It’s a hot summer day in Brindges on the 21st of June in 1983. Multiple fire masters are walking over a bridge to Fire Lord Kazar’s ship on the docks of Kazar Town. In front of the fire masters in Fire Master Jo Hazard, the leader of the armies of fire masters.
Jo Hazard enters the cabin of Fire Lord Kazar, he kneels in front of him.
‘You wanted to see me sir?’
Fire Lord Kazar stands up from his throne and walks to Jo Hazard.
‘I need you to send fire masters to kidnap The Last Chosen, and Jo, you don’t have to kneel in front of me.
‘Okay sir.’ Says fire master Jo with a smile and he walks away.
That same day, Jason Glover is walking through Queens, beside The Unisphere. He walks towards a beautiful girl, who’s awaiting at a bench. The girl has brown eyes, long brown hair with pink tufts in her hair. Jason walks up to her and gives her a hug.
‘Finally we meet Jason.’ Says the girl with a smile.
‘Yeah, I’m happy to meet you Levina.’ Says Jason, turning red.
‘Who’s coming?’ Asks Jason.
‘Dennis, Nick and Nick’s girlfriend Tess.’
And then Dennis pushes Jason aside and goes straight to Levina, giving her a hug. ‘Hey babe.’ Says Dennis.
Dennis kisses Levina on the mouth and then looks to Jason. Dennis is a tall, skinny 17-year-old who was black hair and looks very mean.
Nick Herkos and Tess Riley, the two other friends of Dennis and Levina are looking to Levina, Dennis and Jason.
‘I don’t know any of them…’Says Tess to Nick, looking worried.
Nick grabs Tess her hand. ‘Don’t be scared Tess.’
The two of them are now walking to Dennis, Levina and Jason. Dennis is looking at the Nick and Tess, who are approaching.
‘The Best Game Ever reunion’ Says Dennis with a grin.
‘I think we’re complete now.’ Says Levina.
The group is walking away, Dennis beside Levina and Nick beside Tess. Jason walks behind alone. Dennis looks over his shoulder and sees that Jason is alone, he walks towards Jason.
‘Don’t you feel…alone?’
‘Why should I Dennis?’
‘I have Levina and Nick has Tess. And you have nobody.’
‘I don’t need someone at the moment.’
‘How’s Brittney? Why isn’t she here? She was part of our group too, she loved you once, I know that.’
‘I haven’t seen her for months, so shut up about Brittney.’
‘And by the way Jason, Levina is mine.’
Dennis punches Jason on the arm and goes back to Levina. Jason is still walking behind, looking rather sad than happy with this reunion. Levina looks over her shoulder and she sees Jason looking sad. She walks away from Dennis towards Jason.
‘You know, your boyfriend is a dick.’ Says Jason while Levina’s approaches.
‘I know he sometimes can be rude but don’t worry about him.’ Says Levina with a smile.
Levina keeps walking beside Jason and now Dennis is walking alone in front of the group, he looks angry.
In a pub in Queens, Dennis Van Dam and Nick Herkos are playing some pool. Jason sits behind the bar, drinking a soda, Tess sits beside him.
‘How are you Jason?
‘I’m good Tess, thanks. How’re you and Nick?
‘Great, I love him so much.’
Levina is walking to the pool table and she gives Dennis a big hug. Jason sees that over Tess her shoulder and he starts to get jealous. Tess sees that Jason looks jealous to Dennis and Levina.
‘You’re sad, because Levina chose Dennis over you.’
‘No…Life’s going on.’ Says Jason with a disappointed look.
Jason stands up and walks to the door of the pub. He opens the door and gives one last look at Levina who’s still hugging Dennis but she’s looking at Jason now. Jason walks out the pub.
Jason walks through Queens on the sidewalk when he suddenly gets pushes in an alleyway by Levina. She pushes him against the wall in the alley and looks into his eyes.
‘What are you doing?’ Asks Jason confused.
‘Why are you leaving?
‘Why shouldn’t I?’ Asks Jason.
Back in the pub, Dennis walks over to Tess.
‘Where did Levina go?’ Asks Dennis, looking slightly irritated.
‘She followed Jason outside’ Says Tess with a little smile.
Dennis looks furious and walks outside too with Nick and Tess following him.
Levina is still holding Jason against the wall.
‘I think you’re jealous of Dennis.’ Says Levina while grinning.
‘I’m not jealous!’ Says Jason, looking very annoyed.
‘You still love me.’ Says Levina with a big smile.
