On the late afternoon of 18 June 1982, a blonde, nerdy-looking girl with blue eyes is walking through the streets of Queens, New York with her schoolbag. She enters her house. It’s very quiets in the street that she’s walking through.
Two Skrumps are following her from a few feet behind her.
‘That’s the one.’ Says one Skrump to the other.
The two Skrumps are wearing a lot of pieces of clothes so that people don’t see that they’re not human. Brittney Myers, the blonde girl is noticing that she’s being followed and she looks over her shoulder.
After a while, Brittney turns in another quiet street and she looks again over her shoulders just to see the two Skrumps walking closer and closer. Without hesitation, Brittney starts to run. She again looks behind her and sees the two Skrumps running behind her, knowing that they want something from her.
Brittney runs into an alleyway hoping to go to the crowded streets but she ends up in a dead end. She turns around just to see the two Skrumps in the alleyway. They puts their scarfs off and Brittney’s sees their bright red eyes. She looks scared.
‘Hello Brittney.’ Says one Skrump.
Out of nowhere the two Skrumps are getting stabbed through the body with a sword. Three unknown Skromps are now standing behind the dead bodies of The Skrumps.
‘You’re safe with us Brittney.’ Says on Skromp.
An arrow flies through the Skromp’s head. The second Skromp falls on the ground with a knife in his back. The third Skromps is looking around, really scared. Skrump 201 jumps into the alleyway, slicing the third Skromp’s head with his sword.
Brittney starts to scream loudly and Skrump 201 turns towards.
‘Now, now, you don’t have to scream little girl.’
Skrump 201 smiles and walks towards Brittney.
Meanwhile in The School for Superheroes, The Director is looking into The Vision, photos of Jason Glover, Kevin Young, Ralph Anderson, Jermaine Reed, Kailey Cooper and Radek Achaari are hanging in The Vision. A seventh picture is slowly appearing, it’s very blurry. It’s the photo of Brittney Myers.
The next day on the 19th of July in the year 1982, Jason Glover is walking through the hallways of The School for Superheroes in Brindges. He knocks on the door of The Director’s office. There’s no answer and Jason just walks in.
Jason sees The Director sitting in The Vision Room. Jason walks into The Vision Room.
‘Director, I’ve been thinking, how many Chosen are there really?
‘Any idea of the next one.’
The Director points to the hologram of Brittney Myers in The Vision.
‘A new girl, a new Chosen.’
Jason looks confused. ‘I thought all of The Chosen were in Brooklyn Brooks School?’
‘So did I, do you know her?’
‘That’s Brittney Myers, yes I know her.’
‘You and Radek are going to look for her. Be careful, there are many Skrumps on Earth.’
Radek Achaari, Kailey Cooper, Jermaine Reed and Ralph Anderson are all sitting in the dining hall in The School for Superheroes, talking with each other.
‘So, why are we The Chosen?’ Asks Radek.
‘None of know that.’ Says Jermaine.
Then Jason Glover walks towards the group.
‘Radek, we’re going to find the next Chosen.’
Radek stands up and smiles.
‘So, we’re going on a little quest.’
‘Sort of, yeah.’ Says Jason.
Jason and Radek are now walking on this evening of the 19th of July through Queens, New York.
‘Does she live in Queens?’ Asks Radek to Jason.
‘Yeah. I know her.’
They’re arriving at a big house and Jason pushes the doorbell.
Ava Myers, a 40-year-old woman with long blonde hair opens the door, she looks worried.
‘Hey, I’m a friend of Brittney. Is she home?’ Asks Jason politely.
Ava Myers starts to cry.
‘Nice work dipshit.’ Says Jason to Radek.
‘She’s missing, she never got home yesterday. It’s very unusual for her.’ Says Ava.
Jason and Radek are looking worried.
‘I’m sorry. If we hear anything, I’ll let you know.’
Radek and Jason are walking away.
‘You had to call me dipshit?’
