In The School for Superheroes, Brindges, Jermaine Reed is sitting in her bedroom, looking worried. Then someone knocks on her door. It’s Kevin Young.
‘Can I come in?’
‘Yeah.’ Says Jermaine.
‘You’re awfully quiet.’ Says Kevin to Jermaine.
‘It’s just, do I leave my life on Earth behind?’
‘I don’t know Jermaine, I’m thinking about that too.’
Ralph Anderson runs into Jermaine’s bedroom.
‘There you are Kevin! I found two Skrumps close by, let’s spy on them.’
Kevin looks to Jermaine. ‘I think everything’s gonna be fine.’
Kevin walks away with Ralph. Later they’re walking through the hallways.
‘Hurry up Kevin! ‘
‘Isn’t it dangerous?’ Asks Kevin who’s slightly worried now.
‘Not if they don’t see us.’ Says Ralph with a big smile.
A few miles further from The School for Superheroes, two Skrumps are walking through the woods. Ralph Anderson and Kevin Young are standing behind the bushes, looking to The Skrumps and hearing what they say.
‘I hope the attack will go very well.’ Says one Skrump.
‘That school will burn.’ Says the other.
Ralph and Kevin are looking worriedly to each other.
‘They’re going to attack the school.’ Whispers Kevin to Ralph.
‘Do you have information about the girl?’ Asks the one Skrump to the other.’
‘Yes, I do.’ Says the other Skrump.
‘Soon we’ll kidnap the seventh Chosen.’ Says one Skrump to the other.
Kevin and Ralph are looking worried to each other.
In The School for Superheroes, Jason Glover and Kailey Cooper are having a conversation. They’re sitting opposite each other in the dining hall. The dining hall of the school is as big as a football yard.
‘So you were the first one?’ Asks Kailey.
‘Yep, it all started with me.’
‘And everyone that’s here is in the same school on Earth?’
‘Yes Kailey, Brooklyn Brooks School.’
‘And why is this dining hall so big? I mean come one…’
‘Kailey, there are many things that I don’t know off.’
The two of them say nothing for a few minutes.
‘I’m gonna go outside for a walk.’ Says Jason.
Jason walks outside with Kailey following him.
Outside the school is Skromp 101 walking with another Skromp when suddenly a flaming arrow flies through the head of the one Skromp. Skromp 101 looks shocked and looks backwards. Kailey Cooper and Jason are too looking shocked because when the exited the school, they saw the dead Skromp.
Skromp 101 sees Jason and Kailey coming out the building. He runs towards them.
‘Stay behind me!’
Jason and Kailey are closely behind Skromp 101 while he’s yelling towards the direction where the arrow came from.
‘Show me who you are, you coward!’
A Giant Fly flies through the air and a person jumps of the fly. The person lands directly on the ground, several meters in front of Skromp 101, Jason and Kailey. That person is Skrump 201.
‘Hello 101.’ Says Skrump 201.’
Skrump 201 runs quickly towards Skromp 101 and he kicks him with his knee right in 101’s stomach. Skromp 101 falls backwards on the ground.
‘Weak.’ Says Skrump 201.
Skromp 101 stands back up and Skrump 201 runs back at him and swings with hist fist. Skromp 101 dodges the fist of 201 and grabs his arm and kicks him in the back. Skrump 201 falls on the ground with his face in the dirt.
Skrump 201 grabs a tiny knife out of his pocket and throws it at Skromp 101. It hit Skromp 101 right in the shoulder. Skromp 101 falls on to his knees with Kailey Cooper and Jason Glover still standing behind him.
Skrump 201 looks to Jason and Kailey.
‘They don’t have powers. How cute.’
Skrump 201 then turns back to Skromp 101.
‘This is just the beginning.’
Blood is dripping down the shoulder of Skromp 101. Skrump 201 stands with a sword in front of Skromp 201. He then looks to Jason and Kailey.
‘You two are next.’
Then out of nowhere, Ace runs towards Skrump 201 and takes him down. Skrump 201’s sword rolls away and Ace quickly stands up, grabbing Skrump 201’s sword. Skrump 201 also stands up.
‘It’s already too late.’ Says Skrump 201.
Now that everyone is distracted, a few Skrumps are infiltrating the school, they’re in the dungeons and one Skrump slices a lock of a cell with his sword. Skrump 83 sits in his cell.
Skrump 83 looks up, he smiles and then stands up. Two Skromps are running in the dungeon. They stop in front of Skrump 83’s cell. The other Skrumps are gone. Skrump 83 walks closer to the cell door with a knife in his hand behind his back.
‘I’m wondering what all that yelling is about.
The Skromps are look to Skrump 83 ‘Shut up.’ Says on Skromp.
Skrump 83 kicks the cell door open and jumps out the cell, he stabs one Skromp in the head and the other in the throat. The two other Skrumps are appearing and Skrump 83 turns towards them.
