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"Are you entirely sure?" He asks me for what must be the tenth time ever since the question came up. "I'd hate to make this a work thing when we're on vacation together, so I don't want you to feel pressured... We can still cancel."
"I..," with a hand placed on his chest, I smile. "Am entirely sure. We still have plenty of time to spend time together, just you and me. This party could be good for us, let our hair down and show our faces again. Simple social media posts don't quite cut it after a while, people are starting to think we've become hermits. Those comments don't lie, so going tonight will show everybody we're still cool."
He chuckles, shaking his head. "I keep on forgetting you're a social media person now, too..."
"I wouldn't quite call myself a social media person," I press a kiss to his cheek, leaving a little bit of the lipstick that apparently hasn't dried yet. "I'm just an influencer's wife."
He smiles again, his finger brushing away something from under my lip that must be smudged lipstick. "I didn't know we were married."
"We're not," I shrug. "But I like the term. Sounds better than girlfriend, doesn't it?"
      I've seen my fair share of influencer parties, so I'm not surprised by the size of it all, but it still amazes me every time. There's people everywhere, every single one of them looking like they've just wandered off of a set or from in front of the cameras. Their outfits look perfectly styled, as does their hair and make-up, and some of the women don't even seem to walk, they almost float above ground to move from one place to the other.
Even the servers, men in tight black shirts and pants and women in dresses that look more like lingerie, look gorgeous as they make their way through the crowd with trays of champagne balancing on their hands.
The music fills the room perfectly, the beats equally as sexy as most of the people in this room.
"Luca is known for his... sensual parties," Lucien smiles, watching me take in everything we see. "I'm genuinely surprised there isn't a stripper pole in sight yet, and I wouldn't be surprised if behind those curtains," he points to the velvet black curtains lining some parts of the outer walls, "you'd find private rooms. It's... all very free, here. No one kisses and tells, and photos aren't posted online without consent."
I let out a laugh that is a mixture between fascination and absurdity - a party like this would be deemed ridiculous with my cirlce of friends. Then again, in these circles, everything seems possible. I remember how we met one of Callum's friends last time we were here, who turned out to be some kind of high end pimp with a bunch of women surrounding him that all worked for an hourly rate. I think of the nights at Pearls, or the ease with which some of the people I've met gave in to their lusts and urges. It seems to make sense - if you don't worry about what people think about you, it's easy to do whatever your heart desires.
Before we fell in love, this might have been Lucien's scene. His open relationship must have seen plenty of nights seperated from one another, and coming to parties like these must have been a perfect way to fulfill certain needs.
"Don't worry," he places an arm over my shoulder gently, "I'm not dragging you into one of those booths. We're here to network and enjoy the atmosphere, and all you have to do is say the word and we'll go back to the hotel, yes?"
I turn my head to him, the arm on my shoulder feeling not only like a form of reassurance but also as a sign to the outside world - don't even try, she's mine. It makes me smile.
      Lucien doesn't let go of me, though the way he holds on to me changes from time to time. It's not posessive, simply comfortable and a nice reminder of him being next to me at all times.
I take in everything around us. Some people I recognise from previous parties, others recognise us and strike up conversation, and we witness multiple entire photoshoots taking place at one of the many special booths.
There's for sure people doing coke at one of the lounge areas, and I'm almost certain some pairs of people are getting ready to disappear into one of the closed of rooms, feeling each other up like horny teenagers. Sometimes it's even three or four people. I was always taught not to judge, which is what I try my hardest to do, though it does take me some time to accept it as fully normal.
"Is this what your nights used to look like back when you were a bachelor?" I grin, looking at Lucien over the brim of my glass of champagne. "Or when you were with Liliana?"
He follows my gaze as we watch two girls almost hanging over one guy's lap as they make out, taking breaks to kiss the man in the middle.
Lucien chuckles, turning his gaze back to me and scanning my face to see if I'm genuinely interested or if I'm just teasing. When I look at him expectingly, he smiles as he bites his lip.
"Lucien! Emma!" The host, Luca, steps next to us just before Lucien can answer me, a wide smile on his face. "I must say I'm surprised but elated you showed up! How do you like all of it?" He looks at me mostly, probably well aware that this isn't my usual atmosphere.
"It's..." I place my glass of champagne down on the bar. "Insane, in the nicest way possible."
"That's exactly what I was going for," he grins. "You should try out the signature cocktail - came up with it myself, and it's truly better than sex, though with a boyfriend like yours, I understand that might be hard to believe."
He places a hand on Lucien's shoulder for a second.
"I'll leave you two - I have plenty of other people to greet, but please, stay for however long you'd like."

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