It’s a sunny day in Brindges on The Field. There’s only one person on The Field and that is Ben Tyson. He’s punching on a punching bag multiple times until he punches right through the punching bag, creating a hole in the middle of the bag.
‘Everything alright Ben?’ Asks The Director who’s slowly approaching.
Ben look to The Director over his shoulder. ‘I’m fine.’
‘I need to talk with you Ben’.
Ben Tyson turns around and faces The Director. ‘I need to talk to you too.’
‘I’m heading away now, I want you to be with Jason at the moment, The First Chosen. He has arrived.’
‘What do you want me to do Director? Comfort him by telling that The Skrumps aren’t that dangerous?’
‘What’s the matter with you Ben?’
‘When are you going to tell the citizens of Brindges Town that we’re bringing The Chosen together.’
‘Not now, if they know, soon all the people of The Dark Side will now.’
The Director slowly walks away. ‘I need to go.’
‘Have you forgotten what happened to The First Five?’ Asks Ben with a grin.
The Director looks to him but says nothing. He walks away and Ben throws the punching bag on the ground, he looks to The Director who’s walking away when suddenly, the punching bag floats behind Ben. Ben turns back around and sees the punching bag floating. He smiles a little.
‘Very funny Rabby.’
Rabby, a young 20-year-old wizard with brown hair and brown eyes, who’s very skinny makes himself visible. He used an invisibility spell on himself
‘What was that all about Ben?’ Asks Rabby.
‘Nothing.’ Says Ben while walking away with a smile.
In The School for Superheroes are also dormitories for people who’re sleeping there. Jason Glover sits on his bed in the dormitory, looking worried. The door of his room stands open. Ben Tyson stands in the door opening looking to Jason with a sour face.
Ayden walks to Ben. ‘Is that him?’ He asks.
‘After so many years, The Chosen are being brought together.’ Says Ben angrily.
‘Because we need them Ben.’
‘No Ayden, because The Director needs them.’ Says Ben angrily.
The window of Jason’s room stands open and he hear screaming form outside. Jason stands up and walks to the window. He hears the screaming and turns towards Ben and Ayden.
‘I hear screaming…’
Ben and Ayden are looking to each other. ‘Skrumps.’ Says Ben.
In Brindges Town, ten Skrumps are running over the roofs. Rabby runs toward Brindges Town too. Two Skrumps are floating in the air with a purple light around them. Rabby is using his magic to move The two Skrumps through the air.
Rabby throws The two Skrumps against a wall. The other Skrumps are running towards Rabby. Rabby looks worried because he knows he can’t handle the other eight Skrumps alone. But then, a sword flies right through a Skrump’s face. Rabby looks backwards and sees Ben Tyson running to The Skrumps.
There are seven Skrumps left. Four of those Skrumps are being blasted into the air. We see Ayden bending a air blast at The four Skrumps. Ayden has some magnificent powers, he can bend all sort of elements, including air.
A Skrump swings his sword to Ben Tyson but Ben dodges it and punches The Skrumps in the face. He then grabs his sword out of the dead Skrump’s face and slices the throat of another Skrump.
There are now two Skrumps left. The two Skrumps are heading toward Rabby, who is now scared. The two Skrumps are holding their swords in front of Rabby. Skromp 101 stands behind the two Skrumps and he holds two knives. He stabs the two Skrumps with his knives in the head.
Skrump 201 jumps off the roof. Holding his sword. All the citizens of Brindges Town are looking to him. Skrump 201 sees all his fellow dead Skrumps. Ayden, Ben Tyson, Skromp 101 and Rabby are all looking to Skrump 201.
‘Go away now and I will not kill you!’ Yells Skromp 101.
‘Citizens of Brindges Town, your protectors are hiding something, or perhaps someone from you!’
‘What are you talking about?’ Asks Skromp 101.
Skrump 201 points to some scars on his face. ‘You see these? I got them from you. Remember?’
‘And if you don’t move I will put more scars on your face!’ Yells Skromp 101.
Skrump 201 looks disappointed and whistles. Something black flies through the sky towards Brindges Town. It’s a Giant Fly. It looks like a regular fly but hundred times bigger. Skrump 201 jumps on the fly and they fly away, leaving Brindges Town.
It’s 12 June 1983, The Director walks through a big building with apartments in the middle of Brooklyn, New York. He stands in front of an apartment door with the number 101 on it.
