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If I held any hope that law school would have gotten easier over the years, that hope is relentlessly smashed to bits within the first few weeks. For nearly every class there's research to do with an accompanying essay of at least three pages, things to be prepared and next week there's a big assignment due for the ethics class.
Halfway down October I'm going to be switching to just three days of classes to leave enough time for the other part of my life, but I wonder if that's even possible - there's no way there's enough hours in a day to do both and uphold my relationship with Emma as well. No wonder I snapped, back in the day. No wonder most lawyers are dicks.
So far, no one has quite figured out who I am and if they did, they don't care enough. Somehow people are still oblivious to me and Emma having a relationship as well. It probably helps that I don't socialise a lot whenever I'm in class, despite already having earned myself the title of teacher's pet in three courses - Emma's not included. The only one I talk to on a regular basis is Piper, with whom I'm supposed to meet in the library today to work on the ethics assignment.
"Do we need anything from anywhere? I'll grab it when I'm done." I say as I shrug on my jacket, looking at Emma at the dining table. She's behind her laptop, preparing tomorrow's lecture. She smiles at me, shaking her head.
"No, we did groceries yesterday so we're all stocked. You are forgetting something, though?"
She gestures towards the other end of the table. "Your laptop charger. And you're going to need it. The ethics assignments are always a bitch."
I grin, grabbing the charger so I can stuff it in my bag, and meanwhile lean over to give her a quick kiss. "Figure I can't convince me to lend me yours? I never had any ethics classes, so I can't fall back on any of my own..."
She grins at me. "Nothing you can do that wouldn't cause you to be late."
"I can text Piper. I'm sure she won't mind."
That makes her roll her eyes, but the next kiss that's meant to say goodbye lingers just a little longer. "Maybe you can make another attempt tonight, when you don't have places to be..."
"Oh, Miss Middleton." I smirk, swinging my backpack over my shoulder. "Careful what you say, or I'll have to get the schoolboard involved."

With a groan, Piper lets her head fall down onto the pages of one of the many splayed open books spread out in front of us. "I'm actually going to set myself on fire. This is a nightmare."
"While you're at it, save a match for me." I've been staring at the same page of my assigned case for a good ten minutes now, not really taking in any of the words. We're going to have a few of these assignments through the year, and if the first one is this bad, I'm scared to find out about the rest of them. This class alone is currently making me regret going back to school at all.
I flip between my open pages again, trying to make sense of a brain spurt I had half an hour ago but left me before I could make any decent notes of it. It's refusing to come back to me.
"Nope." Piper suddenly announces, and she slams her book close. "Nope, I'm not doing it. I'm done. I don't care that it's due this Wednesday, I'm done."
I watch her pile up all the books with a chuckle, and then a louder laugh at her expression of complete desperation when she looks at how many books she's used, still has to use and now hasn't bookmarked. It gets me an angry look from the librarian, and I hold my hands up in apology.
"Why don't we go get a cup of coffee?" I offer in a hushed tone. "Take a little break? I could use a cigarette anyway."
"The only reason I'm letting you is because I love the way you say that word." She mutters, grabbing her bag.
"Yeah yeah, you hate my filthy habits, but love my French accent. Get going, Kent."
"You know what, I regret telling you my last name."
      In the end, we leave the library when it's already dark outside. I still have the hour drive back to Edinburgh waiting for me, but the knowledge that Emma is waiting for me at home with some freshly made pasta is all the motivation I need. I say my goodbyes to Piper, and get into the car; not my regular, much preferred Aston Martin, but a much cheaper BMW-model. Still flashy, but not as much as the other. And by far not the only BMW driven by the law students, meaning it doesn't draw any attention to itself. I've come to like the anonimity. By now, a couple of weeks into the semester, there's some intense rumours of 'some famous guy' being enrolled, but they have yet to figure out it's me. I wonder if our friends have a bet running on what's going to come out first: Lucien du Castellon being in law school, or me and Emma having a relationship. I wouldn't know what to bet on, honestly.
While waiting for a traffic light I text Emma that I'll be home soon, and that I promise to watch her favourite Halloween movie with her despite the alarm clock ringing early tomorrow. It's a deal we made, running up to Halloween: each weekend, we watch at least one season-appropriate movie, just to get ourselves in the mood. I'm looking forward to a good party, honestly, but at the same time I find myself enjoying being back in the auditorium and actually using my brain and the knowledge I've aquired over the years. Maybe I got into it in a desperate attempt to please my father, but that doesn't take away from the fact that I'm actually really good at it.
I turn my music up a little louder. After all the shit this year has brought us, things finally seem to be looking up.

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