'Okay, you know how this goes.' Bellamy walked over to me with a rope in his hands. He tied my hands together and tied the other end to one or the rings in the wall of the dropship. He walked back to me and grabbed my hair. My body tensed and he stayed in this position for a couple of seconds. He then dragged me a few steps back. And the lights went out.
'Bellamy!' I yelled. I wasn't scared of the dark, but I knew what could come next. He would leave me here. Tied, in the dark, alone. That, I was scared of. Bellamy let go of my hair and I heared him take a few steps back. I turned around, tried to follow him as long as the rope let me.
'Please!' A slight panic was noticable in my voice now. Bellamy didn't answer. My heart was racing, both from fear and the fact that I didn't knew what was happening. I heared the hatch open, and close, and when I looked over, it was dark again.
'Bell?' My voice was small, weak. I tried to walk over to the hatch, but the rope wasn't long enough. He didn't answer, which made sense since he was gone. Because of the light that had came from the hatch, my eyes weren't ajusted to the dark yet. I couldn't see anything. My heart was racing. I had to get out. I wanted to get back to Bellamy.
If I could just stretch the rope a bit, I needed only a few centimeters to open the hatch. That wouldn't set me free, but at least I could see again.

And so I tried. I walked as far as the rope would let me. Okay. I shifted my weight back and tried to get anything more from the rope. At least, this didn't go as I imagined it. Instead of giving me more space, the rope tightend around my wrists. I stopped tugging and stretched my leg backward. My toes could touch the hatch. Just a few more centimeters. One was enough.
I bit my lip and tugged the rope again. I felt it cut my wrists and I tried if I could touch the hatch. I couldn't. My wrists burned. I had to get out. I followed the rope to the ring in the wall. Maybe I could untie it.
When I touched the ring, a small electric shock went to my body. I felt my muscles loosen and I fell, my legs simply couldn't held me. "Auch, damn."
I sighed, okay, fine. I couldn't win from Bellamy. I layed on the floor and curled up. That's when I heared footsteps. I quickly sat back up.
The hatch hadn't opened.
'I am here, love.' Bellamy. He hadn't left me alone. He had been here. This entire time. I sighed as he turned on the lights again and walked over me. He pushed a button and untied me. Then he kneeled down and cut the rope from my wrists.
'What were you waiting for?' I asked him while he checked my wrists for injuries.
'For you to calm down.' He explained. My wrists were fine. 'I know every bit if you, okay? I know you'd freak out if I left you alone. You need to trust me, and I wanted you to submit. And, ultimatily, you did.' I looked at him, nodded and looked back to the floor.
'But - why - Are all these rules really nessecary? I wanna go outside, Bellamy..."
"I know, Sunset. But it isn't safe."
"You go outside."
"It's not safe for you."
"But -" Bellamy raised his hand. "Enough."

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