this evening? He’s sewing. Yes, he’s sewing.

Jerome Wilson sits in his room, sewing something what looks like a black suit. A cloth black suit.

‘Auch.’ Says Jerome Wilson while stabbing himself in the thumb by the sewing needle. He holds the black suit and looks proud to it.

‘The Black Ranger.’ Says Jerome proudly.

But then, someone knocks on the door. Jerome startles and puts his Black Ranger suit under his bed very quickly. While putting it under his bed, his father Bruce Wilson opens the door.

‘Your friend Josh is here.’

‘He knows the way.’ Says Jerome.

Jerome sits on his bed while Josh walks in. ‘Here he is!’ Yells Jerome.

Jerome gives Josh a hand. ‘Tomorrow another excursion. Don’t let Dain do anything to you man.’

‘He’s not going to do anything if he wants to earn Charlotte back.

‘You wanna see my E.T. card collection?’ Asks Josh while grabbing a deck of card out his pocket.

The card falls on the ground. ‘Oh shit!’ Says Josh.

Josh quickly grabs the card from the ground and sees The Black Ranger suit under Jerome’s bed.

‘Is that the latest fashion? Asks Josh while taking the suit from under the bed.

Jerome quickly grabs The Black Ranger suit out of Josh’s hands. ‘It’s nothing Josh.’

‘This isn’t nothing Jerome.’

Jerome comes closer to Josh. ‘Alright, don’t tell this to anyone. You heard about The Black Ranger?’

‘You mean that old lady saver?’

‘Yes, it’s me.’

Josh looks astonished with his mouth wide open. ‘No way!’

‘I save the old ladies from the thieves.’

‘How? Why?’

‘People in that insect museum injected me with some beetle blood and since then I’m stronger, smarter, faster.’

‘You’re New York’s new hero and you have a date tomorrow.’

‘Charlotte can’t know. No one.’

‘I’m not gonna tell anyone Jerome, or shall I say, The Black Ranger.’

Later that evening in Popple Company Corporations, Mr. Popple is very busy in his dark and quiet lab. He’s soldering some long metal kind of ropes. Four metal ropes in total that connects each other with one square shape. Suddenly Elsa walks in.

Elsa gives Mr. Popple a hug from behind. ‘What are you doing honey?’

Mr. Popple puts The Arc Battery in the square shape that connects the metal ropes. But they’re not metal ropes, they’re metal arms. Mr. Popple smiles.

The next morning, Jerome Wilson and his class are ready to go to Popple Company Corporations.

Josh Palmer and Jerome Wilson are stepping on the bus. ‘I hope the back seats are empty.’ Says Josh.

Josh walks to the back of the school bus while Jerome is looking around. He sees Charlotte sitting alone and on the other side of the bus, Dain Bennet.

Jerome walks quickly to Josh. ‘I think I’m gonna sit next to Charlotte.’

‘Uhm, okay, fine.’ Says Josh in a disappointed voice.

Jerome walks back to Charlotte and sits beside her. ‘I hope this seat isn’t reserved. Says Jerome while he and Charlotte are smiling.

After an hour drive, they reached Popple Company Corporations. It’s one of the biggest skyscrapers in Manhattan.

The class is getting of the school bus, Jerome walking beside Charlotte and behind them are Dain and Josh, walking apart.

‘I don’t understand why you’re with such a prick.’ Says Jerome to Charlotte.

‘I don’t know either actually.’

Mr. Popple is already standing in front of the building together with his assistant Elsa Farris.

‘Good God, traffic was nice, you’re all on time.’ Says Mr. Popple to the class.

Principal Ron Warren, a long, thin man walks to Mr. Popple and shakes his hand. ‘How wonderful to be here Mr. Popple.’

Principal Ron Warren walks in the building with his class following him. Mr. Popple has his eyes on Jerome. ‘Jerome, I’m glad you’re here.’

Jerome gives smile ‘I’m glad too.’

After two hours of a tour around the building, Mr. Popple is relieved to say to the class that they’re free the wander around.

‘The tour is over, you’re free to go somewhere in this building, but remember, don’t go past the stop signs!’

Mr. Popple walks away with a grin, Jerome and Josh are looking to him. ‘What a weird man.’ Says Josh.

A few meters from Josh and Jerome, Charlotte stands there, gazing at Jerome while Dain Bennet walks to her.

‘Are you fucking serious? You’re gonna leave me for something like that?’

