It’s 18th June. It’s dark in Brindges. Light is burning in The School for Superheroes. Kevin Young lays on a hospital bed with a bandage around his head. Jason, Ralph and Jermaine are standing beside him.
‘This is getting quite dangerous.’ Says Ralph slightly worried.
‘And it’s getting even more dangerous.’ Says The Director while walking in the hospital wing.
‘What’s going on here?’ Asks Jermaine.
‘Jason, you explain everything to Jermaine. Ralph, Ace wants to see you.’
Jason, Ralph and Jermaine are walking away from Kevin’s bed. The Director stays with Kevin, he comforts him.
‘You’re gonna be okay Kevin.’
Kevin smiles a little.
Jermaine and Jason are walking through the halls of the school. Jason is giving Jermaine a tour.
‘We are The Chosen?’ Asks Jermaine with a big smile.
Jermaine starts laughing hysterically. Jason doesn’t even smile to her.
‘Are you still mad for what I did to you?’
‘Am I mad? No.’
‘I’m sorry that we couldn’t handle our relationship’
‘You couldn’t handle it. You cheated on me Jermaine, remember?’
Jermaine looks disappointed in herself. ‘I’m sorry, okay?’
There’s a silence between the two of them.
‘Why are we even talking about this’ Asks Jermaine.
‘I don’t know. We should forget the past.’
Jermaine and Jason are standing now still in the hallway. Jermaine looks quite disturbed and Jason is smiling because of Jermaine’s disturbed face. The robotic version of Jermaine stands on the other side of the hallway.
‘What the fuck is this?’
‘The Director made something. While we’re here, in Brindges, these robotic versions of ours are dealing with our lives on Earth.’
Jermaine looks disturbed to Jason. ‘I know, it’s complicated.’ Says Jason.

It’s now 19th July. Kevin Young sits in front of The Director’s office. He has still a bandage around his head. A few moments later, The Director walks into his office and sits on his big chair right in front of Kevin Young.
‘I know you talked with your parents, about how things are going to change for you.’
Kevin looks very awkwardly.
‘How do you know? You spy on us?’
‘It’s for your own safety Kevin. Your robotic version keeps me up to date.’
Kevin says nothing, looking rather disappointed.
‘I’m sorry Kevin, but that has to happen, be careful for what you say to your parents, to anyone. You can go now.’
Kevin stands up and walks away without saying anything.
Jermaine Reed sits in her bedroom, looking closely to all the walls when The Director’s knocks on her door. He then walks in.
‘Jermaine, I need you to find the next Chosen.’
‘And who’s that?’
‘Her name is Kailey Cooper, she also at Brooklyn Brooks School.’
‘I know who that is.’ Says Jermaine in an annoyed tone.
‘You do?’
‘Yes, she’s the most popular girl in school.’
‘Well, okay, good luck Jermaine.
Jermaine looks annoyed.
That same day, two familiar faces are talking with each other. Jerome Wilson and Josh Palmer. Jerome Wilson is also knows as The Black Ranger but only Josh knows that. The two are talking about The Black Ranger.
‘Sooner or later, your secret will be made public.’
‘It’s not gonna be public if you shut up about it!’ Says Jerome.
A beautiful girl with a nice body and black hair walks fast between Jerome and Josh. That girl is Kailey Cooper.
‘Need to pass!’ Says Kailey.
Jerome and Josh are looking annoyed. ‘You could’ve walked around!’ Yells Josh.
Later that day in class, Jerome Wilson, Josh Palmer and Charlotte Brooks are together with Kailey Cooper in the class. The teacher walks in with a postcard.
‘We’re gonna write something for Dain Bennet, and I hope he’ll read it when he awakes.’
‘If he awakes.’ Whispers Josh.
Jerome smiles a little.
‘Miss Cooper, put that gum away!’
Kailey Cooper looks to the teacher, smacking around with the gum in her mouth.
‘I don’t have gum.’
‘Tell that to principal Warren!’
Kailey Cooper walks out the classroom, still eating her gum. In the hallways Kailey grabs the gum out her mouth and throws it in the hallway, without looking forward she walks into Jermaine Reed in the hallway.
‘Kailey, I need to speak with you.’
Kailey pushes Jermaine out of her way.
‘Get out of my way bitch!’ And Kailey walks further.
Jermaine looks very angry and steps toward Kailey.
Kailey flips Jermaine off.