‘It’s about damn time.’ Says Skrump 83.
Jason Glover suddenly wakes up, realizing that the attack on the school was a dream, or more like vision. He gets outs of bed quickly and runs out his room towards the office of The Director.
‘Director, I think the school’s gonna get attacked.’
‘What? You had a vision?’
‘It felt so real…Skrump 83 escaped, Skromp 101 got shot with an arrow.’
Skromp 101 stands behind Jason. ‘Maybe this is a sign.’
‘Gather all the teachers Skromp 101, we need to prepare for this attack.’ Says The Director.
Moments later, Ace, Ben Tyson, Skromp 101 and Ayden are all standing in front of the school when a giant fly flies to them. Skrump 201 jumps off the fly on to the ground.
Ayden bends a fire ball, Ben Tyson and Skromp 101 are holding their swords. Skrump 201 looks worried.
‘This is not what I imagined.’ Says Skrump 201, slightly worried.
Deep in the dungeons of the school stands The Director in front of Skrump 83’s cell.
‘The attempt of your breakout has failed.’
‘I know.’ Says Skrump 83 with a grin.
In the meantime, Ralph and Kevin are still looking to the few Skrumps.
‘Are we going to attack them?’ Asks Ralph to Kevin.
‘No, that’ll be too risky, we should warn the others.’
‘Okay.’ Says Ralph.
‘Something happened yesterday…’ Says Kevin, slightly worried.
‘You lost your virginity?’ Asks Ralph with a big laugh.
Kevin looks quite annoyed.
‘No, look.’
Kevin puts his hand out and he concentrates but nothing happened.
‘Wow!’ Says Ralph unentertained.
‘Never mind, we should go warn the others now.’ Says Kevin, slightly disappointed in himself.
A few minutes later are Kevin and Ralph running towards the School for Superheroes when they see Jason, Kailey, Ayden, Ben Tyson, Ace and Skromp 101.
‘The school is going to get attacked!’ Yells Ralph.
Skromp 101 steps aside and Skrump 201, who’s being handcuffed is now visible for Ralph and Kevin. Ben Tyson walks up to them.
‘We know.’ Says Ben.
Ralph and Kevin are both looking confused. Skrump 201 sees that some of the teachers are now distracted and he whistles. After he whistles he snaps out of the handcuffs and a giant fly flies by.
He jumps high up in the air and land straight on the giant fly and he flies away. Ace, Ben Tyson, Ayden and Skromp 101 are all looking disappointed.
The Director walks outside the school.
‘Jason had a vision about that this was going to happen.’ Says The Director.
The Director then walks to Kevin and Ralph.
‘And you two spied on Skrumps. That’s dangerous when you don’t even have your powers.’
‘They’re going to kidnap the seventh Chosen.’ Says Ralph.
‘Seventh? We don’t even the sixth one.’ Says Ace, looking confused.
‘We almost do.’ Says The Director.
The Director turns around towards Kailey. ‘Kailey, you’re going to get the sixth Chosen.’
That same day in the evening, a 16-year-old Moroccan teenager is jogging through the park of Brooklyn. Kailey Cooper is standing in the park too, waiting for the Moroccan teenager to come by. When he comes closer to Kailey, Kailey walks forward.
‘You’re a fast runner Radek.’
The teenager named Radek slightly looks to Kailey but runs further.
‘Are you deaf?’ Yells Kailey.
Radek turns around and looks to Kailey, who look quite angry.
‘What?’ Asks Radek.
‘I know a place where we can hang out, just the two of us.’ Says Kailey while she blinks at him.
‘I know who you are Kailey Cooper, no thank you.’
Radek runs further and Kailey runs behind him. They’re now running beside each other.
‘Can you stand still for a moment? I hate to run.’
Radek stops running and so does Kailey.
‘Look, I don’t wanna fuck you Radek, I just need to show you something. I know you’re interested in Jermaine Reed, she’s interested too, just follow me.
After a few minutes, Radek and Kailey are walking through the alleyway of the portal. Kailey stops in the middle of the alleyway with Radek beside her. Kailey turns to Radek and puts her arms around his neck, she looks closely into his Radek’s eyes, Radek looks a little bit scared.
‘Jermaine isn’t interested at all, right?’
‘Yeah, I just needed you to come here.’
Kailey pulls her own arms away from Radek.
‘Don’t worry, you’re not my type.’
The portal starts to appears in the alleyway. Radek looks thunderstruck. Kailey pushes Radek into the gate. She then jumps in the portal too.
In Brindges, Radek lays in the grass in the forest. He looks back to the portal when Kailey jumps out. Radek stands up, looking even more scared.
‘Welcome in Brindges.’ Says Kailey with a big smile.
To Be Continued…

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