Radek grins. ‘Yeah…’
In the meantime in Brindges, on The Field. Rabby is training with his magical powers. Rabby creates a light ball towards the air. Towards nothing.
Rabby looks worried and then Ben Tyson jumps out of nowhere towards Rabby with his sword. Ben swings with his sword to Rabby and Rabby dodges it by rolling away.
Rabby creates a light beam towards Ben Tyson and it instantly hits him, blasting Ben away several feet. Rabby starts to smile and walks towards Ben Tyson, who’s laying on the ground.
Rabby reaches out his hand to Ben and Ben grabs his, helping him get back up.
‘Nice work kid.’ Says Ben to Rabby.
Then a Skromp comes slouching onto The Field. It’s one of the Skromps that tried to save Brittney. He still has a knife in his back. He falls on the ground.
Ben Tyson and Rabby are running to the injured Skromp.
‘What happened?’ Asks Ben Tyson worriedly.
‘Help me…’Says the Skromp very slowly.
‘Get The Director Rabby.’
Rabby runs away to get The Director and Ben keeps on talking with The Skromp.
‘They kidnaped Brittney Myers. Graveyard…’ Says the Skromp before he dies.
Ben Tyson looks to the dead Skromp very worried.
A while later in The Director’s office, Ben Tyson and Rabby are standing in front of The Director.
‘Jason and Radek won’t find her is she’s been kidnaped by The Skrumps.’ Says Ben Tyson.
‘They have to.’ Says The Director.
‘The Skromp was saying something about a graveyard, what did he mean?’
‘I have no idea Ben, we’ll find her.’
Radek Achaari, the most sportive member of The Chosen is running around on The Field. Kailey Cooper and Jermaine Reed are sitting on the grass beside The Field, looking to the running Radek.
‘I’m sorry that I was so mean to you.’ Says Kailey to Jermaine.
‘It’s okay.’
‘Do you like Radek?’ Asks Kailey with a smile.
‘What? No, of course not.’ Says Jermaine.
‘I see you looking at him. I get it, he’s handsome.’
‘Well, maybe you like him.’
‘He’s not my type.’ Says Kailey with a smile.
Jermaine and Kailey keep looking at Radek.
‘Go to him.’ Says Kailey.
Jermaine nods and stands up. She walks over to the running Radek.
‘This is all new eh?’
‘Excuse me?’ Asks Radek politely.
‘That this is all new for you. Well for me too.’
‘Chosen? Superheroes? Yeah, it’s pretty new.’
Jermaine and Radek doesn’t say anything to each other for a while.
‘So, you like watching people run?’ Asks Radek.
‘Oh, no, I wasn’t watching you.’ Says Jermaine while blushing.
‘You’re cute.’ Says Radek, making Jermaine blush even more.
Radek runs further onto The Field and Jermaine smiles.
Jason Glover is walking on a street through Queens, New York, he suddenly sees Skrump 201 talking to Brittney Myers in an alleyway. Skrump 201 grabs Brittney Myers.
‘You’re going to the graveyard.’ Says Skrump 201.
Skrump 201 walks past Jason with Brittney on his shoulders. Skrump 201 doesn’t seem to see Jason but Brittney looks straight into Jason’s eyes.
Jason feels confused why Skrump 201 couldn’t watch him but Brittney could. Jason follows Skrump 201 and Brittney Myers. The two of them are standing still now. Brittney reaches out her hand to Jason. Jason grabs her hand.
Just when Jason grabs Brittney’s hand, Skrump 201 teleports away, taking both Brittney and Jason with him.
They’re now in Brindges, standing in front of a big graveyard. The sky is very dark. It’s part of The Dark Side of Brindges. It’s The Skrump Graveyard.
Jason suddenly awakes, realizing that he had a vision about what happened to Brittney. He runs out his room quickly to The Director’s office.
‘I know what happened to Brittney. I had a vision!’ Says Jason to The Director.
