It’s evening on the 18th of June in 1983. In Brindges, The School for Superheroes, Kevin Young is walking through the dark corridors. Why is he walking there?
‘Just exploring the school I said, it’ll be fun I said.’ Whispers Kevin.
‘I’m shitting my pants right now.’ Says Kevin, a little scared.
And Suddenly, Kevin stops in the corridor and looks to his left. He sees a door with a sign on it that says: Forbidden to Enter!
Kevin looks to the sign and grabs the handle of the door.
‘I wouldn’t do that if I were you.’ Says Ace, who’s standing behind Kevin. Kevin startles.
‘What’s behind that door?’ Asks Kevin.
‘It’s just an old library, you won’t get in because it requires a special key.’
‘Sorry.’ Says Kevin, a little disappointed.
‘Now that you’re still awake, follow me.’ Kevin follows Ace.
Fifteen minutes later, Ace and Kevin are walking on the beach not far from The School for Superheroes.
‘Look at the ocean Kevin, do you see the end?’
Kevin looks to the ocean, the moon is shining on the clear water.
‘Uhm, no, it’s dark outside.’
‘Exactly.’ Says Ace with a grin.
A big wave from the ocean arrives on shore. Kevin turns around to see the big wave. He turns back around to where Ace stood and sees that Ace has disappeared.
‘Ace? Where are you?’ Says Kevin while standing alone on the beach.
But Kevin isn’t alone on the beach. Something is crawling through the sand toward Kevin. When it comes close to Kevin, it jumps out the sand. It’s a Sand Monster, a white sandy monster that is as big as a pig.
Another Sand Monster jumps out the sand in front of Kevin, then another one, then three more. They’re all standing in front of Kevin on their sandy legs. Kevin looks scared and runs away.
The Sand Monsters are running behind Kevin and they’re catching up with him. One Sand Monster jumps into the air and Kevin looks back and sees the Sand Monster in the air. Kevin quickly kicks The Sand Monster and it falls on the ground.
Kevin look surprised of seeing himself kicking The Sand Monster. Another Sand Monster grabs Kevin from behind and it throws Kevin away into the sand. The Sand Monster jumps in the air to jump on Kevin and Kevin swings with his fist, way too early.
Instead of punching The Sand Monster, an air wave comes out of his fist and the air wave hits The Sand Monster and it falls on the sand. All The Sand Monsters are crawling back in the sand because they’re afraid now.
Kevin looks exhausted, he looks to his fist, astonished that there came an air wave out. Ace walks towards Kevin.
‘Well done Kevin.’ Says Ace.
‘I could’ve died!’ Yells Kevin.
‘No, these Sand Monsters don’t kill.’
‘Ace, what did I just do?’
‘You can control Air, congratulations Kevin.’
‘What?’ Asks Kevin confused.
‘I’ll be explained later.’
The next day, Kevin is walking through the hallways of The School for Superheroes. He stands in front of the door of The Forbidden Library. The sign with: Forbidden Entry! Is still on the door. Kevin walks further down the hallways when he sees The Director leaving his office.
Kevin slips into The Director’s office and goes to the big desk. He looks in the drawers and eventually finds a key with a forbidden sign on the key. Kevin looks to the key closely.
‘This has to be it.’
Kevin walks back out the office and after a moment, he stands behind the door of The Forbidden Library again. He puts the key in the lock and twists it. He looks surprised when the door actually opens so easy.
Kevin opens the door of The Forbidden Library and walks through it. He now stands in a library, an infinity library. It looks like the library doesn’t end. Kevin looks worried and hesitates, he then turns around to only see that the door he entered is now gone.
Where once stood the door, there’s now an endless hallway of books. Kevin decides to walk further down the hallway. He grabs a big red book out of a bookcase and puts it on a table that stands beside the bookcase. There are several tables and chairs in every hallway of The Forbidden Library.
He puts the big, red and dusty book on the table and he wipes the dust of the book. The title of the book is as follows: The School for Superheroes. He starts reading the book.
A long, long time ago, five people were Chosen to protect Brindges, they were The First Five.
While Kevin is reading the book in the endless Forbidden Library, Ben Tyson walks through the hallways and he senses that the door of The Forbidden Library is unlocked. He opens the door and looks worried. He sighs and walks in the library.
Kevin is still reading and he startles when out of nowhere Ben Tyson shuts the book that Kevin is reading.
‘What are you doing here?’ Asks Ben, looking quite angry.
‘I was just looking around…’
‘How did you get in here Kevin?’
‘The door was open, but when I entered, I couldn’t find the door back…’
‘That why this is called The Forbidden Library.’
‘Who were The First Five?’ Asks Kevin.
‘I don’t know and nobody knows, I’m going to get you out of here.’
Ben Tyson puts the big book back in the bookshelf. He looks worried. Kevin is waiting between two hallways.
‘So? Where’s the exit?’
Ben sighs.
A moment later, Ben Tyson stands in the office of The Director, The Director is looking through the window.
‘We need to be careful with The Chosen. I found Kevin Young in The Forbidden Library. He was reading a book and asked who The First Five are.’
The Director turns around, looking worried.
‘And what did you say?’
‘I said that I didn’t know The First Five, that no one knows.’
‘Good.’ Says The Director while turning back to the window, looking worried.
To Be Continued…

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