On the 20th of June, the day before Levina Pané got kidnaped by The Fire Masters, Skrump 201 is walking on the docks in Kazar Town towards the big boat of Fire Lord Kazar.
Fire Master Jo Hazard sees Skrump 201 approaching and holds him right before Skrump 201 tries to enter the boat.
‘You’re back?’ Asks Fire Master Jo confused.
‘They already found seven of them, they need only one Chosen.’
‘Don’t worry, they’ll never find the last Chosen. Go back to The Dark Side now.’
Then Fire Lord Kazar steps down the bridge of his boat towards Skrump 201 and Fire Master Jo Hazard.
‘Indeed they will not find The Last Chosen. Because we’re going to get her first.’ Says Fire Lord Kazar with a big smile.
Later, Fire Lord Kazar and Fire Master Jo Hazard are sitting in the cabin of Fire Lord Kazar’s boat.
‘Do you trust that Skrump?’ Asks Jo Hazard.
‘No, I do not trust any Skrumps. I have other plans with the girl.’
Fire Master Jo starts to looking worried while Fire Lord Kazar goes out his cabin. He walks through the hallway of the boat that is lit by many torches. He goes down some stairs and ends up in a room full with cells.
Only one cell is inhabited. A man with long dark hair, who looks filthy looks slightly up to see Fire Lord Kazar approaching. He stands still in front of the cell.
‘The Chosen will all die in fire. Hmm, Zune, your friend think you’re dead. I love that.’
The next day on the 21st of June, Ralph Anderson is walking together with Ayden through The School for Superheroes.
‘Why did you save us in that graveyard?’ Asks Ralph.
‘Because you couldn’t save yourself.’
‘We handled it!’ Says Ralph more angrily.
‘You were the only one with powers, weak powers Ralph, you never would’ve come out there alive.’
‘You’re an asshole.’ Says Ralph, standing still.
Ayden turns around and smiles.
‘Who taught you that language? Your mother? Your father?’
Ralph looks furiously to Ayden, he doesn’t speak to him.
‘Or did you brother…’
Without finishing his sentence, Ralph Anderson punches Ayden in the face when he heard the word “brother” and Ayden falls on the ground.
‘Is that how you treat your teachers?’
Ayden creates a fire ball and fire starts to appears in his eyes. Before Ayden sends the fire ball to Ralph, Ben Tyson grabs Ayden’s arm.
‘Don’t do it Ayden.’ Says Ben.
A while later, The Director is talking with Ayden. The Director looks quite agitated.
‘What happened?’ Asks The Director.
‘Ralph didn’t want to be saved. At the graveyard.’
‘He needs to get used to all of this Ayden.’
Ayden nods and walks back to the door.
‘Ayden, it’s not wise to mention his brother.’
Ayden turns back to The Director while holding the doorknob.
‘I know.’ He walks out the door.
On The Field, Ace is walking with Brittney Myers, just like he did with some other Chosen. He walks with Brittney towards the sand on The Field. Brittney now stands in the middle of the sand.
‘Look around Brittney.’ Says Ace, standing behind Brittney.
Brittney looks around to the landscape surrounding The School for Superheroes, she looks astonished. She then looks to the place where Ace stood but he disappeared.
Brittney listens carefully to what she’s hearing, there’s a strange sound coming from under the ground. Then out of nowhere, stone walls are coming out of the sand, surrounding Brittney.
Brittney quickly runs over the sand to escape. A stone roof appears on the wall, closing Brittney in the sandbox. She’s trapped.
Outside the sandbox, Ace is standing there, looking serious.
‘You can do it Brittney.’ Says Ace.
The walls are getting closer the Brittney, she looks very scared. She feels something tingling in her hands. She looks at her hands and sees drops of water on it. She waves with her hands and a water rope appears out of her hands.
Brittney swings the water rope against the stone wall and the wall breaks and Brittney jumps out and falls immediately in the sand with her face. Ace walks towards her.
‘Congratulations Brittney, you can control water.’
A while later, all The Chosen, Jason, Ralph, Kevin, Brittney, Jermaine, Radek and Kailey are standing on The Field in front of The Director.
‘Today is your first lesson. Some of you already have discovered their first powers.’
‘First? Are there more?’ Asks Ralph.
‘Yes, but I don’t know if you’ll learn more Ralph.’
‘But why us?’ Asks Jason, stepping forward.
‘Well, I think it’s time to know one and another.’ Says The Director.
‘Now I’m curious.’ Says Kailey.
‘You’ve all become Chosen because you inherited it from your family.’
‘Our family are Chosen too?’ Asks Ralph.
‘Only one member. They passed The Chosen legacy onto you. Onto all of you.’
‘My…brother?’ Asks Ralph curiously.