Jason explains to The Director what he has seen in his vision.
‘So, The Skrump Graveyard. You, Ralph and Radek are going with some Skromp’s there. It’s dangerous, but The Skromps can use your help.’
Before Jason, Ralph and Radek are leaving with The Skromps, Jason goes into his room, going onto the game console that he brought from home. He starts the game Best Game Ever.
‘I really need to quit this game…’ Jason says.
A text comes on the screen: LevinaP has joined the chat. LevinaP is the nickname of the girl that Jason is chatting with.
Jason immediately smiles.
‘Hello sweet Jason.’ Comes on the screen, these are the words that LevinaP typed.
‘How are you?’ Sends LevinaP to Jason.
‘I’m fine.’ Send Jason to LevinaP.
‘Something wrong?’ Asks LevinaP.
‘No.’ Sends Jason dryly.
‘You and Dennis, are you two actually friend?’ Asks LevinaP.
‘I actually hate him.’ Sends Jason.
And suddenly a new text message comes on the screen: DennisVD left the chat. DennisVD is also a nickname for one of the guys on the game.
Jason looks very worried when seeing that DennisVD just read everything.
Skromp 101, Jason Glover, Ralph Anderson, Radek Achaari and some other Skromps are walking through a forest towards The Dark Side of Brindges, to find Brittney Myers in The Skrump Graveyard.
As closer they come to The Dark Side, the more the sky is getting darker.
‘We’re approaching The Dark Side.’ Says Skromp 101.
Ralph Anderson and Jason Glover are walking behind Skromp 101, they’re talking.
‘How do you know that Brittney girl?’ Asks Ralph.
‘It’s complicated…’Says Jason.
The Skrump graveyard is a big graveyard with thousands of graves that belong to dead Skrumps. The sky is very dark above the graveyard, like it always is. Skrump 201 is sitting on a big grave.
‘Why are you siting there?’ Asks a Skrump to him.
‘It’s rude to ask questions like that, and by the way, you can’t me questions, I’m your superior. But, I’m waiting.’ Says Skrump 201.
‘What are you waiting for?’
‘Not what but who.’ Says Skrump 201 with a smile.
Skrump 201 jumps off the grave and lands on the ground.
‘I want you to put twenty Skrumps at the entrance of the graveyard, we’re having visitors.’
Skrump 201 looks upward to the sky. A prison cage is floating in the sky above the graveyard. Brittney Myers is in the cage, looks scared to the ground.
While the group are heading towards The Skrump Graveyard, Ace walks towards Jermaine Reed on The Field.
‘I heard you like Radek?’ Asks Ace while approaching Jermaine.
Jermaine turns around. ‘What? No…’
But as Jermaine turns around, Ace is nowhere to be seen. Jermaine looks confused.
Jermaine sees a shadows on the ground, the shadow is growing bigger and Jermaine looks up, only to see a big earth block coming straight down towards Jermaine.
Ayden is pushing the earth block down while fire is coming out his feet to gain speed. Jermaine dodges the earth block and the earth block hits the ground and shatters around.
Jermaine jumps on the ground, laying down to avoid the shattering earth pieces. Ayden jumps in front of her. Jermaine looks to Ayden, scared.
‘What are you doing?!?’
Ayden bends an earth ball into his hands and sends it to Jermaine. Jermaine quickly dodges the earth ball.
‘You need to think Jermaine!’ Yells Ayden.
Ayden bends another earth block and sends it to Jermaine. Jermaine closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. She has still her eyes closed when the earth block is getting closer and closer and when it almost hits Jermaine, Jermaine punches against the earth block, resulting in the earth block shattering all around The Field
‘Congratulations Jermaine.’ Says Ace with a smile.
‘What do you mean? Asks Jermaine confused’.
‘You discovered your first power, you can control earth.’
