It’s 16 June 1983, another hot summer day on Earth, but also in Brindges. The School for Superheroes, a big castle like black building that stands at the lake is shining brightly because of the bright sun shining on it.
In the school, Jason is telling Ralph what happened to him.
‘I can’t believe this shit.’ Says Ralph.
‘Me neither.’ Says Jason with a smile.
The Director, a big tall man walk to Jason and Ralph in the hallway. Ralph sees him approaching and looks up to him.
‘Will you follow me Ralph?’ Asks The Director.
The Director takes Ralph with him to his office, into The Vision room. Ralph sees a hologram of himself.
‘Hey, that’s me!’ Says Ralph.
‘Yes Ralph, you’re the second Chosen, I’m bringing together The Chosen to save Brindges, this world, I have a quest for you.’
‘A quest?’
‘Go get the next Chosen.’
‘Next Chosen?’
‘Kevin Young, bring him to this place, show him this, convince him.’
‘That’s gonna be tough…’
That same morning in Brooklyn Jason Glover is walking over the streets towards the school when he notices that he’s being followed. Jason looks over his shoulder and sees two familiar faces.
‘Shit…’ mumbles Jason.
Two 17-year-old teenagers are running towards Jason. One has dark blonde hair and blue eyes and the other has black hair with brown eyes.
The black haired kid is called Junior Kaz and the blonde kid is called Glenn Daniella. They’re bot bullies.
‘Hey Jason!’ Yells Junior Kaz.
Jason turns around. ‘What do you want Kaz?’
Glenn pushes Jason on the ground. Jason falls hard on the ground. Junior and Glenn are standing over him.
‘You should be more politely Jason.’ Says Glenn.
‘Fuck off.’ Says Jason.
Junior grabs Jason by his collar and pulls him up. Glenn punches Jason in the face and Junior let go of Jason’s collar. Jason falls on the ground again.
‘You’re a dead man.’ Says Junior while pointing to Jason.
Junior and Glenn are walking away, they’re smiling.
‘He just don’t know it yet.’ Says Junior.
Jason stands back up with a bleeding nose. He looks worried.
The school bell rings and all the students are getting out of school, the school just ended. Jason, Ralph and Kevin are walking through Brooklyn.
‘So, Junior attacked you again?’ Asks Kevin.
‘Yeah, he’s such an asshole.’
Jason takes a different route. ‘I need to do something real quick, I’ll see you later.’
Ralph and Kevin are now walking alone through Brooklyn.
‘I need to tell you something Kevin.’
‘What then?’
‘Jason and I are becoming something.’
‘Yes, we are The Chosen, and you’re also one of the Chosen.’
Kevin starts laughing.
‘I’m serious. Jason told me this too, I couldn’t believe it either.’
‘I’m seeing you tomorrow Ralph.’
Kevin turns his the street where he lives. Ralph stands still and walks away after a moment. What they don’t know is that someone’s spying on them. Behind a wall stands Skrump 201, with his eyes wide open.
‘I can’t believe this. They’re really bringing The Chosen together.’ Says Skrump 201.
Kevin goes into his house in Brooklyn. His parents are sitting in the sofa. A tiny, stout lady with black hair and an older man who has a beard.
‘How are Jason and Ralph?’ Asks Kevin’s mother Emily.
‘I don’t really know.’ Says Kevin while walking up the stairs.
‘Ed, I think our little Kevin needs to find new friends…’
Ed is the father of Kevin, he looks to Emily and says nothing. He puts the television on.
‘If he wants new friends, he’ll find him himself.’ Says Ed.
That evening, Jason and Ralph are walking through Brooklyn, discussing about what happened with them in Brindges.
‘So, does Kevin believe you?’ Asks Jason.
‘I don’t think so. Well, I didn’t believed you either.’
‘You need to bring him somehow to the portal, it’s in an alleyway, you know where it is, right?’
‘Yeah Jason, you brought me there.’
There’s a silence for a moment.
‘What if it’s made up?’ Asks Ralph.
‘I don’t think it’s made up, The Director knew my grandfather.’
‘Was your grandfather a Chosen too?’
‘I don’t know. I know that he discovered Brindges together with The Director.’
Jason grabs a book from his bag. He shows the book to Ralph.
‘My grandfather wrote this book long, long, long ago. He gave it to my mother and my mother gave it to me.’
Ralph opens the book. ‘It’s about Brindges…’
Ralph turns the page and looks confused.
‘There’s only one page written in it Jason.’
‘I know, that’s the big mystery.’
That same evening in The School for Superheroes, Jason has a conversation with The Director in The Director’s office.
‘I have some questions Director, why me? Why my friends? Why my grandfather only wrote one page in this fucking book.’
Jason throws the book on the table.
‘I see that you have a lot of questions Jason. You’ll get soon answers, I promise you that. But now is not the time.’
Ralph is walking with Kevin through an alleyway.
‘You didn’t bring me here just to talk about The Chosen? Right?’ Asks Kevin.
‘Open.’ Says Ralph.
A bright shiny portal opens in the alleyway. Kevin looks astonished.
‘This his not science. This is magic.’ Says Ralph.
‘This is fucked up.’ Says Kevin.
‘Just go through it Kevin.’ Says Ralph with an annoyed tone.
‘I’m not going to get through that.’ Says Kevin with a scared tone.
‘Then I’m very sorry.’
Ralph pushes Kevin through the gate. Ralph smiles and jumps also through the gate.
In Brindges, Ralph jumps out the gate, still smiling.
‘That wasn’t that bad eh Kevin?’
Ralph sees Kevin not in front of him and look a bit further and sees that a Skrump is dragging Kevin into a forest.
‘Hey! Get away from him!’ Yells Ralph while running after them.
To Be Continued…

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