‘Yes, yes, yes. Brody was a fine student of our.’
‘How did he die?’ Asks Ralph.
‘You don’t wanna know.’ Says Ayden while approaching The Chosen.
Ralph gives Ayden a superstitious look.
‘You’re the same as him, so you’ll probably end up like him.’
Ralph runs towards Ayden with a big speed and he bends a big earth block out the ground and sends it to Ayden.
Ayden breaks the earth block with a punch. A piece of the earth block hits Ralph in the face. Ralph falls backwards and immediately jumps back to his feet. He walks towards Ayden while pointing his finger at him.
‘I really loath superheroes. Ever since The Black Ranger came to New York I loathed superheroes.’
‘Who’s The Black Ranger?’ Asks Ayden confused.
‘He put my best friend in a coma.’ Says Ralph, looking angry and sad at the same time.
Kailey Cooper runs towards Ralph and looks to Ralph’s head where the earth block hit him.
‘Are you alright?’ Asks Kailey, who feels sorry for Ralph.
Ralph pushes her away and walks away from The Field. The Director looks worried while seeing Ralph ascend of the field. Kailey runs behind Ralph.
Ralph turns immediately around and Kailey slaps her.
‘You can’t push me like that.’
‘I love you.’
‘What?’ Asks Kailey rather confused.
‘You’re so beautiful and I just wanted you to know that I’m in love with you.’
‘You barely know me.’
‘I do know you Kailey.’
‘Do you know that your friend, who’s in a coma is my ex-boyfriend? Dain Bennet.’
‘I,…I don’t.’ Says Ralph, hesitating.
‘That’s right, don’t just love me because I’m beautiful.’
And Kailey walks away from Ralph.
The Director looks to the rest of The Chosen.
‘We’ll get back to it later, you’re free to go.’
The Director walks past Ayden and gives him a nasty look.
Kailey Cooper is now walking through The Grasslands of Brindges when she sees a tower in the distance. She startles when someone behind her speaks.
‘I heard your little conversation with Ralph. He’s uncareful.’ Says Ace.
Kailey turns around to see Kailey. Kailey doesn’t say anything and looks back to the tower. Ace walks closer to Kailey.
‘It’s The Flying Tower, you can ride if you want.’
‘A flying tower?’ Asks Kailey.
‘The Flying Tower. You can control it where it goes and where it lands, wanna try?’
‘Sure. At least something exciting is going to happen then.’
Both Ace and Kailey Cooper are walking towards The Flying Tower. When they’re getting nearer they see a ladder at the gate to go in it because The Flying Tower is floating.
Kailey immediately jumps onto the ladder the get into the gate of The Flying Tower. Ace stays on the grass. Kailey looks to Ace, who’s not coming on The Flying Tower.
‘What? Come on in then.’
‘Kailey, you see, I lied. Once you get in this tower, you can’t control it.’
The Flying Tower starts to shake and Kailey looks worried.
‘You asshole!’ Yells Kailey towards Ace.
The tower ascends into the air with high speed. Kailey is being blasted against the ceiling of The Flying Tower because of the speed. Then hundreds of meters in the air, The Flying Tower stops and Kailey falls on the floor.
Rabby, the young wizard is floating through the air on a purple magic bed. He lands beside Ace.
‘Do you really think this is the way?’
‘Yes Rabby.’
Kailey looks out the gateway of The Flying Tower and sees the ground far below her. She looks scared. The tower starts to shake and Kailey falls out the gateway down.
On the ground, Ace looks to the falling Kailey with no emotion, Rabby on the other hand looks very worried.
‘She’s not gonna make it!’ Yells Rabby.
‘She will.’ Says Ace.
Kailey is coming closer to the ground and several meters from the ground, she moves her hands to the ground, trying to stop the fall a little but instead, she accidently bends an air beam to the ground.
Kailey is now floating in the air through bending air to the ground.
Ace looks to Rabby.
‘I told you.’ Says Ace with a smile.
Several hours later, Kailey Cooper is standing in her bedroom in The School for Superheroes, trying to bend more air. She moves her hands very quickly and a little air wave flies to the other side of the room.
The air wave hits the table, bed and her chairs on the ground. While Kailey is making a lot of noise in her room, Ralph Anderson stands in front of her door, about to knock but he looks very confused, hearing all the noise.
Ralph slowly opens the door and sees all Kailey’s furniture on the ground.
‘Do you need help?’ Asks Ralph, hesitating.
‘Yes, thanks.’
The two of them are putting Kailey’s furniture back on its place.
‘So, you and Dain were together? I didn’t know that.’
Kailey looks Ralph straight in the eyes.
‘For two years Ralph. He left me for Charlotte Brooks. Well, I’m not surprised, she’s hot.’