Jerome and Josh are hearing the noisy Dain and they turn backwards. Jerome looks annoyed and walks toward Charlotte and Dain.

‘Go away Dain!’ Yells Jerome.

‘I wanna go wherever I wanna go.’

‘Dain, it’s best for you to leave.’ Says Charlotte while pointing her finger at a different hall.

‘Fine’ Says Dain in an arrogant voice while walking away.

Dr. Abraham Richard is walking in the building, heading to the labs in his normal clothes. Jerome looks at him and walks toward him.

‘I need to go.’ Says Jerome to Josh and Charlotte.

Dr. Abraham walks into the lab, to the counter, he grabs an empty box and puts it on the counter when suddenly, Jerome knocks on the door.

Dr. Abraham looks worried and angry at the same time.

‘Jerome? What the hell are you doing here?’

‘I’m here with my school, why are you so frustrated?’

‘I’m fired, and you need to get the hell out of here. Mr. Popple is hunting for your blood!’

‘Mr. Popple invited us to go to this building himself.’

‘You see Jerome? He wants this to happen.’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Get the hell out of here Jerome!’

Jerome looks scared and walks slowly out the lab. Dr. Abraham sighs and put some books in the box. Jerome in the hallway, holding his backpack tightly when suddenly Dain pushes him against the wall and holds him by his throat.

‘You just needed to do that?’ Says Dain.

‘What the fuck are you talking about.’ Says Jerome in a scared voice.

Meanwhile, Dr. Abraham is moving to Mr. Popple’s office to say his last goodbye, he walks to the door and sees some light flashes coming from under the door. Dr. Abraham looks confused. He opens slowly the door had a shocked look.

Mr. Popple is wearing the four metal ropes on his back; the ropes are connected to The Arc Batter and the arms are giving electrical shocks in the room. Mr. Popple smiles and Dr. Abraham slowly closes door. He leans against the wall and after a moment, he goes fast into the elevator, to the first floor.

Jerome is trying to get himself loose from Dain but he doesn’t want to overpower him because then Dain might notice something.

‘Leave me alone!’

Dain let go of Jerome and looks intensely into Jerome’s eyes. Dain punches Jerome on his face with his fist. Jerome leans against the wall and Dain grabs his face and drags him to the toilets a few meters further. Dain pushes Jerome through the toilet doors.

Dain smashes Jerome’s head against the wall, Jerome falls on the ground, not moving. Dain looks angry, but right after his angry face, he looks worried to the body of Jerome. Dain walks quickly out of the toilets into the hallway where he walks past Dr. Abraham.

Dr. Abraham sees Dain’s bloody fist and walks into the toilets where he encounters the body of Jerome Wilson.

‘Jesus Christ. Jerome, are right alright?’ Says Dr. Abraham while kneeling beside Jerome.

‘I’m fine, I actually didn’t feel anything.’

‘Jerome, what can you do?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘You said you were a super hero, what can you do?’

‘Uhm, I’m just stronger, faster and even smarter.’

‘I think it’s time for The Black Ranger to face real danger, Mr. Popple’s going mad!’

While Dr. Abraham and Jerome are having a conversation, the class is gathering outside the building. Principal Ron Warren is looking over the class.

‘Is everyone here?’ Asks Principal Ron Warren.

‘I can’t find Jerome.’ Says Josh.

Dain stands behind Charlotte and Josh, he grins.

‘I saw him in the toilets, sleeping.’

Charlotte and Josh are turning around and they look to Dain angrily. Charlotte walks to Dain.

‘What did you do to Jerome?’

Josh walks also closer to Dain.

‘I will kill you if you did something to him.’

‘You probably can’t even wipe your ass Josh.’ Says Dain.

Charlotte faces to Principal Ron Warren. ‘Principal Warren, I will look with Josh in the building.’

‘Good, bring him back in about ten minutes.’

Charlotte and Josh are walking back into Popple Company Corporations while talking.

‘That was the first time you contradicted Dain.’

‘I know, I think I got some balls.’ Says Josh with a smile.

The two of them are on the first floor, looking worried. ‘How do we know which toilets he is? Every floor probably has a toilet.’ Says Josh.

‘I’ll look here, you look on the second floor.’ Says Charlotte.

Josh is walking on the second floor and Abraham and Jerome are also on the second floor, in the toilets. Jerome is wearing his Black Ranger suit, a black onesie with a black balaclava.

‘Jerome, be careful’

‘What exactly did you see?’

