On a very windy day, two men are standing outside a very big sort of looking castle. One of the two men is a 40 year old guy with short grey hair. His name is Ayden.
The other guy with brown hair and green eyes, who’s standing beside Ayden is the 32-year-old Ben Tyson. They’re looking over a field with strangely looking people that are fighting with each other. Those people are called Skromps. They’re mostly taller than the average human being. Their eyes are ocean blue.
‘They’re training hard today’ Says Ayden to Ben.
‘I’ve never seen them train like that before. I think something’s going on…’ Says Ben Tyson in a worriedly tone.
The Skromps stopped fighting with each other. They grabs each other’s hands to get the fallen Skromps back on their feet and they start running circles on the big grass field.
Behind the field is a big lake that’s also connected with the castle. The castle is called: The School for Superheroes. A school gifted people that belongs to The Director.
Beside the field, there’s a big town called Brindges Town. One of the biggest town in this world, this world is called Brindges.
On the roofs of Brindges Town, several other strangely looking people are crouching, they’re also mostly taller than the average of a human being and they have red hot eyes. They’re called The Skrumps and they’re the enemies of The Skromps.
The few Skrumps are looking to the inhabitants of Brindges Town. Those inhabitants look just like normal humans.
Ayden and Ben Tyson are still talking about why The Skromps are training so hard lately.
‘It has to do something with the war.’ Says Ayden.
‘You better don’t mention that here.’ Says Ben Tyson.
Ben and Ayden are looking shocked toward Brindges Town when they here the inhabitants of Brindges Town screaming.
In Brindges Town, a Skrump is holding a child with a knife at his throat.
Ayden and Ben Tyson are running into Brindges town. They look horrified to The Skrump holding a knife in front of a child’s throat.
‘Where are they?!’ Yells a Skrump towards Ayden and Ben.
‘Where are who?’ Asks Ben Tyson.
‘You know who I’m talking about!’ Yells The Skrump.
And suddenly the knife falls out of the hand of The Skrump. The child gets free and runs away to his mom. The Skrumps falls with his face on the ground, there’s a knife in his back.
The other Skrumps are looking toward a Skromp, who’s holding more knives. The Skromp has a number on his arm. The number: 101. Almost every Skrump and Skromp have numbers on their arms.
The four Skrumps that are leftover look to the dead Skrump’s body.
Two of the four Skrumps are running toward Skromp 101. The Skrumps are swinging with their knives to Skromp 101 but he dodges it quickly. Skromp 101 grabs one Skrump’s arm and then the second Skrump’s arm and he pushes The Skrumps together so that The Skrumps are stabbing each other.
Now there are three dead Skrumps on the ground. The two that are now remaining are looking afraid to the dead Skrumps. They run away. But not for long.
Skromp 101 holds two knives and throws them toward the running Skrumps. The Skrumps are falling on the ground when the knives are hitting their backs.
Skromp 101 walks toward Ayden and Ben.
‘Why didn’t you kill them immediately? That child could’ve died!’
‘I wanted to know what that Skrump was talking about.’ Says Ben while walking closer to Skromp 101.
‘I know what he was talking about.’ Says an unknown voice.
A big, width man stands behind Ayden, Ben and Skromp 101. He has black short hair with brown eyes. He’s in his mid-40’s. He wears jeans and a sweater. He is The Director.
Ayden and Ben Tyson are now sitting in The Director’s office, a room with a desk full of books, parchment and quills, bookcases, globes and a secret door on the right of the room. The Director sits in his big chair behind his desk.
‘The Skrumps are attacking for a reason. They think we have The Chosen.’
‘I thought The Chosen prophecy stopped?’ Said Ben Tyson, confused.’
‘I’ve been searching for decades, for the new Chosen. I’ve finally found them. Well, actually just one of them’
‘Where?’ Asks Ayden.
‘Earth. New York.’ Said The Director.
It’s 7 June 1983 in New York. The Director and Ben Tyson are looking very surprised to the big buildings in Manhattan.
‘So this is New York?’ Asks Ben Tyson.
‘The buildings are definitely bigger than the last time I was here.’ Says The Director.
‘Are you going to keep it a secret?’ Asks Ben.
‘What secret’? Asks The Director.
‘You know what secret.’
‘Don’t talk about that here Ben.’
‘And have you heard anything about Revolutions?’
‘Ben, don’t talk about that stuff here.’
After a few hours, they got to the place where they are going. It’s a school in Brooklyn. It’s a very familiar school in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Brooks School.
‘The first Chosen is in this school, his name is Jason Glover.’
‘Why are normal people becoming Chosen nowadays?’
