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I do make it up to her. First with a night for just the two of us, just like she had originally planned for us. Then, the night after, I cooked up an elaborate dinner not only for us, but also our closest friends.
From the kitchen I watch Emma play with Emilia, who's getting awful big. Felix is busying himself with Matthew's hair, the blonde curls apparently extremely entertaining. Brie has joined me in the kitchen; at first he just hangs around, but then decides to get to work by doing the dishes that are quickly piling up in the sink.
"I'm glad to see your beard is back." He notes out of the blue, and I snort a laugh.
"Thank you?"
"You are welcome. Please, don't ever shave it again." He grins at me. "Although apparently it did something for you, considering the results of that night."
I roll my eyes with a chuckle. "Am I going to hear that every time we talk to each other now?"
"For at least the upcoming year, yes. Just hadn't pegged you as the type." His eyes narrow in curiosity. "Did Anne pe-"
"Don't," I interrupt a little too loudly, flicking my spatula at him and spraying him with cream sauce. "even dare finishing that sentence."
He just laughs and wipes the sauce off of his cheek. "Fine, fine... Guess you're sticking to your 'no details' policy then."
"I am." I say with a glare at him. "Unless you keep pestering me, because in that case I'll just share all the disgusting details with you."
He shudders, probably remembering the last time I used this threat - and made good on it. "Not another peep. At least not tonight."
"Such a good boy."
"Oh, Lucien..." He gives me an exaggarated, sultry look ad his voice drops a few tones. "Careful with your words there, or I might not be able to contain myself..." He glances towards the living room. "You think Emma would be willing to join?"
"Alright, that's it!" With a laugh, I jump towards him, trap him between myself and the counter and wipe the sauce-covered spatula all over his face. "If you don't wanna hear, you're gonna feel!"
"Ah, yes daddy, cover me in your cream!" He yells loud enough for everyone to hear, and I nearly choke with laughter. Under my weight he's now bend over the counter, still trying to wriggle free, and I can only imagine what kind of compromising image this creates. Somehow he manages to grab my wrist tightly enough to make one strike across my cheek, and that's the moment Kenna decides to walk in. She just stares at her, and we stare back.
"We heard commotion." She says in a strained voice. If it's from laughter, or horror, I do not know. "I might live to regret it, but I've come to investigate what's going on."
"Um," I say. Under me, face pressed against the counter, Brie grins wide.
And just like that, I let go of him because I can no longer stand with how hard I'm laughing. Lucky for me, he's right next to me, hiccuping in silence and barely able to breathe. Kenna just stares down on us in what I now know is horror. "Teenagers!" She breathes, turning on her heel to join the rest back in the living room.
Brie and I need another minute or two to regain our composure, at which point Brie has managed to cover me as much in the sauce as I did him, and both our outfits are equally ruined.
"Go get cleaned up," I laugh when we scramble back to our feet. "I need to save dinner."
"Don't bother, if you're cooking there's no saving it anywa- NO!" He shrieks, ducking out of the way when he sees me grab a bottle of olive oil that he very well knowns I'm about to tip over his head. He disappears, knowing he has full access to my closet, and as if waiting for that cue, Matthew joins me in the kitchen instead. He assesses the mess, makes the conscious decision not to address it, and instead grabs a glass of wine. His hair is all messed up from where Felix has been pulling it.
"Needed a break from the scalp massage?" I smirk, and he holds his glass up as confirmation.
"He's cute and all, but man, he's strong." He rubs his painful head, and laughs. "Tom's going to be bald within the year."
"Most likely, yeah." I grin. I've saved the sauce from the brink of extinction, just barely, and add some milk to thin it back out. It's nearly finished, and once it is I can also go and freshen up; the stuffed mini pumpkins are cooking away in the oven, as is the potato gratin, and I prepared dessert earlier on the day.
"You know, when you invited us, I expected there to be another person." He says casually, but the words immediately put me on edge. Obviously, Matthew has no idea why, though he notices right away. He frowns. "Touchy subject?"
"Piper and Emma don't exactly... get along." I say carefully, trying to find the right way to put it. I don't want to paint Emma in a bad daylight here. "Emma says Piper is flirting with me, and she feels threatened, but I don't see it at all." I shrug. "It's been causing some friction. We had a big fight a couple of days ago."
Matthew frowns as well, but doesn't offer an opinion on the matter. No surprises: he only does that when he has enough information, and that's not the case right now. Instead, he switches the subject, so I don't start dwelling on it.
"Gwen is coming over for Christmas."
The words immediately lift my mood - I haven't had much time to think about Christmas between school and everything going on at home, but this is very welcome news. "That is wonderful! I haven't seen her in years!"
"Your birthday party." He nods, smiling. "She said that as well. She misses you and Brie, and wants to get to know Emma better so when the inevitable wedding comes she'll get an invite." I shoot him a look, and he offers me a knowing grin. "Don't tell me you no longer plan on asking her, Lucifer. I already told Gwen to start looking for a dress."

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