My heart is racing, caught somewhere in between euphoria and lust, or maybe in a delicious combination of both. It has been there ever since she tried to kiss me, when I had to stop myself from reciprocating. No matter how badly I wanted to allow her lips to meet mine, even to kiss her back, I knew I couldn't unless I was fully sure Lucien was okay with it. Flirting is one thing, kissing is something completely different.
I can't look at Lucien, knowing full well he knows every expression I could show on my face, and seeing whatever expression it is he might show me in return might send me spiraling.
"Though it defeats the whole idea of our bet," I manage to smile, feeling the warmth of Lucien's body against mine as I eye the woman in front of me up and down, as if I haven't done that before. "I am tempted to agree."
I half expect Lucien to reject the idea, to complain that one of us must win, it's simply how making a bet works, which is why I'm taken aback when he doesn't even so much as mumble in disagreement. Though I haven't seen him flirt with her, I know he should've been the one who won - I know how terribly charming he can be.
"There might be a simple way to find out," Anne purrs, her smile showing me she's up to no good. "That is, if you're both okay with it..."
By the way she bites her lip, the exact way she did just before she leaned in to kiss me and I so abruptly rejected her, I can tell where her mind is going.
My mind races. When she was about to kiss me, the only reason I rejected was because I wasn't sure what Lucien would think, not because I didn't want to kiss her. Now, another layer is added. Am I okay with her kissing Lucien, seeing her kiss Lucien? This is no longer just about me, it's about Lucien, and about what we're comfortable with.
It might be easier for him, having been in this position several times before - when he was with Liliana, he must have seen her kiss other people. The only time I've seen someone I loved, or at least thought I loved, kiss someone else was when I walked in on Callum and whatever her name was in our shared bed.
It should be a terrible thought for me, seeing Lucien be physical with someone else, but it simply isn't. I don't know if it's the drugs, the atmosphere, or if I've just never thought about it like this. Maybe it's because I fully trust Lucien, I could say no and it would be totally okay, I could tell him to stop at any time and he would listen, because he loves me just as much as I love him.
Which is why I nod at the same time he does, our eyes meeting. He seems a little surprised, maybe, or possibly he's just turned on. "I'm okay."
Lucien grins, eyes almost burning on my face. "Me, too."
When she moves in to kiss him, my first instinct isn't to push her off, or to look away. I couldn't even look away if I tried, my eyes almost glued to the scene in front of me.
I know how his lips feel, how they taste, how it feels to have his hand slowly but surely find your jaw or your neck, the way he softly bites down on your bottom lip before drawing away. His free arm is still around my shoulder, his body radiating heat as he slowly pulls away from their kiss.
I've bloody lost, and I'm sure of it. There is no one in this world who has ever kissed me as amazingly as Lucien has, and there never will be.
If I were solely in this for the bet, I would have given up by now, but we all seem to know the bet was out of the window as soon as I introduced Anne and Lucien to one another. The tension could be cut with a knife, its lingering getting comfortable yet exciting.
No words are spoken as she looks at me, as if she's waiting for the tension to build up, and without being able to think twice, I have closed the distance in between us by laying my hand in her neck and pulling her closer to me.
The only thing on my mind right now is her, and Lucien. The way he still holds me, the way he looks at me as if I'm the most amazing thing he's ever seen, the grin he shot me when I agreed with Anne's idea to kiss us. Her beautiful body, the way she smiled at me when I explained our bet to us, how she touched me casually, lighting my body on fire.
Her lips crash into mine, tasting of strawberry and nothing more, maybe a small hint of whatever was on Lucien's lips before. I haven't kissed a girl in so long I forgot how soft their lips are, or how nice it is to not feel stubble when you kiss them. She smells sweet, and I welcome whatever it is she does to me when we kiss. I don't want it to be over, though the smell of Lucien's aftershave also makes me long for his lips.
I know this isn't where this ends, it simply can't be, we're all too far along for that. It stopped being about a flirt or a kiss long ago, I can tell from the way Lucien holds me, or the way her kiss is far from careful, getting more passionate by the second.
When our kiss ends, I need a second to catch my breath, wiping some of my red lipstick away from underneath her lips. I can't help but smile as I do so, biting my lip ever so softly.
"Well...," I lean into Lucien's touch. "Has that caused any clarity for you?"

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