Bellamy has asked - or, well, ordered me, to stay inside the tent untill he would return. By now, ofcourse I knew better then to disobey him, but at the same time, I was so curious about what was going on outside. Octavia sometimes would come visit me inside my tent. She was fully aware about our relationship, and approved it.

It was hard to say that Bellamy and I had a 'normal' relationship. Due to my mental disorder, I need a system. Rules. Discipline. Bellamy gives me that. I love him, and he loves me. The punishments help me calm down, that's why I push the borders sometimes. The good thing is that Bell too knows when I broke rules on purpose and when I broke them because I didn't understand.
Which of the situations I was in right now? The first. I wanted to go outside. As a stepped to the exit of the tent, I noticed someone getting in my direction. I felt the blood drain from my face as the tent opened.

'Octavia,' I sighed in relief. She looked at me and smiled, knowing all to well what I was doing.
'I wasn't even suspecting to find you here. Come on, Bellamy is out of the camp now.' I thankfully followed her into the camp. Octavia guided me through the camp to the campfire to eat something. Ifcourse I've had eaten, but it was lovely to eat with the others.
'You know what he'll do if he sees you outside when he returns, right? Is that worth it to you?'
I grabbed a bite and nodded.
'Very well, I am not sure when he will return. What do you want to do?' I swallowed my sandwich. Well, there was one thing I absolutely loved, but wasn't very good at yet.
'I wanna ride, on Hades.' We had exactly 2 horses inside the camp. Helios and Hades. Helios was Octavia's and Hades was quite young. He was still in training, but he, unlike me, had learned a lot.
'Okay, but this is your request.' Octavia made sure. I nodded. 'Yes, I know, I know the consequenses. Please, O?'
Octavia laughed. "I didn't say no!"

'Now give him a small touch with your heels so he will walk.' I carefully touched his flank with my heels and the horse started walking. Helios and Octavia joined beside me.
'Very good! Now relax, keep your shoulders a little lower, you're okay.' Octavia layed her hand on my back to push it in the right shape.
'We can go a small ride around the camp.' Octavia steered Helios to the right to stay close to the camp. After a few meters she turned her head to me again.
'Okay, now try to stop him.' I tugged the reins carefully, and Hades responded perfectly.
When we were around halfway, Octavia suddenly stopped Helios.
'Sunset!' her voice was serious. There was something wrong. For a second it felt like my heart stopped. Had Bellamy returned already?
'What's wrong?' I asked. She didn't answered so I steered Hades beside her. On the ground, before us, was a body. Dead.
'We need to tell the others.' I said.
'Then we also need to tell Bellamy we were outside.' Octavia added, looking at me.
I nodded. 'Yes, we do. It's okay, it's my own fault. I know the rules.'
'Maybe he can extent them a little.' Octavia suggested.

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