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That night I could barely sleep, I wasn’t even sure whether my excitement of going to London was the problem or if I was too busy thinking about what Aidan might have heard of the conversation with Dean or if I was just being scared to face Dean again. Probably just all of this at once. Richard even tried to sing me to sleep and held me in his arms all night, nothing helped this time. By morning I got up early and took a shower before gathering the last of my things. Richard woke up shortly after me and went to get breakfast for both of us. After breakfast we first went to check if the others were ready packing their things. Just when we arrived to Aidan’s trailer which was next to Dean’s Dean walked out of his trailer as well. First he looked kind of sad watching us, but soon his eyes turned away from us and he angrily turned around ‘Dean?’ Richard now tried which made me bite my lip in fear for his reaction. Dean first didn’t even listen but Richard now went after him and grabbed his arm ‘Dean come on listen man’ he tried but Dean shook himself lose and looked up at Richard with a furious look on his face. ‘Don’t touch me asshole’ Dean yelled which made a few crew members look up with a confused expression. ‘Rich’ Aidan luckily yelled which drew Richard attention to come back to us. ‘Look don’t do this now buddy, just go to London, have a great time together and I’ll see you guys next year!’ Aidan spoke which make me hug him ‘Thanks, for everything!’ I said where after Richard and Aidan patted each other on the shoulders before running after Dean. ‘Let’s go check on Martin’ I suggested which made Richard nod carefully, he looked a little shocked by Dean’s reaction. Good thing he didn’t see him last night.
At Martin’s trailer we also found Orlando, Evangeline and Lee ‘Who’s ready to catch a plane guys?’ Lee yelled from the moment he saw us. ‘Let’s go to London’ I yelled backwhile jumping up and down in excitement. ‘Wait What? Lady, I thought you were joining me to America?’ Lee now spoke in disappointment. ‘Uh no, pretty sure I never agreed to that. Maybe next year?’ I answered ‘Oh come on, it’s now or never baby’ Lee seduced me ‘Oh shut up’ I now said while Richard went in to help Martin. Half an hour later everyone was ready to leave for the airport. A bus brought us there where after it was time for everyone to go there own way. I hadn’t spoken Dean anymore, I figured he wouldn’t want to see me anyway. Martin was coming with Richard and I. Orlando, Lee and Evangeline were getting a plane straight to the United States while Scott and Graham were going to Scotland and Aidan was flying back to Ireland. Before everyone went to their gate I quickly went to Aidan. ‘Hey uhm can I speak to you for a moment?’ I asked which made Aidan nod in agreement. We sat down on a bench away from the others. ‘Aidan I wanted to talk to you about the fight I had with Dean, about how much you heard about it in specific?’ I asked which made Aidan take a deep breath. ‘Uh, okay I didn’t expect this, I heard you tell him you loved Richard, I of course heard how he disapproved… And I heard something about you being sick and him being overprotective.’ Aidan softly said which made me sigh. ‘Look whatever Dean said, I am not lying to you guys, yes I am not completely healthy, I have my issues but I can take care of myself’ I said which made Aidan laugh and grab my hand ‘Hey you don’t have to defend yourself, I don’t doubt you, I know you’re okay’ Aidan said which made tears run down my cheeks. ‘Hey come on girl, don’t get sad’ Aidan now spoke while hugging me ‘It’s just that I am so tired of being treated different, I don’t want to scare anyone, I don’t want Richard to hear about my condition’ I sighed which made Aidan hold me even tighter. ‘We will never treat you different, and I won’t tell Richard anything about the conversation, if you have to tell him anything than that’s up to you!’ Aidan assured me where after I quickly dried my tears and nodded. ‘Okay, thank you’ I sighed in relief. After this chat we quickly went back to the others and with one more big hug we all went our own way.

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