A 30-year-old good looking, muscly man with blonde hair and green eyes opens the door.
‘What are you doing here? Asks the man.
‘We found The First Chosen.’ Says The Director.
‘That’s lovely.’ Says the man in a sarcastically voice.
‘I need you to come back.’ Says The Director.
‘I’m sorry. I don’t wanna take offers. Says the man while closing the door, leaving The Director speechless.
Back in The School for Superheroes Ben Tyson is on his way back to Jason’s bedroom. He arrives there but Jason isn’t in his room anymore.
‘Shit…’ Say Ben in a worried tone.
Ayden looks confused to Ben. ‘What’s the matter Ben?
‘He’s gone…’
Ayden looks into the room. ‘Who knows about Jason?’
‘The Director and us. I think no one else.’
Meanwhile, Jason Glover is walking across the school, finding the exit. But the school is so big that he often walks the same hallway multiple times. And then he comes again in the hallway of his bedroom. He sees Ben and Ayden in front of his room and he’s worried that they’ll see him.
Jason turns backwards through a hallway with a lot of windows. He looks through the windows and sees the big lake that lays behind the school. Rabby stands behind Jason.
‘Who are you?’ Asks Rabby.
‘I’m Jason Glover and who are you?’
Jason sees Skromp 101 walking through the hallway behind Rabby. Jason is looking worried. He then runs away quickly.
‘Stop him!’ Yells Skromp 101.
Rabby holds his hands out and stops Jason by pulling him back with his magic. Rabby pulls Jason to him with his magic.
‘Are you working for The Skrumps?’ Asks Rabby.
Skromp 101 puts is hand on Rabby’s. ‘He’s one of The Chosen.
‘You should put him down Rabby.’ Says The Director who’s standing in the hallway with Ayden and Ben Tyson.
Jason sits again in his bedroom, looking through the window while The Director, Ayden, Ben Tyson, Rabby and Skromp 101 are sitting in The Director’s office.
‘Jason Glover is one of the eight Chosen. It’s time to bring them together. Brindges and their world are in the hands of The Chosen.’
‘You’re unbelievable! You haven’t me.’ Says Skromp 101 in a disgusted tone while standing up.
‘Skromp 101, it is time. I can’t tell everyone.’
Skromp 101 calms down and sits back on his chair. ‘The legend about The First Five.’
‘Don’t mention it…, you can go now.’ Says The Director.
Everyone is leaving The Director’s office. Skromp 101 with a nasty grin.
Ayden, Ben Tyson, Rabby and Skromp 101 are walking through the hallway. Skromp 101 still looking annoyed.
‘The Director never listens to us…’ Says Skromp 101.
‘Who are the First Five?’ Asks Rabby.
‘Maybe The Director never listens to you because you’re not trustworthy.’ Says Ben while pointing to Skromp 101.
Skromp 101 is grabbing his sword. ‘And you’re trustworthy?’
‘It’s your fault that Skrumps are attacking.’ Says Ben while looking to Skromp 101.
Skromp 101 holds his sword under Ben’s chin. Ayden and Rabby are looking worried. The Director stands behind the group.
‘All of you! Stop it now!’ Yells The Director.
Everyone looks to The Director. Skromp 101 lowers his sword.
‘A war is coming. We need The Chosen.’
Ayden walks to The Director. ‘We can only win the war if we have all The Chosen.’
The Director walks closer the Ayden. ‘And I will make sure we’ll get all of them, and Jason is going to help me, now, all of you walk away.’
Jason is still looking through the window in his bedroom when The Director walks in.
‘Jason, can we have a talk?’
‘Who are you and where am I?’ Asks Jason.
‘I’m the leader of this school. You’re one of The Chosen.’
‘And who are The Chosen?’
‘There are eight in total. They’re people who need to protect Brindges, this world but also your world, Earth and you’re not alone. There are more Chosen in your world we need to find. You’re the first one.’
‘I can’t believe this.’
The Director hands over Jason’s backpack to him.
‘Your grandfather was a good man.’
‘You know my grandfather?’
‘Of course I know him. He was a Chosen himself too once.
The Director walks through the window and looks through it. ‘Come look.’ Says The Director.
Jason stands beside The Director, looking through the window. There is The Field, the lake, Brindges Town, mountains in the distance.
‘Behold, Brindges.’ Says The Director.
To Be Continued…

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