‘Something shocking.’

Abraham and Jerome are walking out the toilets in the hallway of the second floor. They see Mr. Popple walking in the hallway with a big square bag on his back. Abraham and Jerome quickly take the elevator.

‘What the hell is he wearing?’ Asks Jerome.

‘I don’t know, something dangerous. I repeat, be careful.’

The elevator is going to the third floor where Dr. Abraham walks off.

‘And remember, destroy all the blood you can find.’

The elevator doors close and Jerome goes up. Meanwhile on the second floor, Josh is reaching the toilets and there he sees the backpack of Jerome. He grabs it and looks worried.

‘Oh no…’

‘What are you still doing here?’ Asks an angry voice.

Josh turns around and sees Mr. Popple in the door opening of the toilets.

‘I asked, what are you still doing here?’

‘I’m looking for my friend, Jerome Wilson. I think he’s still in this building.’

Mr. Popple looks thoughtfully to Josh. ‘Still in the building? Go find him.’

Mr. Popple walks away towards the elevators; he goes up to the upper floors to where Jerome went.

Jerome is walking in the hallways of Mr. Popple’s office, he sees Mr. Popple office, because of the name: Mr. Popple’s Office on the door. He moves the door handle but the door doesn’t open. He punches the lock with his fist and breaks the lock. He walks inside Mr. Popple’s office.

What Jerome don’t know is that Mr. Popple is slowly following Jerome into his office.

‘Are you finding what you’re looking for Jerome?’

Jerome startles and turns around. ‘I need my blood.’

‘Your blood is gone. One of my employees used it on himself. So, I need more of your blood.’

‘Why do you need my blood so badly? To cure cancer?’

‘Among other things, yes. I wanna be the greatest man of the world, just starting with New York.’

‘You’re already famous.’

‘You’re famous too Jerome. Haven’t you seen the news lately? The Black Ranger, that’s you isn’t it?’

Jerome looks shocked.

‘Why is my blood so special to you?’

‘I was so delighted when I found out who’s blood got mixed up with the beetle’s blood. Don’t you know what you are? Who you are Jerome?’

‘I’m Jerome Wilson.’

‘I don’t need that Purple Asian Beetle blood anymore. When I saw on the news what that mixture could do, I need yours now.’

‘I’m The Black Ranger, and you’re not getting my blood! And if you want it, you’ll have to kill me!’

Mr. Popple looks furiously to The Black Ranger. ‘Fine.’

Mr. Popple pushes on a button on his hand. The button is connected to a wire that is connected to the square bag. The bag opens on its own and four metal arms are coming out, blue electrical sparks are coming out of the arms. Mr. Popple pushes the button multiple times and the arms are sparkling faster and faster.

‘You’re The Black Ranger. I’m Shockwrecker.’

Shockwrecker sets one foot forward and two his arms are straightening fast towards The Black Ranger. The sparkles are changing into lightning bolt coming off the arms.

One arm hits the side of The Black Ranger and he gets smashed against the wall. He falls directly on the ground but without hesitation, he stands right back up.

‘You have powers, well I have my brains and equipment.’ Says Shockwrecker in a raging voice.

The Black Ranger looks the door and quickly runs through it while Shockwrecker swings with his shocking arms again, he goes right through the wall and almost hits The Black Ranger.

The Black Ranger looks to the hole in the wall and quickly runs away from Shockwrecker, he runs downstairs.

Shockwrecker destroys the whole wall with his shocking arms. ‘You can’t run away Jerome!’

The Black Ranger is jumping down the stairs, skipping several steps, he opens a door that leads into the hallway and bumps into Josh.

‘Jerome? Is that you?’ Asks Josh.

‘Be quiet Josh, what are you doing here?’

‘I’m looking for you, together with Charlotte.’

‘Get Charlotte out of here! Mr. Popple is going crazy, he calls himself Shockwrecker!’

‘Okay, I’ll bring Charlotte safety.’

‘Will you press the fire alarm for me? Please?’

'Okay, good luck Black Ranger.'

The Black Ranger runs further through the hallway, he goes to a door and ends up in the cafeteria.

On the other end of the cafeteria stands Shockwrecker, swinging with his metal, shocking arms.

‘Just stop running.’

The Black Ranger runs towards Shockwrecker, Shockwrecker swings with his shocking arm towards The Black Ranger and The Black Ranger jumps over the shocking arm and lands right in front of Shockwrecker.

