'Bellamy! Why did you keep this little thing hidden in your tent?' It was early evening, and Murphy had found me in the tent. Being Murphy, he had dragged me out of it by my hair and pushed my on my knees in the middle of the camp.
I had yelled, causing Bellamy, who was close enough to hear me, to run towards us. But the crowd that had formed around me and Murphy was close and a few guys Murphy was close with, held Bellamy back. It took three of them, one holding an arm and a third with both hands on Bell's chest. And still, all four boys were moving.

'Murphy, let her go!' Bellamy ordered, with a voice that made me shiver in my veins. Murphy stood behind me, holding my hair with one hand. He laughed, tugged on my hair so I'd shift my head back.

'And why exactly would I do that? There must be a reason you keep her in there.' Murphy pushed me forward by my hair, causing my head to fall to the ground. I felt the rocks on the ground cut my cheek. Blood dripped on the stones and I whiped my cheek with my hand.
Murphy gasped and took a step back, absorbing the situation.
'What the -' around us whispering started. The three boys holding Bellamy got extracted and Bellamy managed to break through them. Murphy noticed him in time, grabbed my hair again, pulled my head back and placed his knife on my throat. Bellamy stopped and looked at Murphy.
'What is this, Bellamy?'
'I can explain, just let her go.'
'No, I don't think I'd do that.' Murphy started. 'Did you all see that? Huh? Wanna be sure?' Murphy yelled at the crowd. They answered inaudible answers, but that was enough for Murphy. He moved the knife down, let go of my hair and grabbed my throat with his hand, placing his head next to mine. 'Now stay still, wouldn't want to cut more then we have to, do we?' I tried to swallow, but I couldn't. I was shaking, watching Murphy set the knife on my arm.

'Murphy!' Bellamy said with a heavy voice, Murphy looked up, moved the knife an inch away from my arm.
'Murphy!' Another voice came from behind us, Murphy turned around surprised, and found Octavia. While distracted, I noticed Clarke running towards me from the crowd, picking me up and leading me back inside the dropship.

Back inside she sat me down. 'Are you okay?' I nodded quickly. Clarke sighed and tooked a few steps back. Bellamy came in and kneeled before me.
'Are you okay? Did he hurt you?' He lifted both my arms to inspect them. 'Bell, I am fine.' My voice was soft. Bellamy looked up. 'No you're not.' Bellamy layed his arms around me and pulled me in a hug. My breath was shaky as I tried to stay calm. I couldn't. I barried my face in his shoulder, while his arms felt strong around me.
'How are we going to explain this to everyone else?' Clarke asked.
'I don't know,' Bellamy answered, still holding me. The blanked at the entrance of the dropship moved and Octavia entered.
'It's back to rest outside.' I looked up to see her. Her face was red and she was sweating. She had fought. Because of me.
'I am sorry -'
'It's not your fault.' Octavia looked at me, and at Bellamy.
'O -' Bellamy started.
'Bell, I am serious. She is a Grounder, let's face it. Just as I am. And she's a Natblida. Maybe she's trained, and just doesn't remember.'
'Then why did she freeze?' Bellamy asked.
Octavia raised her eyebrow and laughed. 'Look at how Murphy grabbed her throat. You taught her to freeze when that happens.' I noticed Bellamy get red in his face and couldn't help but laugh too. Octavia stepped forward to me and offered her hand to help me stand up. From the corner of the drop ship she got two bamboo-like sticks. Practise swords. She handed one to me.

'I am just gonna try to hit you. You try to not get hit.' I watched Octavia's body. Every inch was ready and her weight was steady at both legs. Then she lashed forward, sword up.
And my body took over. I easily blocked her stick with mine. She seemed surprised, but content.
'Good.' She praised me. She then attacked again from the side, and I blocked. She took a few steps back, scanned me with her eyes and lashed out again, switching from side in the last second, knocking me to the floor with her blow. I fell on the ground, turned to my back quickly to block the blow she had already set in. While she pushed more of her weight into the attack, I kicked my legs to hers, and she fell. I quickly sat up and placed the end of the stick next to her neck.
Octavia looked at me, surprised. 'Well done.' I stood up and helped her up too. She putted our sticks away again and looked at Bellamy.
'See? She is trained. And I am guessing she'll be a lot less easy for you now.' She grinned before she left the dropship.

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