Ace is still facing Skrump 83 after he saved Kevin Young. Skrump 83 throws a knife towards Ace, Ace dodges it and while Ace dodges it, Skrump 83 jumps on his Giant Fly and flies away.
Ace sees Skrump 83 flying away and then looks immediately to Kevin Young and Ralph Anderson, who’s running to Kevin and Ace. Ace grabs the knife and throws it towards the flying fly. The fly and Skrump 83 are falling on the ground.
‘Go to The Director. Now.’ Says Ace to Ralph and Kevin. And Ace walks off.
That same day, Jason Glover, Ralph Anderson and Kevin Young are in one room in The School for Superheroes.
‘I’m sorry I didn’t believe you Ralph.’ Says Kevin.
‘Don’t worry. It’s hard believe.’ Says Ralph.
While the three of them are having a conversation about the most recent events, The Director walks in.
‘We’re slowly having the full team.’ Says The Director with a big smile.
‘Who’s the next Chosen?’ Asks Jason.
The Director’s smile fades away. ‘The Vision is getting slower, it’s gonna take a while.’
In the dungeons, deep under The School for Superheroes sits Skrump 83 in a cell. He sits all alone, with only a few candles for light and some bread and water.
‘You must be happy that you’re still alive.’ Says Ace, standing in front of the cell.
‘Fuck off.’ Says Skrump 83, holding his middle finger to Ace.
‘Okay, I just wanted to start a conversation.’
Ace looks disappointend and walks away.
‘You must be happy that you’re still alive.’ Whispers Skrump 83 to himself.
Ace stands in The Director’s office, he’s waiting for The Director. After a few minutes The Director walks in.
‘What changed your mind?’
Ace turns around to The Director. ‘The fact that you might destroy Brindges by gathering The Chosen together.’
‘Brindges will be destroyed if we don’t gather them all together.’
‘Tell that to The First Five.’
The Director looks annoyed. ‘Don’t you start with that. The Chosen will protect Brindges!’
‘I try to believe you Director. I’ll help you with training them.’
‘I’m glad to hear that Ace.’
Ace walks past The Director out of his office. The Director looks to Ace walking away.
‘It’s good to have you back!’
Ben Tyson is on The Field that day. There a multiple training dummies on The Field. Ben Tyson grabs his sword and runs towards the dummies. He slices the throat of the first dummy. Cuts the second dummy in half and beheads the third dummy.
‘I see you’re training hard.’ Says Ayden who was looking to Ben’s training.
Ben puts his sword on his back.
‘I haven’t seen you training in a while, you’ll become weaker.’
‘I train.’ Says Ayden with a smile. ‘You just don’t see me training.’
Ben and Ayden are staring at each other from a distance.
Ayden stomps very hard on the ground and an earth block emerges from the ground. He kicks the earth block towards Ben Tyson.
Ben Tyson quickly grabs his sword back and slices the big earth block in half, both half earth block are flying past him. Ben Tyson runs very fast towards Ayden and Ayden bends a water wave towards Ben. Ben jumps through the water wave but gets blasted backwards.
Ayden then bends a whirlwind to Ben and Ben quickly runs past it towards Ayden and punches him in the stomach. Ayden falls on his knees.
Ben look a little bit disappointed to Ayden, who’s sitting on his knees because of the pain that Ben gave him.
‘You’re still weak.’ Says Ben.
‘I’m sorry. I’m still thinking about his death…’
‘It’s not your fault.’ Says Ben.
Ben grabs Ayden’s hand and pulls him up. ‘It’s not your fault Ayden.’
Ralph Anderson, Kevin Young and Jason Glover are all three looking through a window and then The Director comes in.
‘I need to show you something.’ Says The Director.
The Director leaves the room, Jason follows him, then Ralph and at last, Kevin. Eventually, they enter The Director’s office where Jason, Ralph and Kevin are already standing there but they also enter the office behind The Director. They look shocked.
‘What is this? Are you going to replace us?’ Asks Kevin.
‘This is The Robotic Change Program. Also called The RPC. Yes indeed, they’ll replace you in the real world while you can train in ours.’
Ralph walks closer to his robotic version and looks straight into its eyes.
‘When are we going to train then?’ Asks Jason.’
‘When we get all The Chosen.’
Ralph turns around. ‘Then let’s find them.’
It’s a rainy day in New York, Brooklyn on the 17th of June. Jason Glover walks runs in his house in the hope he doesn’t get to wet.