‘I don’t know Ben. It’s just the prophecy, a few days ago a normal human being became a superhero.’
‘The Black Ranger. I’ve heard about him.’
‘This world and our world, it’s connected with each other Ben, we’ll come back for Jason later.’
Ben Tyson and The Director are walking away from Brooklyn Brooks School.
Back in Brindges, on the field at The School For Superheroes, The Skromps are training very hard again. Ayden is overlooking The Skromps training. They’re fighting each other again. They’re taking it very seriously because a lot of Skrumps are bleeding.
‘Keep in mind, don’t kill! Just hurt! Yells Ayden.
Ayden looks over the lake behind The Field. He looks worried because he knows something far beyond that lake is happening. Something very dark.
A few days later, on the tenth of June, we see Jason Glover laying with his head on the desk in his class in The Brooklyn Brooks School. The teacher walks slowly to Jason.
‘And of course, there’s again one student who isn’t interested in finishing school…Wake up Jason Glover!’ Said the teacher.
Jason Glover opens his eyes and looks up to the teacher’s face. He looks very sleepy. ‘I’m sorry ma’am, I’m very tired.’ Says Jason.
‘Next time, you’ll get detention!’
The Director, who’s sitting in his office of The School for Superheroes is holding a photo of Jason Glover when suddenly Ben Tyson walks in.
‘You need to tell me of it’s coming.’ Says Ben while rushing in.
‘Tell you what Ben?’
‘Is the war coming?’
The Director looks worried, he looks down to the photo of Jason Glover.
‘It was forty years ago…1942.
The Director, who’s looking a lot younger, look in his mid-20’s because for some reason he doesn’t age that quickly, is looking over a big boulder in The Dark Side of Brindges.
The Dark Side of Brindges is the darkest places in Brindges, it’s full of evil people, one of these people is Senior Kaz, the big leader of The Skrumps.
The Director sees Senior Kaz, standing on The Balcony, a big balcony on a castle, named Kaz’s Castle that’s looking over a big army of Skrumps.
‘The war is coming’ Yelled Senior Kaz.
‘Forty years ago? He yelled forty years ago that the war would come? Asks Ben to The Director back in The School for Superheroes.
‘That was the first time I saw Senior in a long time.’
‘But the war never begun.’
‘The war will come, it starts with The Skrumps attacking us.’ Says The Director.
‘That’s why you will bring The Chosen together?’ Asks Ayden who’s leaning against the door.
The Director and Ben Tyson are both looking to Ayden.
‘Don’t tell the people of Brindges Town. They will get scared.’ Says The Director.
That evening, The Director is sleeping in his office with his head on the desk, he’s having a bad dream.
The Director is looking in The Dark Side of the rock the big army of Skrumps when suddenly, he hears a sound behind him.
‘This is the end.’ Says Senior Kaz, a big man with brown eyes and half-long black hair in a very scary voice.
The Director turns around looking worried. ‘The end of what? Asks The Director.
Senior puts his hand out and creates a big fire ball. ‘The end of you!’
The Director keeps on dreaming in his office.
The Director is sitting in a cage, looking worried, covered with blood and dust. He looks devastated.
Senior Kaz is standing on The Field, with his hands in the air for his glory.
‘We have won!’ Yells Senior.
Ben Tyson, Ayden and many Skromps are laying on the ground, dead.
The Director wakes up at his desk from his terrible nightmare. He looks pale and sweaty. He walks out his office through the dark hallways.
The Director goes outside The School for Superheroes in the darkness. The only light that’s there is the light of the moon. He wanders in a big forest that lays a few miles upon The School for Superheroes. He looks back and sees the school fading away in the distance.
A few minutes in the forest, The Director is yelling around.
‘Noah? Where are you!?
The light of the moon shines upon an empty space in the forest. The trees are moving away and a house appears. The Director sees the house and smiles.
A man, slightly shorter than The Director is standing in front of that house. He has green eyes, green hair and fully clothed in green.
‘Noah The Presenter, I need to talk to you.’ Says The Director out of breath.
‘I’m not The Presenter anymore.’ Says Noah.
‘I had a dream, about the man who is supposed to be dead…’
Noah looks disappointed. ‘It was just a dream Director, now let me sleep.’
‘The war is coming closer Noah, I’m bringing back The Chosen together.’
Noah says nothing and looks to The Director. ‘The sun is coming up, you should better go.’
The trees are moving in front of Noah’s house. The moonlight is fading away. The Director looks to the moonlight fading away and runs back toward the entrance of the forest. He sees that the entrance is closing. He jumps out the entrance and barely makes it.
The Director looks back at the forest and sees the sun coming up. He walks toward the school.
