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"Jughead?" Sweet Pea's voice sounded hollow through the phone Jughead was holding. "We have an outsider crashing at the Wyrm. You might wanna come."
Jughead sighed. "I'm on my way. Keep him there."
"It's a she."
"What ever." Jughead hung up and started his bike again, driving to the White Wyrm. 

"So, what is it?" Fangs had been waiting at the entrance and leaded him to the girl Sweet Pea was telling about. Sweet Pea was standing in one of the corners. 
"She's in here. I haven't really tried anything yet. She seems terrified."
Jughead looked at him. "Have you done anything?"
"What, no! I just said that!" Jughead holded up his hand. "Fine, fine, just checking." 
In the walls, Jug could see that some of the panels were loose. He pushed one of them out of the way and indeed, could see a girl, curled up in the back. Jughead got to his knees to be able to see her better.
"Hey there. Don't be afraid, we're not gonna hurt you. Why don't you come up here?" The girl nodded, almost unnoticable, but then made her movements to come out of her hidespace. When she got into the light, Jughead realised that she would be around his age. What was this story? Why was she hiding? 
"Can you tell us your name?" Fangs asked carefully. Out of the three of them, Fangs was probably the least scary looking. Both himself and Sweet Pea, they tended to have a dangerous aura around them. Plus the fact that they all had their Serpent jackets on, ofcourse. 
"Sunset." The girl answered. Fangs nodded and eyed to Jughead, asking for the next question.
"This is Fangs, I'm Jughead and this is Sweet Pea." It would be feel a bit safer if she knew their names aswell. "Why were you hiding?" Was she followed? It could have been a trap.
With that thought, Jughead quickly looked over his shoulder, through the Wyrm, but he saw nothing. Okay, probably not followed. 
"I was scared. I have been here for at least a few days." Sunset answered.
"Scared from what?" Sweet Pea asked while he crossed his arms before his chest.
"The others. If they found me, they would drag me back when they have the chance. Or they'll kill me. Or -"
"What others? Drag you back where?" 
"The Farm." Jughead almost stood there, mouth wide open, but he was able to contain himself. The Farm? The Farm was closed down about a year ago! What did this mean?

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