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When I got back to my own trailer, I saw Richard sitting on the chairs nervously tapping his feet. Lee was just leaning against the trailer joking about how I was probably kicking Dean’s butt while Evangeline and Orlando tried to make Richard feel better by saying everything would be fine and we would celebrate Christmas together. ‘I should probably take a picture of you guys, I this is probably the only time you elves don’t feel too good to laugh at your dwarf friends.’ I said while walking towards them which made them all look up with a hopeful smile. ‘So you’re back soon, is that a good thing?’ Lee asked which made me sigh and grab Richards hands. ‘We’re going to London’ I smiled at him which immediately made him jump off the stairs and pull me in his arms ‘You’re going to love it there I promise!’ He said kissing my forehead which made Evangeline make a little “aw” sound. ‘So how did Dean take it?’ Orlando asked carefully. I sighed and shrug. ‘Leave Dean to me’ a voice now spoke from behind us. ‘Aidan?’ I said watching him come towards us from behind my trailer. ‘I heard you talking to Dean, I’m sorry. I was actually planning to go to his trailer for another game evening, but then I heard you talking and I kinda stayed by the window listening.’ Aidan explained which made me look at him in confusion, I wasn’t even sure whether I should be mad or just leave this be. ‘Dean’s wrong treating you like this and he knows it, but I’m pretty sure you did hurt him with what you said’ Aidan went on talking. I sighed ‘Yea thanks Aidan I figured that out myself, he gave me no choice!’ I tried to defend myself knowing that I wouldn’t even be able to convince myself this time. I did have a choice I could at least try and handle this in a respectful way instead of literally telling my brother he made me feel bad for years, but for some reason I didn’t feel like keeping everything in anymore. ‘I get you Hera, no need to explain yourself to me. I’ll just check on Dean and you enjoy your time with Richard in London okay?’ Aidan asked which made me smile again. ‘Thanks Aidan, that means a lot to me’ I said before quickly hugging him. ‘So what exactly did you tell him?’ Lee now asked where after I quietly repeated my words. Orlando and Evangeline now hid their face in their hands while Lee got a smirk on his face ‘BAM’ he shouted hitting his leg which made me throw him a questioning look. ‘What c’mon that’s like a punch in the face, probably a well deserved one though’ he spoke which also made Orlando and Evangeline smirk and shake their heads ‘You’re an asshole’ Orlando spoke which made Lee playfully hit him on his shoulder ‘Watch your words son’ he said which made Orlando make even more fun of him until Lee started running after him. ‘So I’ll go check on the kids, enjoy London!’ Evangeline then spoke which made me laugh and salute her. ‘So I’m off to Dean, guess we’ll be catching a plane together tomorrow’ Aidan said. I nodded quickly before thanking him once more and then being alone with Richard again. It was only then I noticed he had been extremely quiet all this time. ‘Richard?’ I mumbled a little panicking on the inside, I mean what if he didn’t like me anymore and thought I had been a total bitch? ‘Let’s go inside okay?’ he asked which made me nod and follow him inside my trailer. There he went to sit down on the couch and just put on the tv. ‘Rich?’ I muttered ‘C’mon talk to me?’ I begged him as he didn’t immediately respond. ‘What do you want me to say Hera? I don’t like any of this okay, I don’t know what to think or feel right now. I am so happy and excited that you are coming home with me and that I get to show you my country and you’ll meet my parents. It just…It doesn’t feel right, not like this not while Dean is hurt. No matter how much I love you it can’t take away the feeling that I just betrayed a friend’ Richard said which made me sigh and sit down in front of him. ‘You think I like this? Do you think I feel alright with this?’ I muttered, I felt the tears burning in my eyes yet I refused to let them out. I didn’t want to ruin this moment, I didn’t want to feel bad again, as if no matter what I did I was just meant to feel miserable. ‘Maybe we should go to his trailer together and talk to him?’ Richard suggested. I laughed ‘There is no talking to him, I broke his heart, you betrayed his trust, all we’re going to do if we go back there is make things worse’ I tried to convince Richard. He sighed as well. I can’t just leave him here for Christmas feeling like I betrayed him and like you don’t love him. We have to talk to him, we’ll wait till morning’ Richard said which made me take a deep breath and nod. I had to admit I didn’t like this idea at all, but I refused to let him talk to Dean once, things didn’t get better so it was only worth a try.

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