The Black Ranger punches Shockwrecker on his face and he falls backwards his shocking arms going up in the air and right into the floor to keep Shockwrecker up from hitting the floor. Shockwrecker grabs The Black Ranger with one arm and gives him a tiny shock. The Black Ranger is yelling from the pain. Shockwrecker let him fall on the ground and there he lays on the ground, screaming from the pain.

Outside the building, Dain Bennet is starting to look worried. Charlotte, Josh and Jerome are still not out he building. Dain walks towards the building.

‘Where are you going Mr. Bennet? Asks Principal Ron Warren.

Dain ignores the principal and walks through the doors of Popple Company Corporations.

The Black Ranger tries to stand up and hears the fire alarm. He looks up to the roof and smiles behind his balaclava.

Shockwrecker looks up and grins. ‘You’re a smart boy Jerome.’

Shockwrecker swings with his arm to The Black Ranger but he dodges it and Shockwrecker’s arm goes right through the window. Glass is scattering everywhere.

Josh and Charlotte are walking back outside. Principal Ron Warren looks worried to them. ‘Where’s Jerome?’

‘We don’t know, the fire alarm got off.’ Says Josh.

‘Look out!’ Yells a student while pointing to the big building.

Glass is falling out from the sky, it’s from Shockwrecker’s arm.

All the people are running away from the building.

Charlotte looks worried around. ‘Where’s Dain?’

‘He went inside, to look for you.’ Says Principal Ron Warren in a shivering voice.

Josh and Charlotte are looking worried. ‘I will go back.’ Says Josh.

Josh walks back inside the building.

Meanwhile, Shockwrecker is holding The Black Ranger by his throat with his shocking arms, Shockwrecker swings with an arm and hits right besides The Black Ranger’s face.

‘It doesn’t matter if you do or not, as long as there is blood spilling.’

The Black Ranger grabs a tiny rubber bat from his pocket. He stomps the bat into one of Shockwrecker’s arms. The electricity is trying to get on the rubber bat but one of the shocking arms is smoking now.

‘You little asshole!’ Yells Shockwrecker.

The Black Ranger kicks Shockwrecker in the stomach. The shocking arm explodes and both of them are flying into the room because of the explosion.

Shockwrecker stands up with three shocking arms. ‘I hope you can fly!’ Yells Shockwrecker while grabbing The Black Ranger, and throwing him out the broken window.

The Black Ranger is falling down through the sky beside the big skyscraper and sees a pipeline below him. He grabs on to the pipeline and because of his force, the pipeline breaks from the wall, The Black Ranger slides down the pipeline a few meters, his black gloves are ripped and his hands are bleeding. He hangs on the pipeline 200 meters above the ground.

Shockwrecker climbs out the broken window and sees The Black Ranger hanging on the pipeline. Shockwrecker jumps out the window and holds the walls with his shocking arms.

‘Maybe we can cooperate, give me your blood!’ Yells Shockwrecker.

‘After I learned what you want to do with it, never!’ Yells The Black Ranger.

At that moment, Bruce Wilson is sitting in his house, watching the news on the television. ‘Good afternoon, we’re standing in front of Popple Company Corporations where there’s some fight going on.’ Says Joe Pacqui, the news reporter.

Bruce Wilson sees on the television The Black Ranger hanging on the building with meters above him, Shockwrecker.

‘The building is getting damaged very hard, people are about the evacuate.’ Says Joe Pacqui.

People are indeed running away from the building while glass and stone is falling on the ground. Charlotte Brooks looks worried upward.

Shockwrecker jumps down to the level of The Black Ranger, he grabs him with his shocking arms and throws him through the window back inside.

The Black Ranger lays on the ground. Shockwrecker swings with his arms to The Black Ranger and hits the ground, his shocking arms are going straight through the floor and the floor is all cracking.

Shockwrecker walks toward The Black Ranger, is sitting against the wall, The Black ranger is holding another rubber bat. Shockwrecker swings his shocking arm toward The Black Ranger and The Black Ranger sticks his rubber bat out towards the shocking arm.

Shockwrecker grabs the rubber bat. ‘Have you got more of these Jerome?’

Dain Benner is standing behind the door, hearing the conversation between Shockwrecker and The Black Ranger. ‘Jerome?’ Whispers Dain.

Dain slowly opens the door and sees The Black Ranger laying on the ground. Shockwrecker grabs The Black Ranger with one of his shocking arms and pulls off The Black Ranger’s mask with his normal hand. The face of Jerome Wilson is revealed. Dain looks shocked through the door.

