Foto bij 766 - Emma

It's not out of the ordinary for me to wake up in an empty bed, which is why it takes me longer than it should to realise that it's strange that Lucien isn't here, next to me.
My head feels heavy from the little sleep I've gotten, vaguely remembering waking up to Lucien assuring me he'd be fine taking care of a crying Felix.
Somewhere deep down, my heart lets out a painful sigh thinking of the children currently in our care, and I shove it even further down whilst I wrap myself in a cardigan.
What I find in the livingroom does a great job at both making my heart flutter and breaking it, as have many things over the last twenty-four hours.
Lucien is dead asleep, just like Felix, carefully placed on his chest. My first urge is to take a picture, so I have this image to keep forever. The second urge, and maybe even a stronger one, is to cry, but I surpress that one about as quick as it floats to the surface.
I still haven't heard a single sound coming from the guest room where Emilia is sleeping, even with the baby monitor in hand she has apparently decided to stay silent.
I already knew I love Lucien and want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with him, but I wasn't aware how great my wish to have his children was. It surprises and almost scares me how badly I want this to be my life, how much I wish it would've been given to us.
To avoid either crying or waking up Lucien with the rattling of my ovaries, I take a quick shower with the baby monitor by my side, making sure not to miss Emilia waking up whenever she does.
She decides to just as I'm getting dressed, causing me to hurry out into her room as I put on a shirt.
She's smiling widely, not a care in the world, calling out her version my name when she sees me walk into the room.
"Good morning, little rascal," I smile, picking her up out of her bed. "Did you sleep well?"
She nods, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with her tiny hands balled into fists. "Lu?"
"Lucien is still asleep," I kiss the top of her head. "With Felix, because he was crying a lot last night. So we're going to be quiet, alright? Let them sleep a little longer."
She seems to understand the memo, letting me dress her without the usual chase that takes place, and even lets me brush her hair without fussing.
"Lu hungry?" She asks me as I open the door for her, so she can waddle out.
"Should we make breakfast?" I answer her, her eyes sparkling as she nods.
"Pancakes?" There's a excited glimmer in her eyes that makes it impossible for me to say no, so we creep past the livingroom, careful not to wake the men.
Emilia feeds the pets way too much food as I grab everything we need from the fridge, then excitedly chuckles as I put her up on the counter.
She helps me crack eggs, resulting in me having to fish out the shell, and even stirs the batter around for me as I wipe up all of the droplets that splattered around the bowl.
I give her some of the strawberries I've cut, the edges of her mouth turning more and more red, some of the juice even in her hair.
With the smell of pancakes and freshly brewed coffee slowly filling the appartment, so does the sound of Lucien waking up. Emilia perks up when she hears footsteps, a stray piece of strawberry falling out of her open mouth and onto the floor, where Lance immediately finds it.
In come the boys, their hair equally as wild and their eyes equally as sleepy, still.
"Good morning," I smile. My heart flutters at the sight of him, still gorgeous as ever.
"Morning!" Emilia cheers, looking from Lucien to Felix, still in his arms, to me and back to Lucien. "Sleep?"
"We slept well, thank you, Emilia," Lucien answers. The distance between us is still too big for my liking, quickly solved by him stepping closer and pressing a kiss to my lips that lasts far from long enough. "Breakfast?"
"We decided we owed you that much," I move some of his hair out of his face. "And after breakfast, you can hand Felix over to me, and you can take some time for yourself," I raise a brow as he's about to tell me that's not necessary, "because you deserve it. I was even thinking about taking the little ones to my parents for a bit. You can tag along if you want, or you can stay here.. It's whatever you'd like."
      We have all had breakfast and are freshly bathed or showered. Even though it's February, the sun is beaming down and we're all out on the balcony, taking in some well-deserved fresh air.
Felix is on his blanket on the floor, playing with the toys Kenna brought him, and Emilia is right next to him, flipping through the same book over and over.
Lucien has his eyes closed for a bit, and the only thing telling me he isn't asleep is the way he breathes. I lean my head against his chest, his eyes fluttering open then shutting again.
"I love those two so much," I breathe, twirling some of Lucien's hair around my finger, "yet, I also can't wait for them to leave..."
His eyes open again as he looks down at me. "And why might that be?"
I smile, drawing circles on his chest with my pointer finger. "So we have some alone time for what feels like the first time in forever..." I look up at him through my lashes. "And so we can start making one of our own..."

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