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      I saw that slip-up, Miss Middleton. Are you so obsessed with me that even in your lectures you can't stop thinking about me?

ps: at least this time we won't have my assistant reading in on these emails

I send the email before I can think too much about it. From my position her body had covered most of what she had written, but I saw a D and half of a U, which could make only one thing really. No one else seems to have noticed, and even if they did they don't really take note of it. Why would they? The name means little to them. Besides, it's their first day in their first year - I highly doubt they're going to bring up anything that might get them in discredit with the teacher.
It's weird being back in school. Many of the kids surrounding me are seven, eight, nine years younger than me, barely starting adulthood. Granted, most of my classes will be with the fourth-years, but even they are generally quite a few years younger - and to them I'm just the weird older guy that came out of nowhere only for the last year and the exams.
Later today, after the lectures of the day, I have another meeting with the dean to see if everything is running as it's supposed to. Aside from the little hiccup that being in Emma's class seemed to be, I have yet to discover any. Maybe a day is too short to find any problems - I don't doubt that I'm going to find plenty in my time here. As we've planned it now, actually graduating is going to take me two years. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to do it quicker considering that it's mostly repitition, but my schedule's always been unusual and I'd much rather take it into account than end up delayed.
      I try to be a good student, I really am. I have a word document open with the class name, date and even time typed out, but that's all that's on there. It's not because of Emma; she's doing a wonderful job, even though I can't give an unbiased opinion, but none of the information is new. The dean insisted I take this class so I'd be up to speed, so maybe he had his reason, but so far...
With the nerves and lingering frustration towards my father, I'd made a pretty broken night. I could really do with a cup of coffee.
Like she's read my mind, Emma calls for recess. "Ten mintues." She says with a smile. "I usually prefer five, but since this is your first week, I'll give you a little more. Coffee machine is down the hall, there's a second one a floor down if you don't want to wait in line.
It's very tempting to go up to Emma and talk about my first day back at uni. To ask how she's been doing, or even just to discuss what's for dinner tonight. I almost do, my feet taking me towards her automatically, and I catch myself only just in time. Our eyes cross anyway, and she offers me an encouraging smile. I smile back, but then quickly turn away from her.
At least for the beginning, we agreed to keep our relationship a secret from any students. Emma is known to be dating Lucien du Castellon, but I don't currently go by that name. For the sake of anonimity and possible false security, I go by Remí Reyes - my second name, and my mother's maiden name. People are bound to recognise me at some point, but there's no need to make it too easy on them.
I take Emma's suggestion of going down a floor, because the line for the coffee machine is far too long. I don't posess that kind of patience. There's a line still at the other machine, but it's much shorter and my need for caffeine is big enough to get through that.
"So, are you going to share your notes with anyone, or are you keeping them to yourself?"
I spin around to see whoever is talking to me: a young woman who looks to be my age, two or three years younger tops. She looks at me with a bright smile, her hazel eyes sparkling. In no way does she look familiar. "Sorry?" I ask, more befuddled than anything else. The fact that she then laughs only makes my confusion worse. "Have we met?"
"We haven't." She says, still chuckling. "That is to say, I was peering over your shoulder from the row behind you as you typed your impressive notes."
Oh. It's my turn at the machine, so I step forward to take my order, but never fully turn away from her. "That sounds like an invasion of my privacy."
"Your privacy is awful empty, then."
Even though I laugh, I can't help but roll my eyes. "Witty one, aren't you?" It comes out more annoyed than I mean it to, something she picks up on as well: her smile falters and her cheeks colour red.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be annoying. It's just nice to have someone who looks to be around my age."
I take her into me as the machine whirs, making me my cappuccino. She has light brown skin, dark brown hair with a reddish tint to it and a face Brie would describe as 'made for the pictures' - which is to say that she's objectively attractive, especially with the way she did her make-up. But there's also something on her expression that tells me that law school isn't her first rodeo.
I smile at her, picking up the small cardboard cup and trying not to burn my fingers before stepping away and making room for her. "It's okay, I didn't intend to sound pissed off. I wasn't, for the record."
A small smile comes back to her face. "I'm glad to hear it."
"I'll cut you a deal - my notes, for yours."
Her head cocks to the side as she studies me just like I did her a second ago, eyes narrowing as she tries to figure out if I'm joking or not. "Zero and zero still equals zero."
"Sounds like easy studying."
She laughs again, shaking her head. "I suppose it is. Ready to go back? I'm Piper, by the way."
I follow her, the name tasting weird on my lips. "Remí."

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