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"Spit it out, Middleton," Kenna grins at me as we sit down for a well-deserved lunch at a table for four at one of our favourite spots. The other two chairs are filled with bags, neither of us able to stop buying things we don't need when we're together.
"What?" My eyes are going over the drinks menu, even though I'm already sure what I want, and I look at her for a brief second before folding my hands together.
"You look ridiculously happy and I haven't heard you complain once, even when that one cunt bumped into you in the shops just now," she raises an eyebrow. "What's going on with you?"
"I'm just happy!" I exclaim, shaking my head. "Am I not allowed to be?"
"Of course you are," she smiles, "I'm just wondering what has caused this extreme happiness, because it's almost beaming off of you."
"The fact that Lucien and I had pretty amazing sex about two hours ago," I chuckle when Kenna rolls her eyes, "hey, you asked! But that definitely helped my mood. We're just... I don't know, we're in a good space right now. Ever since we had the little ones over, it's like we can't get enough of each other."
"Are you trying?" she asks, hands flattened on the table and a sparkling smile around her lips.
"No, no," I shake my head, "we're still using protection. If it were up to me... well, I don't know if now is the right time, but I wouldn't mind it, you know?"
"How exciting!" Kenna smiles, waving her hand at the waiter across the terrace from us. "Can I have two glasses of your best white wine, please?" She winks at me. "Now you still can..."
      After two glasses of wine and some of the best sandwiches in town, Kenna and I are trying to make our minds up about what to do next. Lucien has let me know he has some kind of online meeting, so there's no need for me to hurry home, and I'm still quite enjoying myself and this girls day.
When neither of us can decide, Kenna orders us two ginger ales whilst we go over all of the possibilities.
"I can't believe Lucien's already turning thirty," she mumbles when the topic of his birthday comes up once again. "He just has this... immortal energy. Like he'd be twenty-four forever."
"You say that as if thirty is ancient. Need I remind you I'm almost there with him?" I chuckle, stirring the ice cubes around in my drink.
"Thirty is the age where real life begins, isn't it? Getting hammered is still kind of cute at twenty-nine, but a thirty year old getting plastered on the weekends? Not sexy."
"Like you still get plastered on the regular," that comment earns me a kick in the shin.
"No, but I'm a boring mother. That'd just be... sad."
"You are far from boring, Kenna." She sighs and shrugs.
"It's just been so long since I've done something... wild, you know? Remember when we were young, and we got those piercings, just because we wanted to? You got your tongue pierced and I got that horrendous belly button ring."
"We can still do those things," I shrug. "We can still be wild."
There's a sparkle in her eye. "Should we?"
I look at her in disbelief. "Be wild, or get piercings?"
"Both. Didn't you say you wanted your nipples pierced?" she shoots me a grin that she knows pretty much always wins me over.
"I wanted that years ago, and..." I sigh, "don't you think I'm a little too..."
"Old? Boring? That's hypocritical, Emmeline. You just told me we're not those things. Come on, let's do some stupid, impulsive shit."
      There's adrenaline rushing through my body, even afterwards. My bra has ended up in one of my many shopping bags, too uncomfortable on the fresh holes in my skin.
Without Kenna there to hold my hand I never would have done it, but I'm glad I did, and almost regret not having done it sooner.
It's getting close to dinner time as I make my way up in the elevator, one added bag with groceries added to the bags, containing all ingredients for a pasta and a nice bottle of wine to celebrate Lucien making his deadline in time.
Upon arriving home, both pets almost attack me, begging for food. It tells me Lucien is still in his meeting, so I feed the pets and drink another glass of wine, putting some of my newly bought things away, hiding others as they're gifts for Lucien's birthday coming up.
After fifteen minutes, Lucien still has not come out of his office, and with the adrenaline and a bit of the wine still buzzing in my system, I decide I've had enough of waiting.
I open the door just a tiny bit, checking if he's actually in there. The light is on, and I hear an unfamiliar voice coming from his laptop, followed by his voice answering, so I open it wider.
He doesn't notice me immediately, but smiles gently as he does, mouthing "five minutes" before turning back to the screen.
I lean against the doorframe, watching Lucien be on his best behaviour whilst some important person on his screen tells him things he already knows about working at a law firm.
I place the glass of wine I was holding down on the bookshelves next to the door, biting down on my lip when it makes a sound.
"Yes, sir," Lucien answers a question I wasn't paying attention to, the formal tone of his voice hitting me in just the right spot. It brings me back to the tone of voice he used when he was still my boss, and we were madly in love with one another without showing anyone.
An idea creeps to the front of my brain that I simply can't ignore or even push back. With Lucien's attention entirely drawn to his computer screen, I grab the bottom of my shirt and lift it up, exposing the new metal in my body, plastering on an angelic smile.

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