Meanwhile in The Skrump Graveyard, Jason Glover, Ralph Anderson, Radek Achaari and Skromp 101 are standing behind a wall closely to the graveyard. Jason looks up and sees the cage with Brittney in it.
‘I see Brittney.’ Says Jason.
‘You three try to get Brittney, I handle The Skrumps.’ Says Skromp 101.
Skromp 101 walks away from the wall inside The Skrump Graveyard. He grabs his sword and walks slowly towards Skrump 201, who looks over his shoulder and smirks. Skrump 201 turns around and grabs his sword.
‘I know you would come.’ Says Skrump 201.
While many Skrumps are watching Skromp 101 and Skrump 201, Jason, Radek and Ralph have the opportunity to save Brittney. They runs behind the graves to the spot where Brittney is and then they hear a scary sound.
A bigger Skrump, with many scars is standing in the entrance of The Skrump Graveyard. He only wears a pants and the number 800 is tattooed on his chest.
Jason, Radek and Ralph are looking scared to the big Skrump. His name is Skrump 800, He bend a big earth block out the ground and sends it to the three Chosen. Ralph steps in front of Jason and Radek and he takes a deep breath.
As the earth block moves closer, Jason and Radek jump away but Ralph stands still. Ralph runs to the earth block and breaks it with his fist but gets pushes aside by a piece of rock when the earth block scatters around.
Jason and Radek are looking shocked towards Ralph, realizing that Ralph Anderson can bend earth. Skrump 800 looks rather confused realizing that they’re The Chosen.
Skrump 800 bends another earth block and sends it to Ralph Anderson. Ralph Anderson quickly stands up and bends a tiny earth ball, it doesn’t really work for Ralph but he finally manages to bend an earth ball and sends it to Skrump 800.
Ralph Anderson dodges the approaching earth block and Skrump 800 punches the earth ball, breaking the earth ball in several pieces.
An big air wave his Skrump 800 and he’s blasted backwards. Ayden jumps from the air on the ground. Skrump 800 looks angry and he digs through the ground and disappears.
Skromp 101 and Skrump 201 are fighting each other hand-to-hand and their weapons are thrown aside. Ayden sees the two of them fighting. Skrump 201 pushes Skromp 101 aside and throws a knife at him. Skromp 101 dodges the knife.
Then Skrump 800 comes out of the ground beside Skrump 201.
‘What are you doing?’ Asks Skrump 201 annoyed.
‘We need to go, Ayden is here, more are definitely coming.’
Skrump 201 looks annoyed to Skrump 800, he then looks to Skromp 101.
‘I’ll see you soon.’ Says Skrump 201 to Skromp 101.
A Giant Fly grabs Skrump 201 and Skrump 800 digs again through the dirt. The other Skrumps are running away from their own graveyard. Ayden walks to Skromp 101 and helps him to get up.
‘Every fucking time I fail to kill him.’
‘Perhaps it’s not his time to go.’ Says Ayden.
Jason, Ralph and Radek are looking to the floating cage.
‘How do we get up there?’ Asks Jason.
Ralph stamps on the ground and the earth below their feet rises up to the cage. Both Jason and Radek are looking shocked.
‘Holy shit!’ Yells Radek.
‘I didn’t even know I could do this!’ Yells Ralph.
Jason opens the cage of Brittney Myers and looks to her, happy to see her well and alive. Brittney looks back to with tears in her eyes, she hugs Jason very tightly.
The next morning, Brittney Myers and Jason Glover are both walking through the hallways of The School for Superheroes. None of them are talking. Brittney and Jason are stopping and Brittney look shocked to see what’s standing in the middle of the hallway.
A robotic version of Brittney Myers is standing in middle of the hallway.
‘Who is that?’
‘It’s you Brittney, but than as a robot.’ Says Jason with a smile.
The Director is walking towards Jason and Brittney.
‘I don’t know the whereabouts of the last Chosen Jason, but I know that you will find the last Chosen.’
To Be Continued...

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