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This castle was huge that’s what Allison thought to herself when they entered the castle. She was in the front of the line , the line was led by a giant named Hagrid. “You’re cute huge aren’t you ” she said to Hagrid.“You are not the first kid to tell me that today” Hagrid answered “Believe it or not I’m the smallest one of my siblings” Hagrid continued. “My name is Allison” she said looking up to Hagrid. “Nice to meet ye Allison, I’m Hagrid” he answered. “So what do you do here Hagrid” I asked curious. “Well, I take care of all magical creatures, and I teach Care of Magical creatures” he answered. “That is so interesting” said Allison. The group stood still on the steps and an elderly lady stood in front of them ready to speak. "Welcome to Hogwarts," said Professor the lady. "The start-of-term banquet will begin shortly, but before you take your seats in the Great Hall, you will be sorted into your houses. The Sorting is a very important ceremony because, while you are here, your house will be something like your family within Hogwarts. You will have classes with the rest of your house, sleep in your house dormitory, and spend free time in your house common room.
The four houses are called Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Each house has its own noble history and each has produced outstanding witches and wizards. While you are at Hogwarts, your triumphs will earn your house points, while any rule breaking will lose house points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the house cup, a great honor. I hope each of you will be a credit to whichever house becomes yours.
The Sorting Ceremony will take place in a few minutes in front of the rest of the school. I suggest you all smarten yourselves up as much as you can while you are waiting." Allison listened full of interest. These houses seemed to be a big deal. Allison looked back to see if she could spot Daniel she tried to wave to him but he was clearly distracted talking to someone. After 5 minutes or so The doors to the great hall opened and the group started to move. Allison looked at the ceiling it was so beautiful with the night sky and the floating candles. “Wow” said Allison. “I know cool right” said a girl next to her. The group gathered in the front of the Great hall in front of her were all the teachers here at Hogwarts and Dumbledore and behind her were the house tabled each house had a separate table. One of the teachers placed a stool "When I call your name, you will put on the hat and sit on the stool to be sorted" McGonagal said. She started calling names and each kid took place on the stool and got the hat put on it’s hat. The first one was Dennis Argon, Allison could hear the hat mumbling after a little pause the hat shouted out “GRYFFINDOR” and all the kids at the tables started to cheer and applaud. The robes of the kid that were first colorless turned into black robes with red accents. Allison joined in cheering and applauding with the rest of the kids. A lot of kids followed and Allison looked back to see if she could spot Daniel, she made eye contact and mouthed “Good luck” “You too” he mouthed back. “Allison Munroe” she took a deep breath and took place on the stool as the hat was placed upon her head , The hat didn’t need long to make a decision it took 5 seconds or so before it shouted out “HUFFLEPUF” Allison smiled brightly as the kids again applauded. She took place at the Hufflepuff table where she got greeted by her house mates. Some of them even gave her a hug it was al so overwhelming but in a good way. “Hi I’m Eliza I’m your head Girl” a girl introduced herself. “Allison” she introduced herself with a big grin. Her attention was once again drawn to the sorting ceremony “Daniel Cook” McGonagal read and Allison saw how Daniel walked to the chair and sat on it. The hat didn’t take long to make it’s decision it must have been a second maybe less “SLYTHERIN” the hat shouted. A faint smile came across Allison face and she applauded along with the rest of the kids. Somehow she had a faint hope that her and Daniel would end up in the same house , it was a silly little hope because clearly Allison and Daniel were 2 very different people somehow she felt a faint connection that she just couldn’t exlain. She watched as the Slytherin table greeted him warmly and she was happy for him, that was what she was telling herself. After all the kids were sorted into their houses Dumbledore came and gave a little speech
‘Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!
‘Thank you!’
The shortness and sillyness of the speech made Allison laugh, A delicious aray of food appeared on the table. It was a huge variety of sweet and savory dishes and Allison was already looking for her favorite desert in the world. She was not afraid to admit that she had a huge sweet tooth, there it was crème brulee. It was a yellow custard dish with sugar on top that was melted with a torch she reached and grabbed a little on her plate. “Isn’t this banquet the best” the girl next to her said. “If my mom would have to make this it would take her days” Allison answered. “You’re Allison right, I’m Maribelle” the girl said while she got some more food on her plate. The banquet went smoothly everybody was eating and socializing Allison even had the feeling that she had made some new friends. On moments she looked back to Slytherin table hoping to catch a glimpse of Daniel but he was too busy with his housemates to even pay attention. As the banquet came to an end all first years were taken to their common rooms. Hufflepuffs common room was located next to the kitchen. It was a light and bright space with a lot of green and plants. Allison went straight to the dormitory because she was beat. This day had been too fun it had seriously made her tired. She changed into her pyjamas and fell asleep with Bella next to her.

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