‘Are you ready to die Jerome?’ Asks Shockwrecker.

Out of nowhere, a chair flies against the back of Shockwrecker. Dain threw it, he’s standing behind Shockwrecker. ‘Only I can bully him!’ Yells Dain.

Jerome smiles a little bit and Shockwrecker looks angrily behind him. Shockwrecker loses The Black Ranger and swings with his shocking arm toward Dain, the arm hit Dain and Dain flies against the wall and falls on the ground. He lays unconscious on the ground.

Shockwrecker looks to the place where he held The Black Ranger but he’s there no more. Suddenly out of nowhere, The Black Ranger kicks Shockwrecker’s face with both his feet.

Shockwrecker falls on the ground and one of his shocking arms breaks off. He grabs the shocking arm and throws it at The Black Ranger. His arm falls right between The Black Ranger’s legs. Shockwrecker has now two shocking arms.

While the shocking arm hits the ground, the shocks are causing the floor and the walls the break quickly. The Black Ranger looks around. ‘No, no, no..’ Says The Black Ranger worriedly.

The floor between Shockwrecker and The Black Ranger is starting the crumble, it collapses. Then Josh Palmer walks in, he sees The Black Ranger on one side of the room and Shockwrecker on the other side. He also sees the unconscious body of Dain Bennet.

‘Jerome!’ Yells Josh.

‘Take Dain’s body with you, get the hell of here!’ Yells The Black Ranger.

Josh grabs Dain’s body, Dain’s so heavy that Josh need to drag him over the floor. Shockwrecker looks to The Black Ranger.

‘Well, well, well, you have your own Robin!’ Says Shockwrecker.

The wall behind Shockwrecker is collapsing, and then the floor beneath his feet is collapsing. Shockwrecker is falling down the building that’s about the collapse, he grabs The Black Ranger feet with his shocking arm. Both Shockwrecker and The Black Ranger are now falling down the building but The Black Ranger grabs an iron bar that’s stuck in the floor.

Shockwrecker grabs the floor below The Black Ranger, his shock arm is holding the floor. The Black Ranger looks down and sees The Arc Batter in the suit of Shockwrecker. The Black Ranger let go of the iron bar and falls down. He directly jumps on Shockwrecker and grabs The Arc Batter out of his suit.

The Black Ranger climbs back onto the floor, the walls are gone. Shockwrecker also climbs up. ‘I’m gonna need that back Jerome.’

Shockwrecker can’t do anything without The Arc Battery. ‘It’s over Mr. Popple.’

The Black Ranger walks away and Shockwrecker runs to the Black Ranger and pushes him. The Arc Battery falls out The Black Ranger’s hands, it falls between the crack in the floor. The Arc Batter falls several floors down.

The Arc Battery falls on the ground and there’s a big explosion, flames are coming out of every window. The flames are rising quickly. The Black Ranger looks down and quickly runs away, up the stairs. Shockwrecker looks worried down while the flames are rising.

The Black Ranger is running through the hallways while all the walls, floors and roofs are crumbling down. He sees a window and he knows that he has not other option. He can’t stop, he can’t go back. The Black Ranger jumps through the window, the glass shatters everywhere and he jumps several meters down through a window of another building that stands besides Popple Company Corporations.

The Black Ranger lays in the hallway of another building. The building is empty because it’s evacuated. He puts off his mask and we see Jerome Wilson’s face, covered with bruises, blood and scars. He looks very worried and sad to the building of Mr. Popple.

Meanwhile, Josh exits the building, he’s doing one big effort and takes Dain Bennet in his arms, the police and firemen are running to Josh Palmer and they take Dain Bennet out of his hands. ‘Good job kid!’ Says a fireman.

The Black Ranger is running down the building, he looks backwards and sees the building of Mr. Popple collapsing. There’s dust, screams, terror from every side. Popple Company Corporations is no more.

The Black Ranger runs out the back of the building in an alleyway, he only sees dust of the collapsed Popple building. Almost all of Manhattan is covered with dust.

Charlotte runs to Josh and hugs him. ‘You’re a hero Josh, thank you for saving Dain.’

The Black Ranger sits on the ground against the wall, holding his ripped mask. ‘The Black Ranger, it’s a good name.’

The Black Ranger puts his mask back on.

Meanwhile in North Dakota, a thunderstorm is approaching.

To Be Continued…

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