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It takes some convincing for Matthew to finally let me go home. When he eventually lets me go, he makes me promise to swing by again for dinner some time next week so I get out of the house other for something other than school. I promise him.
After spending most of the day playing videogames with both Matthew and Gabriel I am feeling better - mostly. Most of what is left now is risidual guilt of leaving Eschieve and Emma the way I did. Partly because that meant them dealing with this whole fiasco themselves, but also I gave them another worry - me. I just want to make that right.
I have the whole speech I'm going to make planned out in my head when I step into the door - only to get tackled by my sister as I turn around to hang up my coat. I catch her in a reflex, so now she's piggybackriding me, and her hands are tightly clasped over my eyes.
"Nope!" She yells. "Nope, you're not seeing anything!"
"Of course I'm not!" I snap. "Only your dirty hands!"
"I'll have you know I washed them just five minutes ago, when Matthew alerted me that you'd be coming home. Now, if you'd please head towards the bedroom."
"Eschieve," I sigh. "It's been a long day. Is Emma home? I need to talk to her."
"She's home, but you're not getting to see her for another thirty minutes at least." The grip on my eyes softens a little, but she's not letting go. Her legs are wrapped around my waist so tightly that dropping my arms would achieve nothing.
"Can I ask why?"
"Is she mad at me?"
"I just said you couldn't ask." When she correctly interprets my silence as angry, I can nearly hear her roll her eyes. "She's not mad. Now - bedroom, please. All will be revealed shortly."
Since my sister might possibly be even more stubborn than me, I comply. Only when I'm fully inside the bedroom with the door closed does she finally jump off my back. On the bed a three-piece-suit lays waiting, apparently for me. Eschieve gives me a serious look.
"Take a shower. Shave, because you haven't for a week. Get dressed, make sure you look nice. You know, the whole shebang. Be ready in forty five minutes, then wait for further instructions."
I decide, maybe against better judgement, not to fight her on it. When I try the door a couple of seconds later to find wherever Emma is, I find it to be blocked by a chair.

It's an hour before she comes to get me; she slips in through the tiniest crack of the door, as if the hallway is keeping secrets. I raise my brows at her, while she just grins. She, too, looks to be done up - at least more so than when she kidnapped me to the bedroom.
"I see you've listened to me for once in your life."
"Are you going to finally tell me what for?"
Her eyes glitter. "Almost. Here, put this on." She hands me a blindfold, earning herself a skeptical look from me. She rolls her eyes and thrusts her hand in my direction. "Just trust me!"
"You're not giving me a whole lot of reasons to." I mutter, though I comply. Once my sister is satisfied with one of my senses being entirely blocked, she takes my hand and tugs me along. Left without much choice, I follow her. Wherever we are going seems to take forever, despite the apartment definitely not being that large. We get closer and closer to delicious smells that make my stomach rumble, as well to gentle piano music and I get only more curious to what's happening. Eventually, Eschieve stops and I bump into her. I swear under my breath, but she shushes me.
"Here." A chair scrapes over the floor as she pulls it back. "Sit down and wait. Don't," She warns when she sees me open my eyes. "be clever about it."
I sit down without being clever about it, and wait. Across the apartment, I hear more stumbling.
"Beth, you're going to kill me!"
A shiver runs down my spine upon hearing Emma's voice.
"Beth?" I ask out loud, and Eschieve bumps my shoulder to be quiet. Too late; Emma's voice goes up an octave when she calls out "Lucien?"
"Keep walking!" Eschieve cuts in before I can reply. Every second seems to take forever. I try to make sense of all the different sounds I'm hearing, but I'm not getting anywhere. Finally I hear another chair scrape back, and the table shakes as Emma grabs it to steady herself as she sits down.
"Hey," I hear her whisper.
"Hey." I whisper back, feeling myself smile.
"Adorable." Eschieve announces.
"Can this blindfold finally come off?" Emma complains. "It's making me claustrophobic."
"Almost!" Beth sounds alarmed. "Just a little longer. We just want to tell you what's happening."
Following an approving silence, Eschieve takes in a shaky breath.
"We know today hasn't been... ideal. Neither has the rest of the week, really." Does she sound nervous? "I've been through it, therefor you've been through it. Beth's been through it, therefor Emma has been through it."
I frown, unsure what that's about. Eschieve continues.
"For that, we wanted to thank you. Besides that, in all the chaos that was this morning, the fact that today is Valentine's Day seemed to be lost on all of us - the first one you two ever would have gotten to spend together. Combine the two, and it gave us a perfect opportunity to go all out. So we did. You can take off the blindfolds."
It takes a while to adjust to the dim light once I've complied. First I notice the set table, as if we're at a luxury restaurant rather than our home. Then I notice all the candles and the roses surrounding us, dotted throughout the entirety of the living room. Finally, my eyes falls on Emma. In the warm light of the candles she looks even more radiant than usual, and it's clear that she has gotten the same instruction I did - make sure to look nice. She's more than succeeded. She smiles shyly at me, and I smile back.
Beth continues where Eschieve left off. "We've prepared a five course dinner for just the two of you... with some help of your favourite restaurants. Mostly we've just made sure everything served will be tip-top. You'll be waited by the both of us, and after dessert has been served we are both leaving the apartment to give you some much needed privacy. A thank you, for all you've done for us. A distraction from all the drama going on. Tonight, it's just you two in a little romance bubble. Enjoy however you see fit."

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