Foto bij 97 - Pick me up

Je haalt je telefoon uit je broekzak om een taxi te bellen en gaat dan met je vrije hand op zoek naar je sigaretten, om erachter te komen dat die in je tas in de auto liggen. Ugh. Oh, shit! Daar zit je portemonnee ook in. Je kreunt verslagen en zoekt dan het nummer van Bill op.
“Hey babe,” klinkt het, nadat de telefoon een paar keer overgegaan is.
“Hey. Is there any chance you could come pick me up? I’m, eh…” Je tuurt naar het straatnaambordje verderop. “I’m on Maple Avenue and 7th.”
“Aren’t you with Tom?”
“Yeah, your charming twin left me here.”
“Oh. Shit. Ähm, I am actually down at the marina with Stitch, so it would take me forever to come get you. Can’t you call Heidi? I think she’s home.”
“I don’t think that would be such a great idea.”
“No, Stitch!” hoor je hem reopen. “Get back here!”
“Everything all right?”
“Yeah, it’s fine.” Hij zucht. “Stitch tried to get in the water, again.
Je grinnikt. “Stupid dog.”
“Yeah, well… Anyway, so, you’re going to try Heidi?”
“No, I don’t think I should.”
“Why not?”
“It’s kind of what Tom and I were arguing about.”
“You were arguing?”
“Yeah, no. I don’t really know. He was pissed off, anyway, and that’s why he took off without me.”
“What happened?” Je kan de irritatie in zijn stem horen en zucht – alsof het jouw schuld is dat zijn tweelingbroer zo idioot doet!
“So Tom woke me up in the middle of the night-“
“All right, it was more like really early this morning, but it felt like the middle of the night. He woke me up because he still had to get all of his Christmas presents and he needed my help. So, being the sweet sister-in-law I always am, I wrote you a note saying I was out and went with him. When we were on our way, I asked him why he still hadn’t bought anything and he said something about needing the perfect gift to make up for a fight they were having, but then refused to explain the fight to me. Eventually, he told me that she wanted him to surprise him more.”
“Oh, shit. This is about the time Tom and I were arguing back at your place and you and Heidi overheard on the phone, isn’t it?”
Je fronst even. “Yeah. You remember?”
“Yes, I do. I was there.”
“Right. So, now all of you know what was said except for me. Apparently, Tom thinks I am a terrible girlfriend and it is my fault that he and Heidi are fighting.”
“He said you’re a terrible girlfriend?”
“He said he doesn’t understand why you’d want to be with me and that he’s waiting for the next time I’ll screw up.”
“He’s such an ass sometimes.” Bill zucht. “I’m sorry, babe.”
“It’s not your fault. I just don’t want to drag Heidi into this, as well.”
“All right. Äh, okay. I mean, I could come and pick you up, but that would take me-“
“Forever, I know.”
“Exactly. Äh, well, I am going to go home, anyway, to kick Tom’s ass. Maybe I can call you an Uber and see you there?”
“I guess that would work. I just don’t have my wallet.”
“That’s okay, my Uber account is linked to my creditcard, so don’t worry. Wait, I’ll order it now, so you’ll know how long you’ll have to wait. Two seconds.”
“Thank you.” Je schudt je hoofd. Uber met creditcard, dat had je zelf ook nog wel kunnen bedenken.
“All right, there should be someone there to pick you up in a couple of minutes. Just send me your location, so I can forward it to the driver.”
“Thank you, honey. Oh, and Bill?”
“Don’t be too hard on your brother, okay?”
“Why? He had no right to talk to you like that.”
“I know. Well, I don’t really know because I still barely know what happened when you two were in the Netherlands and Heidi and I were at the airport, but it seems like Tom’s really going through a rough time. I think he’s really hurt.”
“So, instead of getting angry, you might want to try and ask him what’s wrong. At least give him a chance to explain, okay?”
Je hoort hem zuchten. “Fine.”

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  • Luckey

    Positieve is dat ze het wel meteen uit praten!!
    Bill is wel lief

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