Even on our way out, forced on us way before I was genuinely ready to leave, people start conversation. Some of them are way too drunk or high, or both, to form normal sentences, others seem to be so into the party atmosphere that they ask us to come back to their hotel room to 'continue the party', as they call it, which would sound normal if it wasn't delivered with a massive wink.
We hold on tightly to one another, our bodies pushed around in the big crowd that's trying to make its way outside, our hands clasped together so we don't lose the other.
It's almost impossible, and it surprises me severely that we manage to do so in the end, the crowd slowly thinning out.
"Should we?" I look at Lucien, who seems to be busy checking if he still has all of his belongings.
"Should we what?" After watching him pat down all of his pockets and nodding, assured he still has everything he came with, I simply smirk.
"In this entire crowd of people, there has to be someone who's able to supply us with some, right?"
The twinkle in his eyes looks like a mixture between surprise and excitement, though it could also very well be that he's trying to see if I'm being serious.
"Em, there's cops all around." He's trying his very best to sound serious, but with the drink in his system it isn't very succesful, and the smirk on his face shows that he isn't too disappointed in me for actually going along in his wild, party-fueled idea.
"So? I look like an innocent little lawyer girl, not a single one of them is going to suspect that I'm doing something illegal."
Part of me expects him to totally shut it down, to call me crazy, that it was just a joke, but he doesn't. His smile just grows wider, as do his eyes, as if he can't believe that I'm actually serious.
"You know these people," I shrug. "Which one of them would I go to, and how much money should I offer?"
      I thought of putting the little see-through bag in my bra at first, until I realised that with my outfit I decided not to wear a bra, which is why I have slipped it into the side of my underwear to make sure it wasn't visible for the few cops that are still circling the neighborhood, making sure no one was trying to get back into the building to start the party back up again.
The friendly Italian man I approached, after Lucien's advice, seemed a little surprised at first. He did recognise me from when we talked earlier tonight, which was why I didn't need to assure him that I wasn't an undercover cop, and in stead of letting me pay, he just handed me some as he pretended to hug me goodbye, assuring me that Lucien had done him plenty of favours in the past.
I don't really want to think about what those favours could be, and I didn't ask, in stead thanked him and made my way back to Lucien as quickly as I could. I feel like I'm doing something naughty, which makes sense considering I've just gotten an illegal drug from a stranger on the street, but I'm also terribly excited.
See, parties like these might not seem like my cup of tea, but neither did Lucien when I just met him, and look where we are now. It's nice to let our hair down every once in a while, do things we never thought we'd do, in stead of the serious life we've gotten ourselves into. It's a good life, but it's brought us a lot of shit over the past couple of months, and I'm ready to let go for just a little bit.
I play my best disappointed face when I walk back to where Lucien promised to wait for me, my hips swaying a little to keep the baggy from escaping the lace that's holding it to my body.
He looks at me with anticipation on his face, the curious smile dropping quickly as he realises I must have failed.
"He'd only sell it to me if I'd sleep with him," I pout, placing a few of the euro bills back into Lucien's hand so he can put them back in his wallet. He looks about ready to start a fight, his shoulders tense immediately, until he watches my pout turn into a smirk. "I'm fucking with you. Got it for free, actually. Said he owed you one."
That same excited grin is back as he looks at me curiously.
"It's in my underwear," I roll my eyes at Lucien's change of facial expression. "Don't look at me like that, du Castellon, it was the only way for me to walk away without having to carry it in my hand like a rookie criminal. Now..." I link my arm into his, feeling giddy like I'm a teenager that has just climbed out of her bedroom to party all night when her parents think she's dead asleep. "Let's get back to the hotel, shall we? Or would you like to expand our party a little? Bring someone else back? One of those girls that stared you down all night, or that guy that high key flirted with you with me there? Or play it safe and get a hooker?"
"Ehhhh..." He looks at me like I've just told him I'd like him to saw one of my limbs off, but there's also a slight hint of excitement to his eyes, for which I softly hit him in the arm.
"Fucking with you again. I might be getting wild tonight, but it's just going to be you and me, baby. I'm definitely not ready to share you with anyone else."

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