The black clothed man who spied on The Chosen earlier is walking through the forests of Brindges, close by Brindges Town. It is the blonde haired, green eye colored man that The Director visited a few days ago. It’s 15 June 1983. It’s a dark day outside, dark clouds are swirling through the sky.
The black clothed man suddenly stops to watch something on the ground. A puddle of blood lays in the dirt, the man looks close to it and then a dripple of blood falls in his neck. The man looks up and sees a dead Skromp that’s stuck in a net. Out of nowhere, the net, including the dead Skromp falls on the man.
The man quickly crawls under the dead Skromp while someone is walking towards him. It is Skrump 201. He smiles to Ace.
‘The infamous Ace.’ Says The Skrump.
Ace, who’s still laying on the ground, leaning on his hands, looking without any emotions to Skrump 201. Skrump 201 is walking closer and Ace is grabbing The Skromp’s arm.
Ace fully grabs the dead Skromp’s body and throws it at Skrump 201. The body directly hits Skrump 201 and blood splatters all over his face. Ace quickly runs away.
‘Go get him!’ Yells Skrump 201 while pointing to Ace, who’s running away.
Four other Skrumps are running past Skrump 201 towards Ace. Skrump 201 looks to the dead body of The Skromp.
‘How ungrateful he is. Right Skromp?’
Skrump 201 crouches closer the dead Skromp’s body.
‘What’s that? I can’t hear you…Oh right, I killed you.’
Ace is still running through the forest, he’s already getting exhausted, The Skrumps are closely running behind him. They’re running towards a small cliff. Ace jumps off the cliff, he jumps four meters down onto the ground, The Skrumps are jumping down with him.
Ace looks upwards to The Skrumps that are jumping off the cliff too when suddenly a knife flies past his head right into a tree behind him.
Skrump 201 has thrown the knife and he laughs.
‘I thought you knew your forests in Brindges better Ace!’
‘I haven’t been here for a long time.’ Says Ace with a grin.
Skrump 201 runs towards Ace and Ace grabs the knife out of the tree. Skrump 201 approaches Ace and Ace swings with the knife towards Skrump 201. Skrump 201 dodges it very quickly and kicks Ace in the leg. Ace falls through his leg.
‘What’s the matter? Afraid to use your powers?’ Asks Skrump 201.
Ace looks up to Skrump 201, he swings with the knife again and Skrump 201 grabs Ace’s hand and grabs with his other hand the knife out of Ace’s hand. He throws the knife away. While Skrump 201 is throwing the knife away, Ace swings with his powerful fist to Skrump 201’s face. It directly hits his face and Skrump 201 stumbles backwards. Ace runs quickly away.
Skrump 201 stands back up with his nose bleeding. He looks angry to the other Skrumps who are just standing still and watching what happened.
‘Go after him!’
After half an hour of running Ace arrives at a rock. He stands over the rock and looks over to The School for Superheroes.
‘Finally.’ He says, relieved.
Moments later, Ace sees Ralph Anderson and Kevin Young, they just got through the portal. He hears Ralph Anderson yelling and sees a Skrump is dragging Kevin away. Ralph runs towards Kevin and The Skrump. This Skrump has the number 83 on his forearm, he’s also an import Skrump like Skrump 201.
Skrump 83 holds a knife in front of Kevin’s face.
‘I’m honored to meet one of The Chosen.’ Says Skrump 83.
Ace runs towards Skrump 83. Skrump 83 is slightly taller than a normal Skrump, but thinner. Ace takes down Skrump 83 in one run. Skrump 83 falls hard on the ground, so does Kevin.
Ace looks to Skrump 83 and Kevin Young.
To be Continued…

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