‘Mom, dad! I missed you!’ Yells Jason.
Ella and Terrence are looking disturbed to Jason. ‘Honey, you were gone for a few hours?’ Says Ella.
Jason just smiles and walks up the stairs, opens the door of his bedroom and walks in and he startles when he sees The Director in his bedroom with the robotic version of Jason Glover beside him.
‘This robotic version of you work perfectly Jason.’ Says The Director with a big smile.
The Director pushes a button on the back of the robot’s neck. The robotic version of Jason shrinks to a tiny cube. The Director grabs the cube from the ground and hands it over to Jason.
‘If you want to go back to Brindges, just push that button and your robot will appears, he acts just the same like you.’
‘How do you get it acting like me?’
‘That’s a secret.’
The Director opens the door of the wardrobe and steps into it. He closes the door. After a moment, Jason opens the door and sees that The Director is gone.
‘Weird…’ Says Jason, confused.
Jason looks attentively to the tiny cube that he’s holding. After a moment, he puts the tiny robot down and walks to his television, in front of the television stands an Atari 2600. He grabs a disk with the title: Best Game Ever!. Het puts in the disk and a screen comes on the television.
Best Game Ever! Is a multiplayer RPG game where Jason has met some friends which he has never seen in real life. People can also send text messages on the game.
Jason sends a text in a group: Levina, are you there?
He gets a fast reply: Jason, I missed you!
I missed you too. Replies Jason.
And then another text appears: DennisVD joins the game.
Levina, baby, when are you coming over? Sends DennisVD in a text message. Right after that DennisVD sends another text message.
What the hell is Jason doing here? Send DennisVD.
Jason puts off his console and looks annoyed. ‘Fuck you Dennis.’ He says.
The next day on the 18th of June, Ralph is walking through the hallways of the school for superheroes, looking amazed at all the walls and windows.
‘Ralph!’ Yells Ace from the other side of the hallway. They walk to each other.
‘How do you feel Ralph?’
‘I’m feeling awesome. I can’t wait until there are some fights.’
‘Alright Ralph, nice to meet you.’ Says Ace with a smile.
Ace walks away but now with a worried look.
Kevin Young is also in Brindges, sitting on Brindges Beach, looking to the lake that connects with the big ocean. The beach lays behind The Field. Ace also walks towards Kevin.
‘May I sit down?’
‘Yes of course.’
‘It’s a beautiful beach eh Kevin?’
‘Yeah…Sure. I don’t really like beaches and I miss my parents.’
‘Why are you sitting here then? And you can always visit your parents. They never know you were gone.’
Kevin stands up. ‘You know what, I’m gonna visit my parents now.’
Kevin walks away and Ace keeps on sitting on the beach.
Ace also looks worried.
A moment later, Ace sees Jason walking on The Field. The sun is burning hot today.
‘Be careful or you get sunburned Jason.’ Says Ace while walking to him.
‘I heard you’re The Infamous Ace.’
Ace grins. ‘I’m not used to that name anymore, can I ask you something?’
‘Ask me anything.’
‘What would you do if your parents got killed?’
‘I’ll probably find the killers and kill them myself.’
Ace nods and doesn’t say anything for a while.
‘Why?’ Asks Jason curiously.
‘The Director made a terrible mistake. That’s why.’
Ace turns around and walks away, Jason looks confused to him.
A few moments later, Ace opens the door of The Director’s office without stopping. The Director looks confused to Ace.
‘Something wrong?’ Asks The Director.
‘You made a terrible mistake by bringing The Chosen together. Ralph hopes to much about this, Kevin doesn’t even take this seriously and Jason, he’s reckless.’
‘I remember you ad a 16-year-old kid, you were reckless too Ace.’
‘Yeah, well, times have changed.’
That same day, Kevin young is in his house, visiting his parents because he misses them so much.
Ed and Emily Young, the parents of Kevin are talking with him. ‘You look so somber Kevin? What’s wrong?’ Asks his father.
‘Things are going to change for me’.
‘What are you talking about Kevin?’ Asks his mother.
‘I want to go to Oxford University.’
Ed and Emily are looking relieved. ‘We appreciate that honey.’
Kevin walks to his bedroom and looks worried.
Kevin’s mother is doing to dishes later, his father Ed walks to Emily.
‘Don’t you think Kevin is acting strange?’
