It’s 14 June of the year 1983. Jason Glover sits in his bedroom in The School for Superheroes. He looks through the window, not believing that he’s in another world. A world his grandfather visited before.
‘How does it feel? To be away far from home?’ Asks The Director who’s standing in the door opening.
‘I still don’t know what’s happening.’
‘Jason, I need you to do something for me. You’re one of The Chosen. I need you to get the second Chosen.’
Jason looks not enthusiastically to The Director. ‘And who’s that?’
‘Follow me Jason. I want to show you something.’
The Director leaves to room with Jason following him.
Meanwhile on the same day in New York, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Brooks School. Kevin Young and Ralph Anderson, the two best friends of Jason Glover are currently having math in class.
‘What’s the solution Ralph?’ Asks the teacher.
Ralph thinks for only one second and says ‘I don’t know.’
‘It’s seven thousand and eighty four.’ Says Kevin without raising his hand, he’s the smartest one of the best friends.
Ralph comes closes to Kevin and whispers to him. ‘Do you know where Jason is?’
‘I don’t know Ralph. Probably asleep.’ Says Kevin.
‘I thought you knew everything.’ Says Ralph with a grin.
‘Kevin Young and Ralph Anderson, pay attention please.’ Says the teacher.
Kevin and Ralph both look at their desks and they stay quiet. Ralph looks into his pencil case and there’s a photo of a young man in his pencil case.
‘I miss you Brody.’ Whispers Ralph, looking sad.
Back in The School for Superheroes, in Brindges, Jason Glover and The Director are standing in The Director’s office. ‘Tell me more about my grandfather.’ Says Jason, looking very interested.
‘We were best friends. We had a very nice childhood together. We discovered Brindges, but he disappears and I have never seen him for years.’ Says The Director while walking to another door in his office.
‘Come with me.’ Says The Director while opening the door.
The Director and Jason are now standing in a room with a sort hologram tree in the middle that gives a beautiful blue light.
‘What is this?’ Asks Jason.
‘This is The Vision. It allows me to find The Chosen. But it won’t show everyone at once, you’re above the tree, you see?’
A hologram picture appears above on the tree.
‘This means you’re The First Chosen.’
‘So, who’s the second one?’
‘You know the next one, he’s a friend of yours, Ralph Anderson.’
Jason looks to The Director open mouthed. ‘Ralph Anderson?’
‘Yes Jason, it’s your task to convince Ralph.’
That night, Jason is spending his first night at The School for Superheroes. He lays in his bed, wiggling from one side to the other, he’s having another nightmare but suddenly he wakes up, looking scared. He hears a strange sound.
Jason looks in front of him and sees a doll floating with a purple light around him, the same purple light that appeared when Rabby uses his magic.
‘What’s your name again? I forgot. Oh, right, it’s Rabby. What are you doing?’ Says Jason with a confused tone.
The head of the doll gets ripped off and Jason looks even more confused. Suddenly the purple light around the doll disappears and the doll falls on the ground.
Jason gets out of bed and grabs the doll. ‘Rabby?’ Asks Jason, slightly scared.
An orange/yellow light comes from behind the door of his bedroom, someone is knocking very hard on the door. It gets warmer in Jason’s room and he starts to sweat and then, the door falls out the doorframe and a big fire starts coming in Jason’s bedroom.
The fire is coming closer to Jason in a fast pace. He’s worrying, he’s scared and there’s one scarier thing about the fire. There’s a shadow in the fire, the shadows of a human.
Suddenly Jason wakes up from this nightmare, The Director is standing beside him.
‘Are you alright Jason?’
‘I had a nightmare, there was so much fire…’
‘You should go get Ralph today, be safe Jason.’
It’s 15 June 1983, another sunny day in Brooklyn, New York. Ralph Anderson sits in his classroom together with Kevin Young. There’s an empty chair, the chair of Jason Glover. Out of nowhere the classroom door opens and Jason walks in.
‘Sorry I’m late, I was a little bit sick.’ Says Jason while walking to his seat.
Jason sits besides Ralph. ‘I have something to tell you Ralph.’
‘Did you almost threw up your stomach?’