‘If you don’t listen to me, you’re going to die!’
Kailey stops and looks a little scared. She turns around toward Jermaine.
‘What do you want?’
In the meantime in Brindges, on The Field. Ralph Anderson and Ace are talking to each other.
‘On this field we do all the training. That also includes the training for The Chosen, including you.
‘You said including twice.’ Says Ralph.
‘Do people die at training?’
Ace looks annoyed and says nothing.
Ace disappears from The Field and Ralph stands there, all alone. A portal appears.
‘I hope you’re ready.’ Says the voice of Ace.
Ralph looks around to see where the voice of Ace comes from but he doesn’t see him.
Robotic Skrumps are jumping out the portal. They’re the same form of Skrumps, only a metal shine on them with red eyes. Swords are coming out of their fists. The robotic Skrumps are running toward Ralph Anderson.
One Skrump swings with its sword to Ralph while approaching him. Ralph quickly jumps backwards to dodges the swinging sword. Ralph looks shocked.
‘Is this for real?!?’
The same Skrump swings again with its sword. Ralph jumps backwards again but this down the sword cuts through Ralph’s jean. Ralph looks to the cut in his jeans and realized it’s a real sword.
Ralph kick The Skrump and his kick makes a dent in The Skrump’s robotic chest. Ralph then immediately grabs the sword out The Skrump’s hand and swings with the sword to the robotic Skrump’s head. He cuts right through it and the Skrump’s robotic head falls on the ground.
Three other Skrumps are running towards Ralph Anderson now and Ralph looks worried knowing he can’t handle three at once. Then Ace jumps in front of Ralph Anderson.
Ace touches the robotic Skrump that Ralph beheaded and his hand begins to change in the same metal substance as the robotic. He runs to the robotic Skrumps and punches on right through the head.
He grabs the body of the robotic Skrump and throws it on the other two robotic Skrumps.
‘You did a good job Ralph.’ Says Ace with a little smile.
In Brooklyn Brooks School, Jermaine doesn’t know what to say to Kailey Cooper after she asked her what she want. Kailey Cooper looks annoyed and walks through the exit of the school instead of going to the principal’s office.
Kailey exits the school and Jermaine follows her outside. Kailey turns around and starts to get even more annoyed with Jermaine following her.
‘You know you’re really fucking annoying, right? Stop following me you weird bitch!’
‘You need to believe me.’ Says Jermaine in a desperate voice.
Two Skrumps are standing on the roof of Brooklyn Brooks School, overhearing the conversation. One Skrumps jumps down the roof in front of Kailey, Kailey screams. The other Skrumps jumps down in front of Jermaine. Jermaine is thunderstruck.
Kailey Cooper throws her schoolbag to The Skrumps and quickly runs away. The Skrumps throws the schoolbag from his head and runs behind Kailey Cooper. Kailey runs past Jermaine and the other Skrump.
The Skrump is catching up with Kailey and he grabs her.
‘HELP!’ Screams Kailey.
Jermaine and the other Skrumps are still standing over each other.
‘Do you want to help your friend?’ Asks the Skrump.
‘She’s not exactly my friend.’
A sword goes right through the head of The Skrump that is holding Kailey. Kailey looks to the Skrump’s head and sees that a sword is pierced through. Ben Tyson is holding the sword and pulls it out of the head of the Skrump.
Skromp 101 walks to The Skrump that’s standing in front of Jermaine Reed and he grabs him and breaks his neck.
Ben Tyson and Skromp 101 are now talking with each other.
‘Bring the bodies back to Brindges.’
Ben turns back around to Kailey.
‘Hello Kailey.’
Ben and Skromp 101.
‘It seems that we always need to save The Chosen.’ Says Skromp 101.
In The School for Superheroes. Ben Tyson, Jermaine Reed, Kailey Cooper and Skromp 101 have arrived. Skromp 101 burns the bodies of the dead Skrumps and Kailey stands with Ben Tyson in the office of The Director.
‘What is this for bullshit?’ Asks Kailey.
The Director sits at his desk.
‘We need your help, to protect Brindges and Earth. You’re one of The Chosen that needs to help us.’
‘And who are the other Chosen?’ Asks Kailey.
Kailey turns around and sees Jason Glover, Ralph Anderson, Kevin Young and Jermaine Reed in the door opening. Kailey looks disappointed.
To Be Continued…

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