Foto bij 782 - Emma

I'm out like a light for what feels like hours, my dreams containing every event of the past twenty-four hours. When I finally wake up and stretch, interrupting Frank's slumber in the process, I feel Lucien's body shift next to me.
"Good nap?" he asks, pressing a kiss to my head when I curl up to him after my sleep having moved me onto my side.
"Great nap," I smile, inhaling and exhaling deeply to chase the last bit of sleep from my system. "I'm starving now, though. What time is it?"
"Nearly six. I'll make the order," he fishes his phone out of his pocket, in no time having everything a girl could ever want on the list. "Anything else?"
"Fortune cookies," I purr, tapping his screen twice to add them. When he raises his brow, I just chuckle. "Tonight feels like a night for a good fortune, doesn't it?"
      Dinner is spent watching some of our favourite shows until our stomachs are full. It is also spent, by me, reminiscing. Lucien's birthday brought up a lot of old memories, both of the past two years as the ones before, and this night brings up even more.
Having Chinese food on his couch after having taken two seperate cabs to his place, no one allowed to know what we did behind closed doors. Him getting my order perfectly right in one try without even asking me, just because I had once told him in a friendly conversation about food.
I watch Lucien crack open his fortune cookie first, unfolding the piece of paper gently, then reading it aloud. "Advice is like kissing. It costs nothing and is a pleasant thing to do."
I roll my eyes. "It does not say that."
"I swear to you it does!" he grins, handing me the piece of paper. "I told you, they're all written by drunks."
I chuckle, reading the words again. "Well, they are right."
"That," he presses a soft kiss to my lips before handing me one half of his fortune cookie. "Is true, my love. Now, read me yours."
I break open the cookie, small crumbs flying onto the couch. "Your goal will be reached very soon."
"That's...." he chuckles. "Well, it's nice and vague, isn't it? What's this goal it speaks of?"
"I have no clue," I shrug. "But I might know when I get there."
Lucien smiles. "I bet you will."

Before we can go on our walk, my mother calls. She hardly ever does, so every possible scenario immediately crosses my mind, but she merely wants to ask how Lucien's birthday party was, and if we plan on dropping by any time soon.
She then blabs on, tells me rumours about people I hardly know, and would be fine without.
I promise her we'll drop by somewhere in the upcoming week, because she's right - it's been too long since Lucien and I went and visited my parents. Mum promises me she'll make Lucien's favourite, and then lets me go when she notices I'm starting to get a little impatient.
I'm already halfway through putting my shoes on, tying my laces, when Lucien makes his way into the hallway.
"Everything alright with your mother?" he carefully asks, taking my coat off of the rack.
"Fine, she just wanted to chat," I shrug. "You know Nancy Middleton. She's... well, she's a character."
"Is she the one you inherited that from, then? I'd say your dad is also quite the character," he teases, dodging the swift punch to the shin I throw whilst putting my other shoe on.
"I'll have you know I will not tolerate this Middleton slander, du Castellon."
He chuckles, helping me up and into my coat. It might be sunny out, an extra layer is definitely needed.
"My apologies, Emmeline Middleton. I love your parents, you know that," he presses a kiss to my cheek and puts on his own jacket.
"Yeah, well, you'd best watch your mouth then, Lucien du Castellon. Us Middletons don't take insults lightly, and only one of us has a law degree - I could sue the shit out of you."
He smiles. "You forget my father is Jacques du Castellon. I know I wish I could forget about that sometimes, too, but if anyone could sue anyone, it'd be him."
"Let's not let it get that far, then, how about that?" He nods, fishing his keys out of the designated bowl. When he opens the door, I pause. "Shouldn't we bring Lance?"
"He's dead asleep, I'll walk him again before we go to bed," he shrugs, opening the door further.
"He has hardly been outside all day, let's just..." Lucien shakes his head, making my brows raise. "Alright, fine, but if he shits or pees on our carpet, you're the one who's cleaning it up."
Lucien lets out a laugh, laying an arm across my shoulders. "I promise, if that happens, I'll clean it up. Now, let's go get that fresh air you've been longing for, yeah?"

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