Jason looks confused. ‘What? No…’
‘You said you were a bit sick.’ Says Ralph with a smile.
Kevin comes closer to Ralph. ‘Hey, what are you two talking about?’ Asks Kevin.
‘Jason almost threw his stomach up.’ Says Ralph to Kevin.
Jason sighs and puts his hand on his face. ‘Really Ralph?’ Says Jason disappointed.
Jason, Ralph and Kevin are walking on the streets in Brooklyn to their homes. Kevin stops immediately.
‘I forgot something at school, I see you guys tomorrow!’ Yells Kevin while running back to the school.
‘What was is what you wanted to talk about Jason?’ Asks Ralph.
‘Well, now that superheroes exist, don’t you wonder whether you’re a superhero or not?’
‘Jason, that’s ridiculous for you to say.’
‘The Black Ranger is a superhero, here in New York.’
‘That doesn’t mean that we are super heroes, what drugs did you take?’
‘None, but I’m serious, superheroes exist.’
‘Jason, The Black Ranger is just a fucking terrorist who blew up the building of the famous Mr. Popple, you’re acting crazy man…’
‘I don’t wanna talk about The Black Ranger, I wanna talk about us. Says Jason.
‘Really Jason, did experimented with some pills or something? Without me?’
‘Jesus Christ Ralph, I’m serious, we are The Chosen.’
Ralph starts laughing hard. ‘The…Chosen?! HAHAHAHAHA’
Jason looks disappointed.
‘Where were you when you were sick this morning?’
‘I was in another world.’
‘Stop there Jason, you know what, I see you tomorrow.’
Jason stands still while Ralph walks to the other direction. Jason looks disappointed.
That evening, Ralph Anderson is watching television in his room, the news is on.
‘There are still many questions about The Black Ranger. Is he a hero? A terrorist? Did he kill Stanton Popple?’ Says The News Reporter.
Ralph puts off the television and grabs a photo, the photo of his brother. ‘Where are you Brody?’
‘Who are you talking to?’ Asks Ralph’s mother, who’s standing at the door.
‘No one.’ Says Ralph while looking to his mother, Maya Anderson, a tall, thin woman with brown short hair.
That evening is Jason walking in an alleyway in Brooklyn.
‘Ah, finally you show up.’ Says Skromp 101, who’s leaning against a wall.
‘It didn’t work.’ Says Jason.
‘Of course it didn’t. What’d you think, he’ll just come with you?’
‘I don’t know man…’
‘Try to bring him to here, to this gate.’
Skromp 101 points towards a glowing portal in the wall.
‘It’s only visible for people out of Brindges. These portals are around the whole world of Earth, bring Ralph to here, but people can still see that you’ll disappear.’
‘Okay.’ Says Jason.
Skromp 101 jumps through the portal while Jason walks away. A man with dark clothes is watching over Jason and Skromp 101.
‘So you are the new Chosen?’ Whispers the dark clothed man.
Ralph Anderson is walking through Brooklyn on this dark evening. He’s on his way to Jason Glover’s house. He feels sorry about laughing to Jason about the super hero stuff he said. There’s no one else on the streets, only Ralph. Ralph suddenly stops and sees a few figures in the distance.
Three Skrumps are walking towards Ralph and Ralph looks attentively to them. The Skrumps are grabbing their knives and Ralph stops walking. He slowly walks backwards and screams when Jason walks into him.
Ralph turns around. ‘Jason? What are you doing here?’
‘I wanna bring you to somewhere, I wanna show you something.’
‘I-I-I Don’t think it’s time, not now.’ Says Ralph while turning Jason towards the three Skrumps.
‘No…’ Says Jason.
The Skrumps are now running towards Jason and Ralph their knives. Jason and Ralph are looking very worried now. But then, Skromp 101 jumps in front of them.
‘Stay behind me.’ Says Skromp 101.
Skromp 101 grabs his sword and runs towards The Skrumps, in a blink, he kills all three The Skrumps.
Ralph looks to Jason. ‘You were talking about superheroes, right?’ Says Ralph, looking more worried.
To Be Continued…

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