Jason starts to blush. ‘ I don’t love you.’
Levina kisses Jason on the mouth right after he said he doesn’t love her. Levina keeps kissing Jason and it looks like Jason doesn’t mind kissing Levina.
In the beginning of the alleyway, Dennis Van Dam is standing there, looking perplexed. His perplexed look changes into a furious one. Nick and Tess are standing behind him.
Dennis walks fast towards Levina and Jason and he pulls Jason off Levina and the wall. He then swings a fist to Jason and he punches him right in the face. Jason falls on the ground because of the unexpected hard punch.
Dennis then stamps into Jason’s stomach. Levina is standing for Dennis, holding him off.
‘Stop it!’
While Jason is laying in the ground, being protected by Levina from an angry Dennis, five Fire Masters are standing on the other side of the alleyway. One of the Fire Masters is running towards the group. He grabs Levina and runs backwards with her.
Dennis and Jason are looking shocked about what just has happened. Jason realizes that Levina might be the last Chosen.
Meanwhile in The School for Superheroes, The Director is standing in front of The Vision, seeing a hologram of Levina Pané appear. The Director looks relieved.
‘The last Chosen.’ Says The Director.
Brittney Myers and Kevin Young are entering The Director’s office.
‘You wanted to see us?’ Asks Kevin.
‘I need you to help Jason find the last Chosen. We need to guarantee that she’s not gonna get kidnaped.’
But what The Director doesn’t know is that Levina is already been kidnaped. Dennis, Jason, Nick and Tess are now looking at the four Fire Masters that are coming closer. Jason and Dennis are stepping closes to while Tess and Nick stay behind.
One of the Fire Masters bends a fire wave and sends it to Dennis and Jason. The fire wave flies directly towards Jason and Dennis. Jason steps forward and takes a deep breath.
Jason sends the fire wave into the air, looking astonished at what he just did. Dennis, Nick and Tess are also looking astonished. The Fire Masters are looking worried.
The four remaining Fire Masters are all bending a fire ball towards Jason. Jason tries to bend all the fire balls back but only can send one back. Dennis jumps quickly on the ground to dodge the fire ball and Nick and Tess are jumping out of the alley.
The fire ball that Jason has send back hits a wall. The Fire Masters are gone, so is Levina. Jason looks worried.
Dennis stands back and walks towards Jason and punches him in his face. Jason falls on the ground.
‘What the fuck Dennis?’
‘Where is Levina?’ Asks Dennis angrily.
‘How should I know that?’ Asks Jason furiously.
‘You did the same thing like those freaks with that fire! You’re one of them!’
‘I don’t even know who they are!’ Yells Jason back.
Meanwhile, Kevin and Brittney are walking through Queens.
‘The Last Chosen is spotted somewhere here.’ Says Kevin.
Kevin and Brittney are looking astonished when they see a fire wave going up in the air in some alleyway. They runs towards the alleyway where they see Nick and Tess. They go in and see Jason and Dennis arguing.
Dennis pushes Jason aside and walks away out the alleyway. He sees Kevin and Brittney arriving. He looks confused to Brittney, Brittney looks confused back to Dennis.
Dennis walks further with Tess and Nick following him.
‘What happened?’ Asks Kevin, who looks confused to Jason.
‘I don’t know.’ Says Jason, looking worried.
A little bit later, Kevin and Brittney are walking through Queens. Brittney stops in front of a house.
‘This is where I live.’ Says Brittney, looking quite frightened.
Brittney walks towards the window and can see through a split in the curtains. The robotic version of Brittney Myers is standing in the living room, Ava and Joseph Myers are there hugging the robotic version.
‘Did you know that guy? I saw you looking at him weirdly.’ Asks Kevin.
‘Yeah, I did know that guy.’ Says Brittney looking sad.
‘What does he have to do with Jason?’
‘A lot.’ Says Brittney with no further comment.
If Levina is really the last Chosen, then we’re in big trouble I think.’ Says Kevin.
While Kevin and Brittney are talking, Jason Glover went back to Brindges to The Director in The School for Superheroes.
‘You literally had the last Chosen in your hands?’ Says The Director with a little furious face.
‘I didn’t know!’ Yells Jason, who’s also starting to get furious.
The Director sits down, looking very worried.
‘If she’s really been kidnaped by Fire Masters, then we’re doomed.’
‘I will find her, I promise.’ Says Jason.
‘You have no idea what you’re dealing with Jason.’
To Be Continued…

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