A few hours later in the same morning in Brindges Town. The Skromps are using the alarm bell the wake everyone up. Skromp 101 sees a Skrump who’s holding a dead body of a citizen of Brindges Town.
Ben Tyson and Ayden are running to the scene. Ben Tyson grabs his machete and beheads The Skrump.
The Director stands behind Ayden and Ben Tyson, looking to the dead body of the citizen.
‘We need him, right now!’ Says The Director.
The same morning on the 10th of June in Brooklyn Brooks School, Jason Glover is again sleeping on his desk. His teacher isn’t really fond of that so she slaps on Jason’s desk.
‘Jason Glover! Not again! Go the principal Warren!’ Yells the teacher.
Jason opens his eyes sleepily and stands up. ‘I’m sorry…’
‘No excuses Jason, go to principal Warren.’
A few minutes later, Jason stands in front of principal Warren’s desk.
‘Jason Glover, what’s happening with you lately?’
‘I just don’t feel that good lately’
‘I hope you’re not playing videogames all night?’
‘No, I promise that.’
‘I have to give you a detention Jason, I’m sorry. I know you’re a good kid.
‘I understand.’ Says Jason while standing up.
‘Will you send your friend Ralph Anderson to me?’
‘Yes sir.’ Says Jason while walking out the room.
Ralph Anderson is one of the two best friends of Jason Glover. He’s also a 16-year-old kid with brown hair and brown eyes. He’s very stubbornly and a pain in the ass. He always acts tough but isn’t.
Jason Glover walks in the class and looks to Ralph.
‘Yo Ralph, you need to principal Warren.
Ralph walks into principal Warren’s office.
‘Ralph, you had a fight two weeks ago with Dain Bennet.’ Says principal Warren.
‘We’ll probably both get detention.’ Says Ralph with smirk.
‘You don’t get any detention. Last week on the excursion to Popple Company Corporations, Dain Bennet was in the building when it was about the collapse. He’s in coma.
Ralph looks shocked. ‘I-I-I thought he was okay.’
‘The doctors don’t know when or even if he’s going to wake up. You can go now Ralph’.
Ralph walks out the room, looking even more shocked.
Jason Glover, Ralph Anderson and Kevin Young are walking out the school building. School is finished and all three of them are holding papers. Kevin holds a test with an A+ on it.
‘I always gets A plusses.’ Says Kevin.
Kevin in a short 16-year-old kid with black hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses and is the smartest of the three best friends.
‘Stop it you nerd, I always get an F’ Says Ralph.
Kevin gives Ralph a punch on his shoulder.
‘So, what did you get Jason from the principal?’ Asks Kevin.
‘Just a detention on Saturday. What about you Ralph?’
‘I uh, two weeks ago a got into a fight with Dain Bennet. He’s now in a coma because of that stupid ranger.’
The three of them are standing at an intersection. Jason waves to Kevin and Ralph while walking the other direction.
Kevin and Ralph are now walking together. ‘I think there’s something wrong with Jason, he sleep all the time in class.’
‘That’s normal Kevin.’ Says Ralph.
Jason Glover sits now in his bedroom, on his bed, holding a photo of an old man. That old man is William Glover, Jason’s grandfather.
‘I miss you…’
Jason puts his blanket on his body and goes to sleep and just like The Director, he has a terrible nightmare…
Jason wakes up, covered with sweat. He hears screaming from downstairs. He steps out of bed, opens the door and walks downstairs to the living room. He sees blood everywhere on the floor, and the blood trail is leading to his couch.
Two bodies, the bodies of Ella and Terrence Glover, Jason parents are laying on the couch, all sliced open, blood everywhere. Jason looks scared to the bodies and suddenly, there was this dark, deep voice.
‘I will kill you!’ Says the dark deep voice.
Jason turns around to see if anyone’s in the house and then sees that the house is starting the go up in hot flames.
Jason wakes up from this terrible nightmare and says ‘Not again…’ out of breath.
Jason looks to his clock and sees that it his 7.45 in the morning. ‘Shit!’ Says Jake while stepping out of bed.
Jason arrives at school on this beautiful Saturday. He has detention. He walks in the classroom and sees principal Ron Warren sitting at the desk with multiple students in the classroom. One of the boys in the classroom is Radek Achaari, a Moroccan.
‘Alright, rewrite the pages that lay upon your desks. It needs to be finished at 12 o’clock.’ Says principal Warren.
Jason starts writing on the paper but his eyes are feeling so tired…And then, he closes his eyes.
Jason wakes up in the classroom but everyone is gone. It’s already dark outside. Jason stands up and looks confused.