‘That’s puberty Ed, just puberty.’
That midday, in The School for Superheroes, The Vision is acting very strangely. Three hologram pictures are in The Vision, the ones of Jason, Ralph and Kevin. But a fourth one is appearing. It’s from a girl with long brown hair.
The Director walks into his office and sees blue light coming from The Vision room. He walks rapidly to The Vision room and sees a fourth hologram on The Vision. He smiles.
After a while, The Director has gathered Jason, Ralph and Kevin together in The Vision room.
‘Does anyone perhaps know her?’
‘Jermaine Reed.’ Says Jason worriedly.
‘Kevin, this one is yours.’ Says The Director.
That same day, Kevin Young is walking through the streets of Brooklyn, past Brooklyn Brooks School, he sees a group with a few girls, one of the girls is Jermaine, a tall beautiful girl with long brown hair and hazel eyes.
Kevin looks kind of worried because he doesn’t like talking to girls. After a hesitate moment he walks up to the group of girls.
‘Jermaine, can I talk with you.’
Jermaine Reed turns around. ‘And who are you?’
‘We’re on the same school, I just wanna talk, alone…’
‘I can’t right now, I’m sorry.’
‘Later today maybe?’ Asks Kevin with a scared tone.
‘Sure, but don’t think that you can put your dick in me because I said sure.’
‘Uhm, okay, I’m not…’
Kevin walks back away and looks rather confused. What he doesn’t know is that a Skrump is sitting on a rooftop of a building near Jermaine and the other girls. The Skrump walks away from the side of the rooftop and runs to the other side where another Skrump stands; Skrump 201.
‘I’ve found the fourth Chosen.’.
Skrump 201 smiles scary to the other Skrump.
Later that day in Brindges, Skromp 101 is standing on The Field. Ben Tyson stands at the side of The Field.
‘Are you ready?’ Asks Ben.
‘Bring it.’ Says Skromp 101.
Ben Tyson pushes onto a button that’s places on a remote that he’s holding. Several pillars are coming out of the grass, they all have holes in it. Out of every pillar, a shuriken flies out towards Skromp 101.
Skromp 101 runs towards the shuriken, jumps in the air between them and lands back on the ground. Then Ayden runs on The Field, he stamps on the ground and an earth block emerges from the ground. He bends the earth block towards Skromp 101.
Two more earth blocks are getting thrown towards Skromp 101. Skromp 101 looks very angry and runs towards the earth blocks. He jumps over it and holds his sword in front of Ayden’s face, still looking angry. Ayden doesn’t know what to say.
‘You have so much anger in you.’ Says Ben Tyson, looking slightly worried.
‘Skrump 201 is back with terrorizing Brindges. Yeah, I have my reasons to be angry.’

That evening, Kevin Young walks with Jermaine through the quiet streets of Brooklyn.
‘Why do you wanna talk?’ Asks Jermaine, slightly worried.
Kevin turns into the alleyway where the portal to Brindges is.
‘I just wanna show you something.’ Says Kevin, smiling.
Jermaine looks disturbed. ‘Fuck you. You’re just the same as the rest of you kind.’
Jermaine turns around and walks away and Kevin looks confused. ‘No, I didn’t mean it like that…’
Jermaine turns back around towards Kevin and looks angry.
‘Then how did you mean it?’
Then out of nowhere, a stone is flying through the air through the alleyway towards Kevin. Jermaine looks confused to the flying stone. The flying stone directly hits Kevin’s head and Kevin falls unconscious on de ground.
Skrumps are now arriving in the alleyway and Jermaine looks scared now. The Skrumps are running towards Jermaine and then, halfway in the alleyway the portal shines bright. Jermaine looks to the bright portal and someone jumps out.
It’s Ayden. Ayden bends an earth ball towards The Skrumps. It knocks one Skrump out. Then another person jumps out the portal, it’s Rabby. Rabby looks to Jermaine.
‘Come, with us if you want to stay alive!’ Yells Rabby.
Rabby throws a Skrumps in the air with his magic and Ayden runs towards the unconscious Kevin. He grabs Kevin’s body and yells to Rabby.
‘Jump in the portal!’ Yells Ayden.
Rabby looks to Jermaine. ‘Trust us.’ And then he jump through the portal. Jermaine follows him and then Ayden with Kevin’s body. The gate closes right in front of the remaining Skrumps.
To Be Continued…

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