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We quickly thereafter desert the topic of Jacques du Castellon, because talking about him isn't the best way to spend our free days. Talking about him, however, brought back certain thoughts.
Of how Lucien could have been a dad, now, too, especially. They're not invasive thoughts, nor do they bring me to tears, they're just thoughts that circle around my brain for a while before disappearing back to the little corner of my mind they came from.
After lunch, we stay true to our plans and spend time in the gardens, breathtaking and truly one of my favourite places we've been so far, although I say that about every place we go.
The girls that obviously recognised us turn up again when we lay down in the grass in the connected park. With my shades on, I manage to take a good look at them. They must be our sisters' ages, and they don't even really try to pretend they're not following us. It's still a very strange phenomenon to me, but I try my hardest to let it slide as I make sure Lucien does the same.
I used to be a teenager, and I too used to be obsessed with people I saw as celebrities, people I admired. I never got close to seeing them in real life, but I sure would have been awkward as hell if I would have met them, so apart from how uncomfortable their presence feels, I don't feel like I can blame them.
"Can you believe that in a few weeks, we'll have gone back to normal life again?" I smile, my head in Lucien's lap. As a reply, he groans, because neither of us are looking forward to going back too much. There's still a weird kind of tension surrounding being home, though it has gotten less.
The freedom we experience here is so much different from our daily routine back home, and after everything that happened, it's going to take time for us to feel one hundred percent comfortable there again, I think.
"We still have time here," he sighs, his fingers playing with my hair. "I like to live in the moment."
"Me, too," I enjoy the feeling of sun on my skin and Lucien this close to me. "I just can't stop thinking about what it's going to be like back in Edinburgh. I mean, you're going to go to school again... God, I'm not ready for the rain. It's been pouring for days straight, Beth texted me today. Her and Eschieve have booked a last minute trip to Madrid."
"I really think it's so amazing how close our sisters have gotten," he chuckles, avoiding the rest of the things I just said, which I don't blame him for. It's probably smart to avoid the subject of Scotland for a bit, so we can both keep pretending the freedom we feel here is permanent and will never fade.
"They're truly a match made in heaven and hell at the same time," I smile. "It's crazy to me how alike they are."
"Does that mean we're alike, too?" he twirls a strand of my hair around his finger.
"In some ways, I think," I stare up at his face. "But we're also very different in so many ways. Opposites attract, and such."
"And what ways are those, besides our varying opinions on marriage?" His smirk tells me he severely enjoys bringing this up again, and I take a deep breath to keep myself from going on another rant.
"Du Castellon," I simply state, a massive smile on my face. "You can forget about me helping you with anything from now on. Bringing that up again lost you all of your privileges. Buckle your own damn belt."
"As long as you're the one to unbuckle it...," he shoots back almost immediately, and I jab him in the thigh with my elbow soon thereafter, my mouth almost wide open.
"We're in public!" I hiss, watching how he's cracking himself up.
"Like I said before, Em," he smiles, "no one is paying attention to us here, and even if they were, hardly anyone speaks English. I can say whatever I please."
"No one," I repeat his words, "besides those girls that are still here."
He groans, trying not to look immediately. "Still? Jesus, I thought we lost them on our walk."
I shake my head as far as I can do that whilst laying down. "They've done an entire photoshoot, I believe. Don't... add fuel to the fire, they'll only like that. Just pretend they're not here. They're out of earshot anyway."
"So that means I can continue telling you how I hope you'll still unbuckle my belt for me, so I can bend you over and-"
"That's not what that means, and you know that," I sigh. "What's with your increased drive these days? It seems like you're constantly ready to go."
He chuckles. "Oh, my love, that's because I am. I can't help it.. The weather is nice, so I keep on seeing a lot of your skin - which still hasn't burned, by the way," he slides a finger up my arm, tracing circles on my shoulder. "And you're just so gorgeous I can't stop thinking about all of the things I want to do to you."
"Like not marry me?" I tease, knowing full well I can't have this conversation go on much longer or I'll jump him right here and right now, right in front of these girls' cameras.
"Oh, so you can bring it up and I can't? That's not quite fair, miss Middleton," he smirks. "Seems like you're also losing privileges."
"What privileges? Having you smack my ass when you think no one is watching, or getting to buckle your belt?" I grin. "It's not like you're going to deny me anything, baby, because you'd be denying yourself it, too, and we both know your sex drive is through the roof - you've just admitted to it."

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