I bit my lip, counting my options.
'No, I have the right to know, Bell.'
'Sunset, I'm warning you.' Bellamy sat with his back leaning to the wall, waiting for my next move.
'But I don't understand. I wanna know why you won't let me outside.' Bellamy sighed, rolled his eyes and stood up.
'Disobeyed me again. This should be fun.' Bellamy opened the hatch and climbed down the stairs. I followed him back to our tent. He secured the entrance, turned around to me and pushed me onto the bed. He turned me on my stomach and slapped my but before he placed his hands on either side of my shoulders, and I felt his weight on my body.
'Is this even punishment for you now, Sunset?' His voice was soft, and his breath tickled my ear. He tugged my hair when I didn't answer.
'N-no,' I gasped.
'No, what?'
'No, Blake' he loosened his grip on my hair.
'Good girl.' He grabbed my arms and secured them loosely in front of me, and then I felt him open the button of my pants and he tugged them out.
I turned my head around to look at him, but he hit my ass again.
'Eyes up front!' Bellamy ordered. I smirkt and turned my head again. I heared him undo his pants to, and then I felt him laying on top of me. My body tensed as I tried to lift my butt up to feel him, but he placed his hands on my arms to pin me back down.
'Oh no, love, this is gonna take some time. Especially since you want it so badly.' He lifted one hand to grab my hair again and lifted me up a bit. I stretched my arms to support my weight as I felt his cock poking against my ass. A shiver traveled over my body and I felt Bellamy bite my shoulder softly. He then pushed me back down and slapped my ass once again. His vingers moved along my leg like a feather. The touch dissapeared and I tried to move my leg. I couldn't. He had bound me on all fours now.
'Bellamy...' I moaned. I felt his hand on my ass again. I lifted it up a bit, my body was trembling already. Then his hand moved down a bit. I felt his fingers touch my labia, and then he inserted two fingers inside me. I lifted my head up and tried to move my body back, to feel him better. He simply moved his fingers with me.
'Bellamy!' He laught softly.
'Yes? Complaints?' He removed his fingers and replaced them with his lid.
I gasped as he thrusted in and out, in a way to slow motion. Maybe this was punishment after all. I layed my head back down and at that moment, he increased. I clamped my fingers around the bed as he pushed his body to mine. He grabbed my hair again and pulled it back. His other hand stimulated my clit. I felt myself come closer, and... he came, and stopped. He gave me a few hard hits on my butt. He didn't let me come.
I sighed and closed my eyes a second.
I heared him laugh while he untied me.
'Are you even gonna give me an answer now?'
Bellamy looked at me. 'No. Not now.'
At least that meant sometime. Maybe.

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