‘What the fuck…’
Jason walks out the classroom and looks through the dark hallway of the school. He only sees the light from the moon that shines through the windows. A shadows walks past the hallway and Jason startles.
Jason walks over to the end of the hall the face the man of the shadow. He walks around the corner and feel a sudden heat coming toward him. Flames are rolling to him on the roof and the walls. Jason looks worried and scared. He sweats so much now.
Jason runs to the entrance of the school and tries to push open the door but the door is locked. The fire comes closer when suddenly, he hears a man laughing.
A big man with black hair is walking through the fire, like it doesn’t even hurt and then, there’s this big explosion and Jason flies through the glass door because of the explosion’s impact.
Jason now lays on the floor, with shattered glass in his face and body.
The Director stands in front of him. ‘You can trust me Jason.’ Says The Director while reaching out a hand.
Jason grabs The Director’s hand but The Director’s clothes are changing from red to a black color.
‘Welcome in Brindges Jason’ Says a now smiling Senior Kaz while holding Jason’s hand.
Jason wakes up in Brooklyn Brooks School. His terrible nightmare is over, he’s sweating hard. Principal Warren walks over to him while the other students are leaving the classroom.
‘Detention is over Jason, you can sleep home now.’
Jason walks through the living room of his house where his parents, Terrence Glover, a 45-five-year old man with greyish hair and a beer belly and the 40-year-old Ella Glover, the mother of Jason. A blonde skinny woman with green eyes.
‘How was detention son?’ Asks Terrence with a grin.
‘It was fun.’ Says Jason while walking up the stairs.
Jason storms into his bedroom and opens the closet. He throws all his shirts, pants, underpants and socks out just to find something.
A book lays in the closet on the bottom where all the clothes were. Jason grabs the book and looks surprised and shocked. The title of the book is: Brindges.
Jason opens the book and starts to read.
‘Brindges has many secrets. It’s often called Second Earth. The most magical place in the whole universe. Brindges is protected by The Chosen. But The Chosen aren’t always here. Because sometimes, The Dark Side wins.’
The text on the book stops and Jason turns the page. But the next page is empty. Jason looks confused.
‘Why didn’t you finish it’ Says Jason while looking in the book to all the empty pages.
Jason’s mother knocks on Jason’s door. ‘Jason, we need to talk’.
Ella grab the book out of Jason’s hands. ‘Every night you put yourself into this book just to discover that my father didn’t finish it.’
‘Brindges…’Says Jason.
‘Doesn’t exist, get some sleep now.’ Says Ella.
Jason goes into his bed while his mother walks out the room and closes the door.
Jason look to the dark ceiling. ‘I know you’re somewhere grandad…’
The next Monday, Jason Glover, Ralph Anderson and Kevin Young are walking toward school. ‘You seem to be very quiet.’ Says Kevin to Ralph.
‘Yeah man, everything that happened with Dain Bennet. It gives me the chills’
Jason stops walking and Ralph and Kevin are looking to him. ‘What’s the matter?’ Asks Ralph.
‘I forgot something at home.’ Yells Jason while running back to his house.
Jason unlocks to the door very quickly because his parents are working. He runs upstairs takes his grandad’s book of his desk and runs back out the house where he suddenly sees a white flashing light.
Jason put his hand in front of his eyes to prevent to light from blinding him.
A Skrump jumps from the light. The Skrump has the number 201 on his arm. Two other Skrumps are jumping out the light too.
The light goes away.
‘So good they can summon portals! Yells Skrump 201.
Skrump 201 is a very muscly Skrump with red eyes.
Jason looks scared while holding tightly on his book.
Skrump 201 grabs a sword from his back and says ‘It my pleasure to kill one of The Chosen.’
Skrump 201 puts his sword on Jason’s throat. Jason is shaking. Skrump 201 laughs. ‘I thought The hosen had more balls!’ Says Skrump 201 with a nasty smile.
A new flashing light appears and Skromp 101 jumps out the light, which is actually a portal. Skromp 101 kicks the sword out of Skrump 201’s hand.
Skrump 201 walks to Skromp 101 and he swings a fist at him but 101 dodges it. Skromp 101 punches Skrump 201 in his stomach.
Skromp 101 grabs Jason’s hand and yells ‘We have to leave!’
Skromp 101 pulls Jason Glover through the portal. Jason still carrying the book.
Skrump 201 wants to jump in the portal too but the portal closes in front of his face.
Skromp 101 and Jason Glover are now standing in front of the big School for Superheroes in Brindges?
‘Where are we?’ Asks Jason astonished.
‘We’re in Brindges.’ Says Skromp 101.
To Be Continued…

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