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I'm not even half as awake as I would like to be, about to teach another CivPro lecture. Last night's movie lasted way too long, hands wandering not even minutes into the film, and us pressing pause not to miss a single second of the suspense, starting it up about an hour later.
It's what we need, though, those little moments together, to not get lost in work and school, to remind ourselves that we are more than the facades we put up as soon as we enter Glasgow university.
Even if that means I need three cups of coffee to wake up, I wouldn't change it for the world.
Though our ways parted not too long ago, it makes me smile to see Lucien again, wandering into the lecture hall, happily chatting with a girl I've come to know as Piper. She's absolutely stunning, and the two seem to get along quite well, but she's not a threat to me, or so it seems.
She doesn't know Lucien. She knows Remí, who is only a fraction of the person he truly is, most parts of him hidden for everyone around.
Today is the day we're discussing our cases, and though I haven't had time to look into every submitted piece, it promises to be an interesting lecture, as far as civil procedure can be seen as interesting.
I wait for everyone to slowly come in, only closing the door when the final buzzer sounds. The class already seems to have shrunk, compared to the first lecture I held here, which isn't weird.
Law school is cut throat. A lot of people realise they aren't made for this profession weeks, if not days, into their studies. The people still here are either made to be lawyers or still going to drop out.
"Good morning," I smile, connecting my laptop to the big screen. My background has been changed from a picture of Frank to a simple picture I took in Rome. After Frank's little escapade into Lucien's online lecture, it seemed too suspicious to have him as my background, afraid people would link him to the both of us somehow, though that chance is slim. "I hope you're all doing wonderfully. Today, we'll finally be looking into your submitted cases. I've gone through quite a few of them, and I can't wait to hear what you all have to say."
I open up the list of files, that have everyone's student number and name as the title, nothing more and nothing less. One jumps out - Remí Reyes, a file I won't click on because I know it will be empty, if not filled with some kind of inside joke between me and Lucien.
He was right when he told me he didn't need to do this assignment, because he's very familiar with cases. I can't play favourites, but for just this once it felt allowed.
"Is there anyone who would like their case document to be shown to the class, so we can talk about the ins and outs of the case they've chosen? If not, I'll pick one at random," I know how freightening that must sound, because I've been in their shoes more than once, and I hated when teachers told us that.
A guy in the fourth row, hair slicked back and his shirt a spotless white colour, raises his hand.
"A brave volunteer," I signal at him. "What's your name and student number, so I can find your file?"
"Max," he has a grin on his face as he folds his hands on the little foldable table in front of him. "Maximilian Douglas."
I find his name pretty quickly, double tapping the file to open it up on the screen. "Alright, Max. Would you mind telling us what case you've chosen, and why?"
For the first few seconds, I focus on his face and the rest of the class intently, not noticing the case on screen until I quickly glance at it.
Luckily, the microphone I'm speaking through is on the little stand in front of me and not attached to my shirt, because I'm sure everyone could hear my heart pounding if it were. Not only has he copy pasted the case file, he has also attached a news article connected to the case, which has a picture of me and Jacques du Castellon at the top of it. His shit eating grin only seems to get bigger once he notices that I've realised his stunt.
"I've picked a very interesting slander case," he states, as if nothing is happening. I'm fighting every single urge to look over at Lucien, because the look I would shoot him would not only give me away, but it would also cause Lucien to jump up and punch this kid square in the jaw to defend my honour. "It interested me because it's quite a recent case, and it is relevant to everyone here, if I may say so myself."
With everything I have in me, I manage to smile. My hands don't even tremble when I pick up my coffee, and I sip to hide how badly I want to yell at this teenager, hardly an adult. I can't yell at him, I have to be professional.
I should have known this could happen. Quite a few lawyers are assholes, and this kid is just doing this to get a reaction out of me.
"It's quite an interesting case, I do not disagree with you," I finally breathe, having placed the carboard cup back on the little stand. "Though I hope you all understand I will not be going over this in this class, or in any class for that matter."
He has the nerve to raise his hand, a fake friendly smile still on his face. "Could you elaborate, miss Middleton? I thought, as lawyers, we all have to be able to be objective. Wouldn't this be the perfect example?"
"You are correct. A lawyer should look at everything in an objective way, but even lawyers can dispute a case or be denied to work one for whatever reason. Going over a case involving my abusive ex-boyfriend and his claims made about me is something I refuse to do in this class, or any of my classes in the future. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to pick a case that I'm not personally involved in."

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