It's three minutes before midnight when I finally turn in my essay. It's five past when I text Matthias with a theme. At ten past, I take a much shower that's much needed after a day like this. I let the hot water run over my tense muscles, rubbing sleep out of my eyes. Emma went to sleep an hour or so ago, which gives me a window to panic about what she said earlier tonight.
We're just so good right now. I'm really happy where we are at.
Am I about to ruin it all, then? What if I, alongside everyone constantly asking, really did convince her she doesn't want to get married?
I'm overthinking it. I know I am. But I can't get the what if out of my mind. I'm tempted to call Liliana, one of three persons aware of what I'm about to to, but she's probably fast asleep. No doubt that Brie and Matthew are still up, but this doesn't feel like an issue for them. In the end, I call no one and instead promise myself I'll call Lily somewhere during the weekend.
I'm not quite ready to sleep when I get out of the shower, brain still wired, and instead opt to go for a smoke. Though days are getting warmer and warmer, nights still nearly get to freezing temperatures. It makes me miss France, where the weather is already getting soft enough to spend entire evenings outside. I should ask Emma if we can go to the Manor after exams.
If we'll even still be together.
I immediately banish that thought from my mind. Even if she says no, there's no reason for us to break up. I'm fine with not getting married, just like I always said I was. We'll just stay as we were before.
Realising that my overworked and exhausted brain isn't going to do me any good, so I decide to just go to bed. Emma groans when my cold body touches hers.
"Sorry." I kiss her shoulder with a smile. "Didn't mean to wake you."
She lets out a long sigh and, despite clearly disliking how cold my skin is right now, rolls over so she can snuggle up to me. "S'okay. Everything done?"
"Everything done." I confirm, wrapping my arms around her. "Tomorrow's all ours."
"Mhmmmm.." She smiles. "Lots of baby making time."
"Sure." I chuckle, snuggling us deep under the covers to warm up. "But sleep first."

Stella is on the phone first thing in the morning, hogging two hours of my time - to the great displeasure of Emma. She doesn't pull any stunts like she did yesterday, but I notice little things the several times she comes to bring me coffee or tea. Lingering touches, a different top with a deeper cut... she's clearly set on breaking the freshly dismantled rule a second time.
"Just swing by the venue at the beginning of the week, okay hun? If there need to be any changes, let us know immediately."
"I will, but I have complete faith in you." I reply, glad to finally see an ending to the call. "Let me know if you need anything from me."
"Are you going to tell me what the theme is?" Emma asks when I finally emerge from the office. She's on the couch with a magazine and the pets, fully enjoying her weekend. I let myself fall down next to her, kicking my feet up on the coffee table.
"Soon. I need some okays from Stella and Matthias, so that I'm sure it doesn't have to change again." I rub my eyes, fully aware of the other lingering deadlines and the mountain of study material that lies waiting for me, but not feeling like starting on it. Emma easily picks up on my wandering brain, and taps her upper leg. An invitation.
"She called so early." She says tenderly as I lay down. "And knowing you, you slept very late. It's raining, the pets are fed and happy and the love of your life is so very cozy... Perfect time for a nap." She even drapes a blanket over me, and Lance nestles himself into the favourite spot just behind my shoulders.
"How do you know Gabriel is cozy?" I yawn. Emma laughs and flicks my temple.
"Who's the brat now, huh?"
"Still you."
      I don't know how long I sleep, but by the time I wake up Emma has prepared us lunch. Despite delicious smells coming from the kitchen, Lance is still snuggled up to me and it causes me to struggle to find an incentive to actually get up. When I finally do, Lance let's out a long, complaining growl.
"Yeah, yeah, I get it buddy." I mutter with a smile, scratching him behind the ears. "God, you're just living the life, aren't you? No school, no big life questions, no impending doom..."
"Impending doom?" Emma's voice asks behind me, startling me. She's carrying two bowls of ramen, one of which I take from her.
"The internship." I lie smoothly. "I just know they're going to treat me like a kid who knows nothing. It's going to be a long three months."
"I'd just see it as an easy A." She smiles. "If you're looking anything like you did yesterday, everybody is going to love you."
"Mhm, maybe I should start another office romance." I tease, laughing when she shoves me with her foot.
"I'm the only office romance you're allowed to have."
"Hardly an office romance when you're not there."
"Then what would you call yesterday?"
"Not romance, that's for sure."
She kicks me again, nearly causing me to spill my broth, but then settles in close to me. "All jokes aside... How about we don't get out of the house anymore today, we order Chinese tonight and just watch stupid sitcoms all day? Play some games, drink some wine and whiskey..."
"Make some babies?" I offer.
"You're the one who said it, not me."
I roll my eyes, laughing. "It sounds like a wonderful idea."

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