Ralph looks confused.
‘Yes, uhm, I should go now, see you later.’
After Kailey has discovered her powers, it’s time to make Radek discover is powers. Ace stands together with Radek Achaari at Brindges Lake, the lake behind The Field.
‘Why are we here?’
Ace pushes Radek in the water. Radek looks very angry at Ace.
‘Why the fuck did you do that?!?’
‘Killer Sharks.’ Says Ace with a smile.
Some big sharks are swimming in the water, they’re mouths are happing, they’re going to where Radek is.
‘You should turn around Radek.’
Radek looks over his shoulders and sees The Killer Sharks swimming rapidly towards him. Radek swims to the edge of Brindges Lake but when he tries to get out, he swims into an invisible border.
‘What is this?’ Asks Radek, looking scared.
‘You should swim now.’ Says Ace.
Radek swims away quickly but the sharks are coming closer.
‘Faster Radek!’ Yells Ace in the distance.
Radek stops swimming and looks behind him, The Killer Sharks are several feet from him. Radek bends a big water wave towards The Killer Sharks, resulting in The Killer Sharks swimming scared back away.
Radek swims back to the side and climbs out the lake as the invisible border is now gone. Ace walks over to him.
‘You’re an asshole Ace.’
After a while, Ace has approached Jason in the halls of The School for Superheroes.
‘I heard you can control fire.’ Says Ace.
‘I don’t really know what happened.’
‘Can you try it again?’ Asks Ace politely.
Jason stand still, he moves his hands in all directions but no fire comes out.
‘Think about nothing, only think about the warmth of the fire Jason.’
Jason holds out his hands, trying to concentrate very hard on controlling fire. He closes his eyes and sees the figure of Levina Pané being kidnaped by a Fire Master.
And out of nowhere, a little fire ball appears in Jason’s hands. Jason smiles very big and looks proud of himself.
Ace smiles to see Jason controlling fire. As Jason’s fireball grows bigger, Ace’s smile starts to fade.
‘Easy now Jason.’
Jason stops bending the fireball. He smiles. Ace walks over to Jason.
‘Congratulations, you can control fire.’
Ralph Anderson is walking through the halls of The School for Superheroes, when he turns around a corner he bumps into Ayden.
Ayden gives Ralph a nasty look and Ralph looks nasty back.
‘Get out of my way.’ Says Ralph.
‘What is your problem Ralph?’
‘You are my problem, you’re acting like a real prick. Did you kill my brother?’
‘You’re out of your mind Ralph.’
‘Get out of my fucking way.’
‘I will shut your mouth if I were you.’
Ralph walks closer to Ayden.
‘I’m gonna kick your face.’
‘You’re just the same as your brother.’ Says Ayden.
Ralph bends an earth block and sends it to Ayden. Ayden quickly bends the earth block away.
‘You’re making a mistake Ralph!’
Ralph leans against the wall and sits on the ground, looking worried.
‘I’m sorry…’ Says Ralph.
Ayden reaches out his hand to Ralph.
‘I know it’s hard for you, but you’re not the only one who’s going through this.’
Ralph grabs Ayden hand and Ayden helps him back onto his feet.
That evening, The Chosen are back together in the dining hall of The School for Superheroes, Ralph and Kailey are looking upset. The rest of them are looking through the window. Then The Director walks into the dining hall, Ayden, Ace, Ben Tyson and Rabby are following him into the dining hall.
‘Tomorrow will be your first lesson together. Be prepared, and don’t fight.’
The Director walks back away out of the dining hall with the teachers following him.
On the 22nd of June, The Chosen are all standing on The Field back again with Ayden and Ben Tyson standing in front of them.
‘As you all now, we resume our lessons today.’ Says Ayden.
Ayden steps forward to The Chosen.
‘Kevin! Bend and air wave to me.’
‘Why?’ Asks Kevin, looking confused.
‘Just do it.’ Says Ayden.
Kevin bends an air wave towards Ayden. The air wave hits Ayden but doesn’t do anything. Ayden merely moves.
‘Not too powerful, I want all of you to bend your powers in the air. I wanna see air waves, water waves, fire waves and earth waves!’
After Ayden’s teaching lessons, it’s up to Ben Tyson.
‘With me, you’ll learn how to fight. I do not have any powers but trust me, I can win from Ayden.’
Ben Tyson grabs a knife from his pocket and throws it at Kailey Cooper. Kailey quickly dodges the knife and looks confused.
‘Are you insane?’ Yells Kailey.
‘Nice reflexes Kailey.
That hour, they learned how to fight with Ben Tyson. The day ended very soon and all of The Chosen were tired and went early to bed.
To Be Continued…

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